NF: Chapters 39~41

Chapters 39 & 40 are brought to you by Firebird.
Kookie brings you Chapter 41 (thanks to Shirayuki & Yume for editing), along with a little present:

AHEM! This chapter and video is dedicated to Scrya (and technically, so were the last 10 chapters and the 3 that are coming~)
I may be a day late but…… *shrugs* Happy Birthday ❤

P.S. Sorry for the audio quality, it was kind of done on a whim


14 thoughts on “NF: Chapters 39~41

    1. Most of it was but Melby’s “Uwaahhh—n!!!” on took me offguard. The blow nearly broke my mental guard. Almost brought down by that moe even though the pitch+ is very obvious.


      1. Even then, it feels like someone paid their little sisters $10 to read this script with the most monotone voice that they could, when the sisters were just about to do something that they were waiting to do…..

        Liked by 1 person

          1. This kind of reminds me of when I had to read 1 line of a poem with a few other people.

            I said the word “Oh” just like how you pronounced all the “Uwaah”s.

            Best time of my life.


  1. meatbun like the “Mwuu~” bit at the end~
    and does kookie-nee have a “cool guy” impression on Ed-kun?
    ne, nee~ you don’t right~? *secretly plans to poison ed-kun’s food*


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