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Chapter 62: Wearing the clothes is embarrassing

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Wearing the clothes is embarrassing

“……It’s unexpectedly far.”

I wonder how long we have been following the girl in question for.
We have been brought to a street with less people walking on it than the streets from before.
We had asked her to guide us to the inn, but there were absolutely no signs of us arriving.

“We’re almost there~”

The girl says, lightly waving this way.
I feel like I’ve been hearing the same thing for a while now……

“Aura, you guys aren’t tired?”

We’ve walked quite a distance, so I dare say they should be tiring soon.
I’ve got my recovery magic though, so relieving fatigue could be done easily.

“We’re fine~!!”

However, disregarding my worries, Lily spoke with a lively voice and stretched out her hands.
Aura and Tré also appeared to remain composed, and their breathing wasn’t disturbed either.


Having checked everyone’s state of fatigue, I once again return my gaze to the girl but she was nowhere to be found, maybe because there were so many people.

“I can’t find her.”

After that, we all looked for her but we never found that girl.


“……And? By the time you realised, your wallet was gone, you say?”

Now, I was being greatly remonstrated by Aura.
The reason for that is, it seems that I had my wallet stolen by that girl from before.
Putting my wallet in my pocket so that I could take it out at any time backfired on me.

“You should put it in a harder-to-steal place!”
“Y-you are quite right……”

If I were asked when it was stolen, it would probably be when I turned around.
Although I would say there wasn’t much in the wallet, I’ve recently been in a position to earn to a certain extent, so it would be quite a large amount to normal people.
To have lost that in an instant…….
I learned firsthand that I can’t be negligent no matter how good the public order in the capital was.
This time, Aura finished without scolding me too much, as though she understood that it was probably stolen while I was concerned about them.
Fortunately, I had previously given some money to Tré so there was no trouble at the inn.


Having finished our discussions, we quickly found an inn by ourselves.
Despite having money, we couldn’t squander too much of it so we decided to only rent a single room for everyone.
Although I say we only rented a single room, we naturally took one with two beds, but…….

“……Haa, we can finally relax……”

Having arrived in the room, I tumbled onto the bed just like that.
Aura and Tré collapsed on the other bed.
However, it seemed like only Lily wasn’t tired yet, and she looked this way with a face that was full of composure.
And I don’t know what she was thinking, but that face was engulfed in a smile as if she had thought up something interesting.

“Take thissss!!”

For some reason, she came flying my way from that spot.
Flustered, I sit up and spread my arms out to catch the flying Lily.


Although I was met with a great impact, I somehow succeeded in catching Lily and sat her down on the bed.

“Ahaha!! Fun~~!!”

Lily, who was kicking and wriggling those pretty and slender legs of hers with all her might while smiling at me to say “that was fun”, was adorable.
I-it’s not like I have any ulterior motives, okay?
No, really.


“Ah, come to think of it, I had something to give you.”

I address Aura and the others, who had finished entering the bath in turns.

“It’s this……”

Saying that, what I handed over was the feminine clothing I bought at the clothing store previously.
The clothes I bought at the place that sold those taboo swimsuits.

“Err, this is……?”

Tré asks timidly.

“Well, they did say that the king and them will be preparing clothes, but I thought that proper clothes might be necessary for before we go to the castle.”
“T-thank you very much……!”

Tré says her thanks with teary eyes.

“T-thank you…..”

Aura said in a small voice, making a slightly less annoyed face.


Lily was full of vigour as usual, and encircles me while flourishing the clothes.

“T-then maybe I should try it on for a bit……”

After she says that, Aura takes Lily and Tré with her and heads towards the bathroom.
I continued waiting in the meantime.

“I-I tried it on.”

Aura, the first one to leave the bathroom, was obviously dressed in the clothes I bought.
Those clothes were, how should I put it, I feel like they emphasised Aura’s cuteness.
I’m saying this myself, but I might have quite the eye for clothing.

“I-it suits you.”

I normally don’t say that so, as expected, it’s embarrassing

“I-is that so? W-well, they are indeed cute clothes…….”

Aura’s face also turned red, as if wearing the new clothes was embarrassing.

“……But, why were the measurements of this so accurate, I wonder…….?”

However, that was also momentary, and Aura fixed her eyes on me.


Even if I’m asked why, I just bought that at one glance, so it was hard to answer.


It would be good if I could convey that smoothly one way or another, but I don’t know what to say.


While hugging herself with her own two arms as if trying to cover her body, Aura returned to the bathroom.


……Next time, let’s buy some of a different size.
I pledged in my heart――

Chapter 61: After all, my face is like this

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After all, my face is like this.

“……It’s finally in sight.”

I muttered, referring to the capital which I was able to catch in the corner of my vision.
On our way here, I met with an assortment of troubles ― I was made to run, I was attacked by a dragon ― but halfway through, I was allowed to ride in the carriage too and was able to think of it as a pleasant journey.


“Welcome to the capital!!”

Passing through the checking station safely, we stroll about the town capital.

“Hm, I guess we should find an inn first?”
“I suppose that’s best.”

According to the letter, the party will be held tomorrow evening.
That meant that we had time to kill before then.
For the time being, we begin to look for a place to stay for the night.

“The big brother over there~!!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from somewhere. Thinking that it might have been addressed referring to me, I look over.


Then, I met eyes with a girl who was waving her arms in this direction.

“……No, it couldn’t be… right?”

I only saw a bit of the girl’s face, but I don’t think I’ve met her before. Even the memorable-looking bandana didn’t seem to be something I have seen before.
I thought for sure she was waving at someone near me, so I distance myself from that spot.

“Eh, wasn’t that addressed to you, Nest?”

Aura asks from behind, but I tell her that I don’t think it’s me and continue walking.

“I said wai… wait a moment, big brother~!!”

……So she really is talking to me.
But my face is ordinary, it’s not an attractive face that would garner attention from girls.


At that moment, my arm was grabbed by someone.
Surprised, I tried to check who grabbed me and the girl who had been waving just now was there.

“Jeez! Why are you running away!?”

The girl puffed out her cheeks adorably and looked at me as if implying that she was angry.

“Ah, no, I didn’t think anyone would be calling out to me……”

After all, my face is like this―?

“Well, putting that aside, big brother is looking for accommodation, right?”
“……Yeah, well, that’s right. How did you know?”
“With that luggage, anyone would be able to tell that you weren’t people from this town, so I thought you might need a place to stay. My home is an inn, so please come!”
“I see.”

What, so it was like that.
I knew it, but indeed, it wasn’t for that kind of thing……

“Th-then maybe we should go there.”

Confirming that it was alright from everyone behind me as well, I ask the girl to guide us.

“Thank you very much~!!”

Taking care not to lose her, we chase after the girl who was saying ‘Please come this way~!’.

However, I, alone, drooped my shoulders a little because of my ordinary face.