1. Prologue

NO FATIGUE The Tale of the Man Who Could Fight for 24 Hours

Thank you for taking an interest in 『NO FATIGUE The Tale of the Man Who Could Fight for 24 Hours』this time.
I thought to write this story by putting importance on the tempo and exhilaration of the story.
There may be parts that weren’t of my full capability, but I hope you continue associating with this story for many chapters to come.

※ For those who think ‘Prologues are tedious, get to the story already!’ I’ve prepared a ‘prologue of NO FATIGUE you can understand in 3 lines’ in the postscript.
Those of you who feel that way, please briefly scroll through and look at the postscript.

With that said, please enjoy 『NO FATIGUE The Tale of the Man Who Could Fight for 24 Hours』!

T/N: Both the prescript (is that a word?) and postscript are translations of what the author has written.

1. Prologue

When I exited the Game Centre, I heard a scream.

In front of my eyes, there was a man in a black jersey on the street opposite.

The man was chasing an office worker who was fleeing after being stabbed in the shoulder, and stabbed that fleeing back with the blood-stained knife in his hand.

The man stabbed the office worker another 2, 3 times, ignoring his screams.

Losing interest in the office worker when he fell limp, the man starts searching for his next prey.

What caught his attention was a female high school student who had collapsed in shock and couldn’t move after witnessing the sudden homicide.

The man ran towards the female student.

The female student tried to run but the man seized her arm before she could stand up.

The man’s broad grin made the female student feel short of breath.

Splattered in blood, the man raises his arm overhead.

I dashed from across the road and clung to the arm.

I don’t know if it was because of the situation, but I kept my head cool as I carefully observe the man’s appearance.

He was around my age, maybe a little older, but I suppose he was in his thirties.
He had a slender face covered with stubble, but the bloodshot eyes and inflated nostrils gave it a strange intensity.

I tried to pin down the man’s arm one way or another, but the man shook me off and retrieved a new knife from his belt.
When I looked at it, I saw various-sized knives hanging from the man’s belt.

I reposition my backpack to block the knife swinging down at me and then ram into the man, backpack and all.

However, the man dodged, circumventing my body blow, and slashed with his knife.

Blood sprays out from my arm.

My consciousness recedes due to the pain and by the time I recovered, a knife had been pierced into my stomach.


Anger erupted in me, along with the pain.

I swing my backpack around recklessly.
I felt the backpack collide with something solid as it hit the slasher’s head.
Inside the backpack was a sturdy ArcCon (Arcade Controller).

I grapple with the man, who was groaning with pain, and try to snatch the knife from his hand.

I almost managed to take the knife from him somehow, but it was at that moment.

The female student, who had sunk down to the floor, suddenly grabbed at the man.

I think she might have been trying to help me, but that’s when misfortune struck.


A sensation I had never experienced before transmitted through my arm.

The man collapses onto the ground with his eyes wide open as he mutters something.

In a daze, I looked at my hand.

There’s blood.

It’s a knife.

A blood-stained knife was clasped in my hand.

……In other words.

I… stabbed him?
“C-criminal discovered!”
While I was frozen in shock, a pair of police officers appeared from the roadside.

“The criminal is wearing a black jersey and is a slender man in his thirties― It is confirmed!”

I look down at my torso.

I was wearing a black jersey.

Moreover, I was certainly in my thirties and had a slender build.

“W-wait a moment…! I am….!”

I swung my arms in front of me without thinking as I called out to the police officers.


“H-he’s resisting!”

“Y-you’re mistaken…. I’m not the slasher….”

“Then what’s that in your hand!”

Hearing that remark, I check my hand.

Yeah, this is a knife.

And furthermore, it was dyed red with the blood of the criminal I had just stabbed.

It was hard to deny it with this circumstantial evidence, and I became flustered.

I was stunned.

And then of all things,

“H-hey… J-j-just wait a moment, I am……!”

Stuttering intensely, I tried to run over to the police officers.

Of course, this happened to be while I was still waving the bloody knife in my hand…..

I must admit that I should have been more composed somehow.

“D-don’t come any closer…!”

The police officer warned, holding his gun out.

I was enraged, but I also came to my senses after seeing the senior police officer’s stern expression and the muzzle pointing at me.


“Eep, uwahhh!”

This time, the younger police officer panicked.

“O-oi.. stop it….!”

The senior police officer’s restraining was to no avail either, as the young police officer pulled the trigger.

And it wasn’t just once, but many times.

Bang, bang, bang, the sounds reverberated as the bullets penetrated through my abdomen.

Together with the last of these sounds, a scorching heat travelled through my chest.

My head turned blank from the excessive shock.

And then, my vision darkens.

Within my narrowing field of vision, I saw the senior police officer pin down the young police officer.

With that as the last scene I witnessed, I collapsed onto the ground and lost all sight.

“T-this is…. too much, right….”

My lungs haemorrhaged after muttering that.

Thus, my life came to an end.


“…..Certainly, this was a bit much.”

“Wh― wah..owa..uaaahh!”

I think I heard a woman’s voice but I was in no mind for that.

I don’t know how it became like this but suddenly, the world was at my feet.


Sorry, that was poorly worded.

To put it simply, I was in the sky, gazing down at the world from a distance.

Look, there’s footage of ‘the world from the perspective of an International Space Station’, right?
Like that, I was floating on a satellite orbit with blue oceans, reddish-brown land covered by clouds, and green forests spread around below me; that was the situation I was in.

“I-I.. I’m falling……!”

“Calm down. You’re not falling.”

I realised after I was told this.
Indeed, I was high in the sky, so high that even the air seemed non-existent, but there was no sign of me falling towards the earth.

“Ah, yeah…. You’re right.”

I understood that I was safe for the time being (although I didn’t know a single thing apart from that), and I finally had the composure to observe my surroundings.

First, the woman in front of me.

Well, how should I put it, it was…

“A goddess?”

I think an apt description would be the image of Venus, from Greek mythology.
­She was an inconceivable beauty, with a magnificent body covered modestly with a fabric that resembled white silk.

The difference was that her hair wasn’t blond like Venus’, but closer to black.

“Yes. That’s right.”

With an enchanting smile, the goddess(?) spoke.

“….Yeah, well, I kind of understand.”

I sigh as I say this.

“Oh? About what?”

“To sum it up: you’re a god, I died in my previous world, and right now there’s an unfamiliar planet below me. Thus, this is about reincarnation.”

I thought it was the Earth at first, but this planet doesn’t seem like Earth.

There were huge desert continents at random, red hurricane-like clouds, and islands floating in the sky. No matter how I looked at it, this wasn’t Earth.

“……Well, that’s the gist of it.”

The goddess smiles again and starts to explain.

“Just like you just said, you died. Mistaken for the slasher, you were shot by police…… Ah, you don’t have to be worried about your reputation after you died. The girl you tried to save was there, right? Thanks to her testimony, the media reported that you weren’t a random slasher; you were just a third-party who tried to subdue the slasher.”

“…That’s good.”

I was just a corpse with no relatives anyway, so it doesn’t bother me even if I had been treated as the slasher but as expected, I guess it seemed off-putting.

“Well, it seems like the police filed charges against you, saying you died as the suspect for the murder of the slasher. There was a riot when they said the police shot you by mistake.”

“Serves them right.”

So I said, but as the one who ended up dying, I do feel a little unsettled with only the dismissal of a few police executives.

“Well, it can’t be helped. No, maybe something could have been done, but that’s life. Since I get to live a second time, I should just forget the slasher and the stupid police.”

“Right…… But there’s something I’d like to say about that. I have some bad news.”

“Bad news?”

“Yes. That slasher has been reincarnated in the world you’ll be going to.”


“More than that, I want you to defeat the slasher. That’s the reason I’m offering you a chance to reincarnate this time.”

“Why do I have to….”

I had been absorbed in rushing out back then, but what was I thinking, leaping at a slasher who was holding a knife.

Anyway, now that I’ve cooled off, I don’t want to fight him a second time, nor do I feel up to it.

“I understand your feelings but I’m just as pressured as well. The aforementioned slasher― he’s called Kizaki Tooru; he was summoned by a wicked sorcerer working for an evil god, and has been reincarnated in the body of the baby girl used as a sacrifice.”

“Why can’t you let the humans of that world deal with him?”

“The rules of this world states that gods cannot interfere with the material world. An exception to that, or rather, an underhanded trick is to reincarnate someone like what I’m doing now. In times of emergency, such as a crisis approaching the world or intervention from another world, the gods will attempt to resolve the situation by reincarnating a soul they choose personally like this.”

“Is that guy…. that dangerous? He wasn’t just a petty slasher?”

“That slasher isn’t an ordinary slasher. He has been influenced by Monguenues ― the evil god who reincarnated him ― and the number of people he has killed in your country exceeds one hundred.”

“O-one hundred!?

If that’s true, his cutthroat homicide would be at the world-record level.

…..I did a really good thing.

“It seems that the slashing homicide was a death ritual dedicated to Monguenues. You managed to stop him, but he just managed to accomplish his greatest desire and reincarnated in this world.”

“……Tch, so I was too late.”

In the end, I wasn’t rewarded for fighting with my life on the line.

“No, what you did was not in vain. Kizaki Tooru’s ritual was interrupted because of you. Thanks to that, Kizaki did not gain a complete body and was only able to reincarnate in this world by possessing an infant’s body.”

So it wasn’t completely useless.

“Thanks to that, we have some temporary leeway until Kizaki Tooru grows to adulthood. In that time, you will―”

“Locate and kill him, huh.”

I gave a small nod.

This goddess is unable to directly intervene in the happenings on the surface.
This is why she is trying to reincarnate me, to somehow do away with the slashing murderer, Kizaki Tooru, who reincarnated in this world through the evil god’s schemes.

“……I understand what I have to do. However, I’m not a soldier or martial artist or anything. I don’t have any combat power.”

I liked fighting games, but games and actual combat were completely different things.
I had never actually fought anyone prior to the fight with that slasher.

“Of course, I will grant you power. That said, I can’t give you that much power since I am exploiting this reincarnation after all.”

“Hey, hey, isn’t the other party a dangerous character who was reincarnated by the evil god?”

“What I’m giving you is a Soul Seed, so to speak. If you give it water and fertilizer and raise it, I’m sure you will obtain the power to oppose the evil god’s apostle.

And then the goddess continues.

“You have your mission to do away with that slasher ― the apostle of the evil god ― somehow, but I don’t mind if you live as you wish aside from that. If you make the best of my power, so to speak……yes, I believe the [Cheater’s] way of life is possible.

Cheater. In other words, playing the game with an extreme and advantageous condition omitted by the game system.

That was the remuneration for accepting this goddess’s request.
Considering my death, it certainly wasn’t bad.
I would like to decline having the slasher as my opponent at all costs, but to challenge him with a clear cheat is still preferable.

…Well, I guess it’s not bad. This opportunity to reincarnate into the real world, I probably won’t have a second chance if I miss it.

“…I get it. The reason I died was also that guy’s fault to begin with. I’ll take a shot at what I can.”

Besides, although the goddess didn’t say so explicitly, I didn’t have the choice to refuse after dying in my original world.

The goddess cast her eyes down apologetically and spoke.

“Thank you. I am the goddess who governs the transmigration of souls, Atrazenec. And this world spread out below, the name of the world you will be traversing from now is Marquekt.”

The goddess extends her hand to my cheek.

An ethereal, soft and dainty finger brushes my cheek gently.

While stroking my face as though ascertaining something, the goddess speaks.

“Hmm, I see. Perhaps that skill would be good for you. The skill has a bit of an edge, but it should suit your tastes perfectly.”

And then―

“I pledge. To bestow my divine protection unto the one who consents to fight the evil god. ―Skill conferment 【No Fatigue】”

With the words of the pledge came the feeling of the goddess’s moist lips on my cheek.

A tremendous heat permeates through my body, originating from the goddess’s lips.


“…..It’s soon time to say farewell,”

the goddess says to me, who was crouched down holding my cheek.

My body could be seen slowly becoming transparent.

“The skill is something that belongs to this world, Marquekt. You, who acquired this skill, have partly become Marquekt’s. And according to the rules of Marquekt, gods cannot interfere with those on the surface. We cannot keep you in this place.”

As the goddess spoke, my body floated gently.

No, wrong…… This is falling!

I fell to Marquekt with an intense force while listening to the goddess’s final words.

“I can’t be said to have granted you this kind of fate but…… please take care of your life. You were brave for fighting against the slasher, but you were also reckless. I don’t wish for you to stake your life for the sake of my mission. Use that skill to survive ― Kagi Tomonori.”


Prologue of NO FATIGUE you can understand in 3 lines

  • The protagonist Kagi Tomonori was mistaken as a random slasher and shot dead by the police.
  • When he realised, a goddess was there and he was able to reincarnate in another world with the condition that he pursue the random slasher who was reincarnated in the other world through an evil god’s intervention.
  • He received the <No Fatigue> skill from the goddess.

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