Teaser: The Haunted Duke’s Daughter

~*Merry Christmas*~

I don’t have any chapters to release for Christmas, but here’s a teaser of a random story as recommended by Este-niisama (Idk why it’s niisama, just is for some reason).

Kookie believes she did a terrible job on it, so she won’t be translating any more and hopes someone will pick it up and do it justice.
Please enjoy~

The Haunted Duke’s Daughter
Author: 龍翠 [Ryuusui]
Raws: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n5708cr/

This is a story about the eldest daughter of the duke’s family, the one who is engaged to the prince.
This eldest daughter always acted as she pleased, but one day, she was suddenly able to hear a strange voice. It was a voice that only she could hear. That voice said,
“In two years, you will incur the wrath of the prince and be hated.”
This is the story where this eldest daughter is guided by the voice that she alone can hear and tries to reform.