NF: Chapter 49

*Temporarily unpoofs*

I could just blame a certain aggregator site for my lack of moti―― Yeah… actually, you know what, screw you aggregator sites who copy-paste hardworking translators’ chapters and claim them as your own :<
(they’ve even got ads now, yet here I am tling for free……)

Anyway~ I got bored of translating (as usual) and did a bit of freelance translating/editing for other translation groups in the meantime. You may see my teaser list grow in the near future, since I’ve also been picking random novels and translating one or two chapters as a change of pace.

Now, here’s Chapter 49, brought to you by kookie and Elemintabni.
Aaight, see you in another month~ XP


10 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 49

  1. well I dont know about any copy pasters since they dont get enough traffic. I only go on the actual site of translators. Although, personally I would welcome people to copy and paste my stuff since I am paranoid and that would make it less likely for me to be hit by a dcma by the authors and publishers with licenses.


  2. Thank you for the chapter!
    I hate those unhealthy aggregators as well, you should probably take steps against that like putting invisible text in your translations (white colored text that can only be seen if you highlight it which will also be taken if they’re just wholesale copy pasting) while raising awareness on something like NUF.
    Hopefully those aggregators die off, have a good October!


  3. I wouldn’t mind them too much, unless they’re the type that takes credit but pushes blame. I’ve dealt with those types, heck, I work under a group of them, but they’re easy enough to topple if you have witnesses.


  4. I still have yet to see such a site. How come every translator is aware of it, but no reader is? I’d reckon any money they could make with ads is earned just by visits of those they rip off from…

    That or they advertise in places I don’t step into.

    Thanks for your work.


  5. Thx for the chap and I hope them aggressors die out by the end of this month or earlier. Just post on NUF about them and the community should deal w/ em for u if im right.

    PS: Even if they be like that, the true thoughts of gratitude for the chapters in reality would be reflected towards u, who TLed it 4 the masses, instead of some Ctrl+c Ctrl+v user .


  6. thanks for the chapter this copy paste are pretty common now a days most TL adds massage in between the translation but it’s virtually impossible to stop them but keep it up for your followers i hope and wish that you unpooff much more often x3


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