NF: Chapter 62

Still dead, thanks to melting from the Aussie heat. 40°C weather, somebody save me! >w<

In other news, I’m recruiting for a perfectionist to help me edit. I’m not talking about grammar-Nazis (though they’re pretty useful too)  but someone who’ll make a billion edits just to make a sentence flow, so I can focus on turning JP into EN instead of EN into good EN. I promise if I find someone I like, you guys will get a revived Kookie with motivated-translation speed instead of the current zombie pace.
Please note: Proofreading is NOT Editing.

Anyway~ enjoy Chapter 62!

8 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 62

  1. Thank you for your hard work and the new chapter!
    ….you’re living in australia?
    i never knew, anyway, be happy with 40°celsius, here where i live (the netherlands) we have a temperature around 0°celsius and bloody snow!
    worst kind of weather you can have if you’ll need to travel.
    (But beutifull to see if you like to take a hike in the county side though)
    Anyway, i wish you good luck with the freakingly insane heat you have there.
    greetings from a dutch nutcase
    ( ‘-‘)7 i wish you a good day ma’am! (‘-‘ 7)


  2. What sort of release schedule are we looking at? I’d be open to editing, but I just want to make sure I’m not taking some 20 chapter/week time-killer. Fairly sure that’s not the plan, but it helps to make these things clear.


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