16 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 54

  1. Any other day I would be overjoyed by this. Today, however, I just half-recovered from being sick and have my reading list in disarray with many long chapters piled up and too little of a time to read them. ;.;


  2. Happy birthday!

    And thanks for reminding me that I’ll have to spend the next few weeks/months figuring out how to block every garbage, distracting, performance-ruining, battery draining snow effect people installed on their site. :[ (Only to do it again next year, when some dolt comes up with a new one.)

    In your case, it turned out they’re even explicitly matched to your site and were spread across both the s0 and s2 WP CDNs. So short of blocking the scripts from the s0, s1 and s2 domains in their entirety, I doubt there’ll be any easy fix.

    Don’t take it personally or let it bring you down; I just loathe snow effects on websites with a passion.


      1. Thank you so much.

        But like I said, don’t take it personally. Sorry for being such a sourpuss on your birthday, and thanks for the chapter all the same.

        I was just venting, given the prospect that there are bound to be many, many more such scripts. This one just happened to be the first one I saw. (Some were hopefully blocked by all the filters I set the past few years.)


  3. Happy birthday! And thanks for the new chapter. I come by everyday at least once to check and when I saw this while at work I made a loud gasp sound that surprised some lol


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