NF: Chapter 64

On my way to Kiwiland~
Lucky for you, my delayed flight means I’m killing time by actually posting a chapter.

Chapter 64, proofread by Marethyul.

Still haven’t found an editor I like. If any of you guys would like to give my crazy butchered editor’s test a go, here’s a LINK. (Credits to Qwaztop for the butchering)
It’s only a page for you lazy people, but don’t think you can get away by just giving it a skim and making a few changes. Kookie expects perfection.

13 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 64

    1. The comment section on chapter page not active yet, so I put it in here…

      — Thus came the no good thought. —

      A little typo?
      “Well, it happens a lot.
      “Well, it happens a lot.” ???



  1. New Zealand? I lived there for three years. A paradise compared to most places. At least 20 years ago. More sheep than people, polite people, great whether and clean environment.


  2. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I thought there would be a different comment section on the chapter page. I guess there aren’t.


  3. Thanks for the chapter! Woooow I can’t believe I actually took the time to edit that for ‘funsies.’ I don’t even use Google Drive even though I’ve had gmail for forever. It’s weird knowing that that edit is just going to be sitting there all by its lonesome. ._.


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