NF: Chapter 12

Chapter 12 is brought to you by Firebird.

This chapter introduced a name that was quite difficult to translate, because it contained a combination of implications. My editor and I had a bit of fun brainstorming puns for it but alas, Firebird decided to go with the  pronunciation given by the author.

I’ll share it with you anyway (time for another mini Japanese lesson):

The pun was thus: 赫ん坊 ‘akanbou’ (given pronunciation: Baby Scarlet)
This is a play on the word 赤ん坊 ‘akanbou’ (baby), where 赤 ‘aka’ means red/scarlet. It is replaced by the character 赫 (also pronounced ‘aka’) which means bright. Please also note that 赫 is made up of two 赤.

And so, my editor and I tried to think up words that combined ‘bright’ + ‘baby’ /+ ‘red’
Here’s some of the things we came up with:- Flaming Baby (since his mother does use fire)
– CrimSon (also, connotations of ‘criminal’, but his mother is the Flame PRISON Witch)
– Infant-red (infant + infrared)
– Son-guine (son + sanguine)
– (r)Ed-dept (red + adept, + Edgar)
– (r)ediSon (red + Ed/Edison + son)
– Prof-infant (proficient + infant)

If you guys think of any thing we might be able to use, feel free to share~

5 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 12

  1. thanks for chapter!
    (about pun) my thoughts so far:
    so baby in jap is something like “red child”? and the name given was something like “bright child”?
    this might imply that the baby is brimming with energy, so… “holy child”? there’s no implication that leads to it being holy so… something inbetween “holy child” and “demonic child”? it has to be neutral…
    there goes mi inspiration . . .


    1. Hey, i don’t know japanese, but i think it could be something like “bright baby”? Because for an infant (who is using magic) he is quite inteligent (=bright) ?

      Well that are just my thoughts… 🙂


  2. Kookie, you peeps are funny. ^___^

    Google yields…
    And any words with “sun” since that word literally contains bright, red and son.

    Yup, I’m no good at this *jumps into the sun and hibernates in shame*


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