Chapter 61: After all, my face is like this

It’s April first! Kookie originally had something planned for April fools, but since Firebird is in charge of the next two chapters of No Fatigue, Kookie’s April Fools release will be delayed (hopefully you won’t be mad >w<).

In the meantime, enjoy a few more chapters of Recovery Magic before it dies again……

Edited by Elemintabni


After all, my face is like this.

“……It’s finally in sight.”

I muttered, referring to the capital which I was able to catch in the corner of my vision.
On our way here, I met with an assortment of troubles ― I was made to run, I was attacked by a dragon ― but halfway through, I was allowed to ride in the carriage too and was able to think of it as a pleasant journey.


“Welcome to the capital!!”

Passing through the checking station safely, we stroll about the town capital.

“Hm, I guess we should find an inn first?”
“I suppose that’s best.”

According to the letter, the party will be held tomorrow evening.
That meant that we had time to kill before then.
For the time being, we begin to look for a place to stay for the night.

“The big brother over there~!!”

Suddenly, I heard a loud voice from somewhere. Thinking that it might have been addressed referring to me, I look over.


Then, I met eyes with a girl who was waving her arms in this direction.

“……No, it couldn’t be… right?”

I only saw a bit of the girl’s face, but I don’t think I’ve met her before. Even the memorable-looking bandana didn’t seem to be something I have seen before.
I thought for sure she was waving at someone near me, so I distance myself from that spot.

“Eh, wasn’t that addressed to you, Nest?”

Aura asks from behind, but I tell her that I don’t think it’s me and continue walking.

“I said wai… wait a moment, big brother~!!”

……So she really is talking to me.
But my face is ordinary, it’s not an attractive face that would garner attention from girls.


At that moment, my arm was grabbed by someone.
Surprised, I tried to check who grabbed me and the girl who had been waving just now was there.

“Jeez! Why are you running away!?”

The girl puffed out her cheeks adorably and looked at me as if implying that she was angry.

“Ah, no, I didn’t think anyone would be calling out to me……”

After all, my face is like this―?

“Well, putting that aside, big brother is looking for accommodation, right?”
“……Yeah, well, that’s right. How did you know?”
“With that luggage, anyone would be able to tell that you weren’t people from this town, so I thought you might need a place to stay. My home is an inn, so please come!”
“I see.”

What, so it was like that.
I knew it, but indeed, it wasn’t for that kind of thing……

“Th-then maybe we should go there.”

Confirming that it was alright from everyone behind me as well, I ask the girl to guide us.

“Thank you very much~!!”

Taking care not to lose her, we chase after the girl who was saying ‘Please come this way~!’.

However, I, alone, drooped my shoulders a little because of my ordinary face.

31 thoughts on “Chapter 61: After all, my face is like this

  1. It was so short I thought it was April Fools… And the note before the chapter was some sort of elaborate ruse to trick us into thinking it wasn’t!

    Thanks for the chapter~


        1. It’s just misunderstandings from being overly loved….

          And he’s to stupid to notice the girls falling for him (though to be fair, most guys won’t believe that they are popular and have a harem just like that…. but the girls WANT to be his slave… so this is just too obvious).


      1. Ty but I was joking xp( I did a translation of the chapters in Spanish(I ask that long ago))(half of it because I don’t remember the lasts chapters*tehee*)


        1. It’s okay… They didn’t matter much anyways…

          He heals, it’s a harem, and he’s a lolicon… That is all you need to remember


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