17. Verification Results

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――A practitioner’s specialty attribute seems to be related to their personality.

That was the description in the article on specialty attributes inside the 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』.

I might not understand what it’s trying to say all of a sudden, but it’s like this.

――There’s a proper reason for Julia-kaasan’s specialty attribute being fire.

At first glance, Julia-kaasan is gentle and would seem to be good at water or wind or light, but when it comes to battle, her terrifying fighting spirit can be seen, and she’s also rather earnest when it comes to magic lectures.
She earnestly――digs into her students’ hearts.

“Geez~ Like I said, the 卜 for casting《Flame Bit》is different from the simple 卜 invocation. It’s like hitting with a *whoosh*.”
“ル (conset) has no meaning alone, so the next 卜 is like this, used with a sinking feeling. Like I said, not like that……”
“Look, it failed because you used the 卜 for 《Flame Bit》 instead of《Flame Lance》. Concentrate better, and do it with a whoa-like feeling!”

What I’m learning from Mum now is how to cast the 《Flame bit》 spell that is invoked with a single 卜 symbol, and the two-symbol ル卜-invoked 《Flame Lance》.
Just like Mum said, there are subtle differences between the respective 卜 uses.
It’s still the elementary to intermediate level magic, so if it’s just using  《Flame Bit》 and 《Flame Lance》 alone, I can cast them somehow.

However, to cast these 《Flame Bit》 and 《Flame Lance》 spells alternatively, or to cast either one at random, is surprisingly difficult.

In fighting game terms, it would be like being attacked with an endless spam of mid and low attacks.
In a fighting game, it’s possible to react to the attacks after seeing them because the action is delayed, but instantly switching between the  卜 for 《Flame bit》 and the 卜 for 《Flame Lance》 is mostly a contest of instincts.

Thanks to [No Fatigue], it’s no problem to continue such mentally-taxing work in itself, but the issue is Mum’s coaching.
It’s hard to turn it aside just because there’s no ill will, and it shaves down my emotional fortitude quite a bit.
Recently, the system I’ve been using is to have her simply teach me the training method and then practicing it on my own, becoming a figure who flees from Julia-kaasan in the middle of the tutelage.

Well, she’s been teaching me very enthusiastically, and has been accompanying me as much as possible, so I am grateful.

There’s still some way to go before《Fire Storm》, but I can instantly stabilise and use 《Flame Lance》 at least.


Now then, the results of my verification of [Throwing Spear Techniques].

The experiment to raise the level of [Throwing Spear Techniques] will be rather time-consuming, so I started with the objects that didn’t seem as though they would be counted as spears and used [Physics Magic] to throw them at the target for 5 hours apiece, and repeated this act.

Let me list out the assembled objects one more time.

Group 1 (Spear): long spear, short spear, throwing spear, spear for melee combat, spear used from horseback
Group 2 (Weapons): sword, halberd, axe, knife, arrow
Group 3 (Long and Narrow objects): ordinary rod, clothes pole, broom, piece of firewood, thick needle, wooden stick

First of all, I tested the Group 3 (long and narrow) objects, which didn’t seem as if they would count.

Ordinary pole → ×
Clotheshorse → ×
Broom → ×
Firewood → ×

My [Throwing Spear Techniques] skill’s level didn’t rise despite throwing these endlessly.
The leveling rate for my high levelled [Physics Magic] skill also slowed down, and the skill level remained unchanged.
The results I obtained results were in line with my expectations, but the 20 hours I spent for them may have been a waste.

Next are the unexpected results.

Thick needle → General Skill [Shuriken Techniques] acquired.

Somehow, I acquired a different skill to [Throwing Spear Techniques] approximately 1 hour after I started.

Since I went to the trouble, I continued to throw the needle for the remaining 4 hours using that skill to see what would happen, and my [Shuriken Techniques] rose to level 2.
It seems like a useful skill as it has better maneuverability than [Throwing Spear Techniques], so just gaining this skill makes the Group 3 results worthwhile.

And for the final item, the wooden stick, the outcome was that my [Shuriken Techniques] skill became 3 somehow.

Whether it was the needle or the stick, it was strange that they would be referred to as shuriken, but it’s likely that throwing small, pointed objects would be counted as part of [Shuriken Techniques].
I also considered the possibility of them being counted for both [Shuriken Techniques] and [Throwing Spear Techniques], but in the end, the level of [Throwing Spear Techniques] didn’t change while throwing the Group 3 items, so they may have rather strict boundaries.

I spent a total of 30 hours so far, with the work divided into 6 days, but I obtained the unexpected byproduct that was [Shuriken Techniques] so I can say the results were satisfactory.

I renewed my spirits and begun with Group 2 (weapons).

First is the sword.

When I tried throwing it, it often rotated as it flew because its centre of gravity wasn’t stable, but thanks to that, I acquired the General Skill [Flying Sword Techniques].
I didn’t know much about it, so I looked at the help information of [Appraisal].

《Flying Sword Skill: A sword technique that utilises swords made to float in the air.》

Yeah. Just as it says.
Nevertheless, just what kind of people are supposed to use this skill?
The idea of manipulating a sword with [Physics Magic] to fight should normally be very improbable because the MP efficiency is horrible.

But, well, since I managed to obtain it, I tried to use [Flying Sword Techniques] to perform the sword techniques mentioned in the martial arts manuals.
I somehow grasped the feeling for this when I was doing it, but to put it simply, I was able to let the sword rotate and make consecutive thrusts more freely because there was no one actually holding the sword.

Thinking along those lines, this may hold the potential to do some unexpectedly interesting things, like possibly creating a new system of techniques based on principles that differ from the conventional sword techniques.
Using this pretext, one could integrate [Sword Techniques] with other skills.

Furthermore, my body still corresponds to that of a 3-year-old child, so I can’t brandish a sword on my own.
However, there’s no problem if I use [Flying Sword Techniques].
I’ll research it next time if I can find some free time.

The halberd didn’t raise the [Throwing Spear Techniques] either, nor did I obtain an independent skill from it.

If the halberd wasn’t treated as a spear then there was no point in doing the axe, but since it’s there, I test it to see whether or not I could acquire a skill.
As a result, I obtained the [Throwing Axe Techniques] skill.
As expected.

Next, knife gave me similar results, and I obtained [Knife Throwing].
That in itself was almost all as I had expected, but the question of what differed from [Shuriken Techniques] emerged.
Seems like I won’t be able to finish if I investigate it now, so I’ll do it when I have another opportunity.

The final item in Group 2 was the arrow, but it didn’t raise [Throwing Spear Techniques], nor give me a skill.
I hoped that I might acquire [Archery Techniques] by chance, but I’ll probably need to properly draw a bow and fire an arrow after all.

The remaining Group 1 items were simple. The long spear that I tried first increased the [Throwing Spear Techniques] skill to 2, and after that, throwing each of the other varieties of spears allowed me to attain a total skill level of 5.
Near the end, the levelling declined, and I confirmed that the melee spear and horseback spear, together, increased the skill from 4 to 5.

The time required to reach this point was a total of 75 hours, spanning 15 days.
Of course, there were also times in between where I would work on expanding my maximum MP or have special training with Mum.
When I spent too much time on throwing spears and the work became dull, I would concurrently recite from the dictionary or the 『Abaddon Magic Compilation』.

By the way, Steph had looked uncomfortably at me, who had been immersed in this work, as if to ask what was so enjoyable about it, but…… well, let’s ignore it.

And thus, in conclusion, I confirmed that items that aren’t ‘spears’ will indeed not work for [Throwing Spear Techniques].
It was a slightly disappointing result.
However, as a byproduct of the experiments, I acquired [Shuriken Skills], [Flying Sword Techniques], [Throwing Axe Skills] and [Knife Throwing], an addition of 4 skills.

Incidentally, my current status looks like this.

《Edgar Chrebl

Level 31
HP 63/63
MP 1911/1911

• Mythical class
[No Fatigue] –
[Instant Interpretation] –

• Legendary class
[Appraisal] 9 (MAX)
[Database] –

• Master class
[Physics Magic] 7
[Enchant Magic] 3
[Mana Control] 6
[Letterless Invocation] 6

• General
[Throwing Spear Techniques] 5
[Flying Sword Techniques] 2
[Shuriken Techniques] 3
[Throwing Axe Techniques] 2
[Knife Throwing] 2
[Fire Magic] 6
[Water Magic] 2
[Wind Magic] 6
[Earth Magic] 2
[Light Magic] 2
[Mana Manipulation] 9 (MAX)
[Telekinesis Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Simultaneous Invocation] 9 (MAX)

《Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing +1》》

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