NF: Chapters 39~41

Chapters 39 & 40 are brought to you by Firebird.
Kookie brings you Chapter 41 (thanks to Shirayuki & Yume for editing), along with a little present:

AHEM! This chapter and video is dedicated to Scrya (and technically, so were the last 10 chapters and the 3 that are coming~)
I may be a day late but…… *shrugs* Happy Birthday ❤

P.S. Sorry for the audio quality, it was kind of done on a whim

14 thoughts on “NF: Chapters 39~41

  1. Final product was as good as expected!
    Also happy birthday Scrya~

    I…. I really need to finish this paper


    1. Most of it was but Melby’s “Uwaahhh—n!!!” on took me offguard. The blow nearly broke my mental guard. Almost brought down by that moe even though the pitch+ is very obvious.


      1. Even then, it feels like someone paid their little sisters $10 to read this script with the most monotone voice that they could, when the sisters were just about to do something that they were waiting to do…..

        Liked by 1 person

          1. This kind of reminds me of when I had to read 1 line of a poem with a few other people.

            I said the word “Oh” just like how you pronounced all the “Uwaah”s.

            Best time of my life.


  2. meatbun like the “Mwuu~” bit at the end~
    and does kookie-nee have a “cool guy” impression on Ed-kun?
    ne, nee~ you don’t right~? *secretly plans to poison ed-kun’s food*


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