16. Verification Start

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And thus, I am once again raising my skills.

Before that, let’s check my current status.

《Edgar Chrebl

Level 31
HP 63/63
MP 1442/1442

• Mythical class
[No Fatigue] –
[Instant Interpretation] –

• Legendary class
[Appraisal] 9 (MAX)
[Database] –

• Master class
[Physics Magic] 6
[Enchant Magic] 2
[Mana Control] 5
[Letterless Invocation] 5

• General
[Throwing Spear Techniques] 1
[Fire Magic] 2
[Water Magic] 2
[Wind Magic] 4
[Earth Magic] 2
[Light Magic] 2
[Mana Manipulation] 9 (MAX)
[Telekinesis Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Simultaneous Invocation] 9 (MAX)

《Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing +1》》

I managed to increase my maximum MP by 690, in the ten days it took to travel from Ranzrack Fortress to the estate.

Due to levitating myself in my free time, [Physics Magic] rose by one level, and [Mana Control] also went up by one.

For [Enchant Magic], I repeated the action of casting [Enchant Magic] on the spare wand I borrowed from Mum, but the ascension came to a halt after an increase of one.
[Enchant Magic] is apparently, in accordance with the name, 《Magic to temporarily add magic to weapons or armour》(according to the help information provided by [Appraisal]), but naturally, the magic that can be added is limited to the magic I have already learned.
[Enchant Magic]’s skill level growth speed seems slow compared to [Physics Magic], but I suppose the cause is because the added magic level is low.
Thus, I’ll postpone [Enchant Magic] for the moment and raise the level of the general skills involving magic.

Each of those general magic skills rose in levels a little because I received a lecture on magic from Julia-kaasan.
Incidentally, only [Wind Magic] rose to 4 because I secretly invoked it during our travel and earned skill levels.

And so, back to the present.
Firstly, the expanding of my maximum MP is a given.
And, due to the events at Ranzrack Fortress, I also received permission from Dad and could openly be taught magic by Julia-kaasan.

Julia-kaasan’s teaching method was simple.
I position both hands opposite one another, as if I were holding a basketball, and then produce a small flame in that space using magic.
I maintain my focus so that the flame won’t be extinguished.
Of course, I need to continuously keep the 卜 magic symbol in my mind in that time, and I also had to maintain the 卜 written in the air in the beginning .

It seemed simple, but it was actually quite profound; there was a remarkable difference in both the stability and maintained duration of the flame produced by a novice using [Fire Magic], compared to a flame cast by an expert.

In reality,  you can see a subtle yet distinct variation when you compare the flame produced by me and the flame produced by Julia-kaasan.
It seems Mum can maintain this flame for around 1 mark (in this world, 1 mark is approximately 1 hour in the previous world) if she feels like it.

Such a thing is absolutely impossible for the present me. My mana disperses if I concentrate on the flame, and the symbol disappears if I concentrate on my mana; I am unable to split my focus between these three components well.
Of course, I know it would be easy if I used the [Letterless Invocation] skill, but then it wouldn’t be practicing.

That’s right, it’s like trying to balance an apple on your head while doing a handstand……
You should be able to understand if I say it like that.
In the past, I saw a performance in a circus or acrobatics troupe or something, where someone walked on their hands with an apple on their head.
I had thought they were doing something skillful; it might be similar to that.
How should I say it, I always felt frustrated and would have immediately given up if this were my previous life.

“……Hmm? Huh? Edgar-kun, how unexpected, do you not have the talent?”

Julia-kaasan suddenly lets slip from her mouth.

Ugh. My face wasn’t tear-stained or anything, okay!

However, even though I might not have the talent for magic, I have the skill bestowed by the goddess.

[No Fatigue].

I suppose there’s no need for an explanation anymore, but thanks to it, I’m able to exhibit superhuman powers of concentration for this mentally-straining work.

1 hour. 2 hours.
I produce a flame between my hands, and continue trying to maintain it.
Mum, who gave all sorts of advice and watched over me in the beginning, was unable to keep me company to the end and relied on Steph afterwards, returning to the estate.

After that, an additional 1 hour, 2 hours.
Steph, who was waiting by my side, seemed to gradually fall into a daze, but I felt like I grasped something after a short while and so I devoted myself to the flame in my hands.

And then, when I became able to maintain the flame for around 5 minutes somehow,

“――Edgar-kun? You couldn’t be, still doing it?”

In the courtyard that had become dark without me knowing, Julia-kaasan turns up, surprised.
……By the way, Steph was sleeping, leaning on the pile of firewood in the yard.

I presented today’s accomplishments to Mum.

“Wow, amazing. You’ve improved.”

According to Mum, it normally takes several months to reach this point.

Indeed, if I didn’t have [No Fatigue] then I probably wouldn’t be able to continue practicing this much.
No, my MP would have run out much earlier.

Incidentally, Mum had been able to come this far with 3 days of training, and had apparently been sought after as a rare child prodigy.

“Edgar-kun is unusual, aren’t you? How should I say it, you were able to grasp the feeling for it quickly, even though you don’t have a great sense for it?”

Julia-kaasan is a natural airhead as well as a prodigy, so she digs into people’s hearts simple-mindedly like this.

Before we departed the fortress, Dad said that the students who were taught to use magic by Julia-kaasan generally quit within a month.
At that time, I wondered why it would turn out that way when they’re being taught by such a kind person, but now I clearly understand from the bottom of my heart.
My lack of sense was compensated for by the duration of which I could concentrate so it was fine, but normally one’s heart would break.


“Hmm, I thought that Edgar-kun took after Mummy, but maybe I was wrong?”
“Huh? I understood it instantly though……?”

and so on, these sharp, simple-minded words would rain down incessantly when she saw a chance.

Even the fundamental magic explanations,

“Mn~ it’s like you *hrrng* and *poof*.”
“No, no. Now then, *hrrng* and *poof*. Concentrate and hold it, then release it with a *poof*.”

Like this, she didn’t get to the point at all.

――Damn prodigies.

I curse at Julia-kaasan, who had started after her senses had developed.

The monotony of the work was handled by [No Fatigue], but even [No Fatigue] was powerless against Mum’s mental attack.

However, I won’t lose.
I’m a former fighting gamer.
If I worried about such instigation every time, I won’t be become skilful no matter how much time passes.

I frantically calm my heart as I strive with my crash course in [Fire Magic].


And then, as I improve my fire magic, I attempt to verify the thing that’s been on my mind since the Goleth battle.

It’s about the [Throwing Spear Techniques].

In the battle against Goleth, I fought by using [Physics Magic] to catch and return Goleth’s spears, and obtained the general skill [Throwing Spear Techniques] because of it.

However, this is a strange verdict.

Because, I haven’t even touched a spear directly.
Moreover, I have yet to even hold a genuine spear even now.

If that is considered “spear throwing”, then it’s been approximated to extent of the word “throwing”.

That is how it is.

―hasn’t the remaining “spear” part also been approximated in itself?

After I woke up from Growth Sleep, I’ve been wanting to verify it for the longest time.

So, about how to verify it specifically, what I need to do is simple.

  1. Collect various spears and poles from within the house.
  2. Use [Physics Magic] on each of them to ‘spear throw’ them.
  3. Repeat 2, if the [Throwing Spear Skills] skill rises, that spear(?) is a spear.

If 5 hours pass without [Throwing Spear Skills] skill rising, that spear(?) is not a spear.

The 5 hours is what I have calculated from my experience with raising skills so far, it’s the time needed to raise the level of a skill from 1 to 2. I believe it’s around 4 hours to be exact, but I’ll give it an hour’s leeway making it 5 hours.

The things I’ve requested Steph to assemble for the sake of (1) are very wide-ranging.

First are spears.
A long spear and short spear, a throwing spear, a spear for melee combat, and a spear used on horseback and such, the spears lying on the premises and those with a known pretext were all gathered together.
Alfred-tousan is a spear user, so the Viscount Chrebl residence has a superb number of spears, which is helpful.

Next are weapons, with the exception of spears.
A sword, halberd, axe, knife, and an arrow.
I brought an axe, thinking I could use it as comparison if the halberd was counted as a spear.
I also thought it was possible for arrows to be considered miniscule throwing spears in form, so I prepared one just in case.

Finally, objects that aren’t weapons.
An ordinary rod, a clothes pole, a broom, a piece of firewood, a thick needle, and a wooden stick.
I assembled objects of all sizes, with the requirement being that they resembled spears in shape.
I think it’s very improbable, but I think it’s better to check from the outset, just to confirm.

Now then, after the spear(?) preparations have been arranged, I open the notebook which I had Steph bring, and finally start the experiment.

――Let me see, what kind of results will we get?

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