4 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 18

  1. Offtopic: Kookie are you excited for the PSO2 anime airing tomorrow? 😀

    Ontopic: Thanks for another great story, to both you and fire! I put off reading NF til now and half regret it, only half because I got to binge it a bit and stop at a decent place. ^^


    1. I’ve been off anime nowadays, too busy reading WNs and translating…
      But I’m glad to hear that you like the new series, I’ve been putting off Recovery Magic because this one’s so cool (I’ll get back to it eventually…. I hope…maybe). I wish I had the No Fatigue skill, maybe then I wouldn’t be getting bored and procrastinating all the time >w<


      1. Kookie with No Fatigue would be like Monty Oum level (´・ ω ・`)

        Also yeah I miss nest-san & co. but I think I’m more attached to this series now… I mean he got an even better start than Rudeus from Mushoku Tensei so I’m excited to see how far he can go!~ Now to go and practice reading japanese so I can keep up with conversations in PSO2 (it’s hard ;w;)


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