Chapter 64: I’d like you to undress

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I’d like you to undress

“It really is huge……!”

I mutter as I look up at the giant castle spread before my eyes.
I did come to the castle once before, but I had been in a fluster back then and hadn’t been able to look at the castle in its entirety.
However, having come here by my own will, the size of that castle was evident whether I liked it or not.

“Is that so, I imagine that a normal castle would be at least this size though……”

From Aura’s perspective, a building of this size might indeed be normal for her as a former member of royalty, but as one of the masses, I felt that the magnitude was kind of wrong.

“It’s about the same as Lily’s home~!”

…..No, wait, no matter how biased you are, this can’t be compared to something like my house.
As I was feeling a little happy at hearing Lily’s remark, we were lead inside the castle by the gatekeepers.


“Now then, we’ll be taking your measurements so I’d like you to undress.”

After being brought inside the castle, we were split into girls and guys and made to enter separate rooms, though I was the only guy.
Inside the rooms were some maids, and those maids were rapidly helping to remove my clothes for some reason.
Without even a chance to feel embarrassed, I was stripped of all clothing but my underwear and there was nothing I could do except look at my own body in a daze as they took measurements.


“We will prepare clothing for you now that we have finished. Please wait a little longer.”

Shortly thereafter, the most distinguished-looking maid came up to me and spoke to me.


I sit down on the chair that the maids had prepared for me, and set my mind on other things in order to forget the embarrassing events from a moment ago even a second faster.


“Aura-sama, this way.”

We were brought to a different room to Nest’s.
They treated us courteously, as though they didn’t know about Tré and I being slaves.

“……At any rate, those clothes really suit you all. Everyone looks lovely.”

A maid who was clearly older than me said as she looked at our clothing.

“Nest bought this for us~!!”

Hearing her words, Lily promptly responded, flaunting her clothing delightfully.

“By Nest-san, you mean the gentleman who came to the castle with you, correct? He has very wonderful taste……”
“If Nest heard that, I’m sure he would be pleased too.”

Even without being biased, I also think these clothes are very befitting for each one of us so hearing that makes me very happy.
I had been embarrassed back then so I unintentionally said some cruel things to Nest.

I had been told by some adventurers in the past that a man buying a slave but not touching them might be because he doesn’t like the slave.
Even if it’s inevitable with Tré because she’s still not old enough, him not laying a hand on me who is the same age as him might be that Nest really doesn’t like me. Just as I thought this, he suddenly gave me a present. Doing that, unintentionally saying some cruel words couldn’t be helped, I think……
However, even though we ended up staying in the same room for the first time in a while, he didn’t seem to have much interest in me and went to sleep just like that.
I was frustrated at that, then sad, but I didn’t really want anyone to realise that so I just went to sleep with my face hidden in my blankets.

I woke up in the middle of the night unexpectedly, and sleepily thinking that if he wouldn’t make a move then I could do it on my end, I tried to crawl into Nest’s bed. However, Tré was there already, sleeping in the embrace of Nest’s arms.
The night ended with me separating those two, but I realise that I didn’t get to ask why it happened even now.
After this party ends, I’ll ask about last night――

Those were my thoughts as I was being measured by the maids.

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  1. So, it seems novelupdates sees this as a No Fatigue chapter for some reason, and unless you actually read this chapter you can’t tell its not. I personally spent 5 minutes looking around after reading the beginning of this, to find out what was going on, it wasn’t even immediately obvious it wasn’t NF after reading a bit as this says chapter 64 and the last NF chapter was 47, a lot can happen in a 17 chapter gap. The fact this this says chapter 64 immediately casts doubt on the whole thing but my thoughts were “Did the translators get some misinformation somewhere and accidentally skip ahead? I don’t recognize any of these characters, but its been a while since the last chapter maybe i forgot?”. In conclusion i recommend to make the series the chapter belongs to immediately obvious, other than the chapter number in the future to avoid confusion. Please, and thanks for the hard work.

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    1. No this is not NF I recognize these characters and they are from “Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine.”
      Since they are both translated using ohanashimi it does not suprise me that google would pick up both posts.


      1. I’m aware of what this is, as i stated in my original comment, i spent about 5 minutes looking around to figure out what was going on. In those 5 minutes i also found out was i was reading in place of NF. Also, why’d you mention google? The original problem i had was because had listed under NF rather than what it is. I can’t help but feel like your English isn’t very good? and because of that you somewhat misunderstood the meaning of my original comment. In any case, thanks for the chat.


        1. Lol my bad on the Google thing must have been reading another comment else where but now that I think of it I do have this site linked to my chrome dash and it shows up as NF so maybe I got it from there. Again sorry for the loop in comment.


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    The line “It really is huge” right after the title “I’d like you to undress” gave birth to misunderstandings.

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  3. ………..γ ̄ヽ………Thanks!…………
    …….r’-‘| O |…~……..Nepu!!……..
    …………| ,|……~…….(´・ω・`)……..
    ……..,,-/ ̄|、…………O旦と )……..

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  4. I think I found a mistake.. Probably the author’s and not the translator’s.
    “I did come to the castle once before, but I had been in a fluster back then”
    The MC says here that he came to the castle ONCE before, but actually it was twice, considering he infiltrated it after he was summoned by the king.


  5. And so… Saints Recovery Magic diseappeared into the fog, never emerging again… (at least thats what I think but man I like this novel (even though mc is dense(im shipping nestxluna))) Please continue if you have the time (:


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