3. The First Counter Stop

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From that day, the endless days of training started.

First was [Appraisal?].

I tried using [Appraisal?] on myself from the outset.


《Edgar Chrebl (キュレベル): Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》

……First of all, I learnt that the ‘Level System’ and ‘Skill System’ exists in this world.
I also learnt that I have three elder brothers on top of that.
I also learnt that skills have levels as well.
Or rather, this is the first time I knew my name.


“Fuanfua, winfuia.” (It’s kinda.. hard to read.)

The information display wasn’t good. Couldn’t I do something with the layout somehow?
I thought, as I used [Appraisal] (it was cleared up, so I removed the ?) once again.

《Edgar Chrebl (Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son)

Level 1
HP 4/4
MP 6/6

[No Fatigue]-
[Instant Interpreter]-
[Appraisal] 3

<Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing> 》

So I can do it if I try!
Well, the matter of which display layout is better depends on the situation though.

Many questions came to mind after seeing my own status, but I was still an infant anyway.
Since it’s fine to gradually learn the language and general knowledge of this world, what I can do now is,

[Appraisal][Appraisal][Appraisal][Appraisal][Appraisal] ……

《Edgar Chrebl: Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》《Edgar Chrebl: Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》《Edgar Chrebl: Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》《Edgar Chrebl: Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》《Edgar Chrebl: Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6. Skills: [No Fatigue]-, [Appraisal] 3. <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing>》 ……

Well, it’s to raise the level of [Appraisal] of course.


And thus, the few days after my birth were somehow spent repeatedly using [Appraisal] behind my mother’s back, who was looking after me.

Thanks to that, my [Appraisal] rose to level 9 four days after my birth, and it appeared to have reached the limit.

Incidentally, when I look at my status with [Appraisal] at level 9, it looks like this.
The important thing was, helpful information was also displayed

《Edgar Chrebl (Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son| Noble of Santamana Kingdom)

Level 1
HP 4/4 (HP: the abstract conversion of one’s life force into a numerical value. Current value/Maximum value. 10 is the standard value for an average level 1 male adult. It is rare for someone to die when HP remains, or to live despite having 0 HP, but it is possible. The maximum value can temporarily decrease due to injury, illness, or fatigue.)
MP 6/6 (MP: the abstract conversion of one’s magical capacity into a numerical value. Current value/Maximum value. 10 is the standard value for an average level 1 male adult. One will faint when their MP reaches 0.)


• Mythical class (An unparalleled skill that can be first acquired through difficult methods such as conferment from a god or reconstructed from legend.)

[No Fatigue] - being released from all physical and mental fatigue.

[Instant Interpretation] - ability to understand Marquekt’s primary language and communicate one’s intentions, while insufficient. Only valid for speech. Effective: Until 3 years old. Can consciously switch ON/OFF.

• Legendary class (A rare skill whose extremely rare acquisition path may be opened through diligent practice)

[Appraisal] 9 (MAX) ability to decipher the information contained in the items of this world by utilizing one’s refined judgement.

[Database] - ability to consult information previously acquired with [Appraisal]. Searching via keywords is also possible. Gained from [Appraisal] reaching the upper limit.

Age 0 (6 Months 3 Days 21 Hours 03 Minutes 19 Seconds)

Father Alfred Chrebl 39 Years Old Viscount | Santamana Kingdom Third Army Commander |《Castle Destroyer》
Mother Julia 20 Years Old Mistress| Former Adventurer (A Rank) | Magic User | 《Flame Prison Witch》
<abbr title=”(elder brothers with different mothers)”>Step-brothers</abbr> Belhart 19 Years Old Viscount | Santamana Kingdom Imperial Knight |《Young Falcon》
Chester 17 Years Old Adventurer (B Rank) |《No Second Shot》
David  16 Years Old Santamana Kingdom Royal Librarian’s Assistant|《Wonder Child》

<Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing> (The blessing of the goddess who governs the transmigration of souls, Atrazenec. Accelerates the soul’s growth. Releases all skill acquisition conditions. Small compensation for the skills’ learning | growth.) 》

[Database] was acquired after [Appraisal] reached the cap. My only targets of [Appraisal] have been myself and the moon so I’m not sure, but it will probably be a very helpful skill in the future.

[Instant Interpretation] is probably the reason I have been hearing things in Japanese despite this being a different world.
The effective duration is 3 years. In other words, I must learn the language before I turn 3.
If I don’t turn it off and practice the language now, while it still isn’t urgent or needed, I’ll be troubled in the future.

I also confirmed that the <Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing> had rather cheat-like specifications.
Didn’t Goddess-sama say she couldn’t give me anything big?
Or is this amount not considered to be ‘great’?

……This wasn’t because she overwrote the original baby infant’s character or something, right?
Well, that goddess probably wouldn’t do such cruel things.
I’d like to think that I just didn’t awaken the memories of my previous life until I had been developing for 6 months.

Apart from this, I was able to see the particulars of the Chrebl viscount household and the family members’ personal information, but the information I hoped for wasn’t there so I had to give up.

But didn’t our family excel a bit too much?
Every single member seemed to possess a nickname.
Even my mother, Julia, seemed to have been a spirited adventurer. 《Flame Prison Witch》. It was an incredible nickname, unexpected of her ordinary appearance.

I was still unacquainted with my father Alfred.
Since he appears to be part of the military, he may have gone to war.
And this person has a somewhat grim sounding nickname.
With his 《Castle Destroyer》 nickname, it seems possible for him to receive a slightly higher peerage though.
But then again, I don’t know the conditions for receiving a reward in Santamana Kingdom? so that may just be the way it is.

Be as it may, there are a few issues.

Like a 39 year old having a 20 year old wife (as a second wife at that), among other things.

It’s truly outrageous!
With this status quo, I don’t feel like getting along with this father of mine!
In my past life, I didn’t have a lover even at 30.

From [Appraisal]’s results, I could see that my three elder brothers were also quite remarkable as well.
Because it called him an imperial knight, Belhart must be an elite among elites, to be protecting the royal family. As for Chester, from the impression given by in the webnovels, reaching B Rank adventurer at 17 years old is also should also be really great. Being called a librarian assistant gave off an apprentice-like image, but considering his age and that the place of employment was the royal library, David might differ from the elder brothers above him and have outstanding scholastic talent.

By the way, the initials of us siblings are, in order from the eldest – B, C, D, E (Belhart, Chester, David, Edgar) respectively, so if I get confused then I can just refer to our initials! Ah, I’m guessing A is for Father (Alfred).

Huh? Why does the alphabet appear in this world?
Don’t ask me that, ask the Goddess.
To be accurate, it has letters that are different, but look similar to the alphabet.

Back to the topic, the Chrebl viscount household are nobles of the country, possessing a small territory in the area…… Or so it was supposed to be, but it seems as though it is greatly flourishing, with my father as chief and my elder brothers each prospering in their own fields.
I wonder if I will slowly learn about these matters?

Be that as it may, I’m not that concerned about these household matters.
What’s occupying my interest at the moment is,


But in three days, I have already reached the counter stop for the [Appraisal] skill I could easily use indoors.
There’s not much that I can do as an infant who can’t even crawl well enough yet.

If this was a webnovel about reincarnation, I wouuld utilise [Appraisal]’s MP consumption to exhaust my MP, and then earnestly increase my maximum MP with the MP overcompensation, but this [Appraisal] skill doesn’t consume MP for some reason.
Even though it’s called a skill, it seems it isn’t magic, but a pure technique that tempers my discerning eye to see through the target’s information.
At present, I don’t really know how statuses like the one from before are being displayed. What I can say is, it doesn’t use MP so it’s probably not at the level of magic. By the way, the display language is in Japanese.

Therefore, what I think I want to obtain the most right now is a method to consume MP.
In short, it’s fine even if it’s something simple, I just want to use magic!.

As there is MP, it should be certain that this world has magic.
But how does someone learn magic in this world?

Reading books? Having a mentor? Attending a magic academy? Or is it an innate talent?

Hmm, I don’t know. Rather than that, I’ve never seen magic before that. I should try starting from there first.

――Because there’s a perfect role model nearby.

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13 thoughts on “3. The First Counter Stop

  1. the poor brother [no second shot] i guess he’s not a ladies man

    i find the idea of an existing adult level 1 to be completely moronic
    think about it, it’s something that happens in practically every webnovel/ln
    how can you reach adulthood and be level 1
    even if you did absolutely noting your whole life but remaining alive you would still be stronger than a baby or a small child so how can that even happen

    i think the authors don’t really think about that at all
    in my opinion as you get older you, just by living a completely normal life would level something like matching your age till your 20s, then if you want more you would need to put effort in to it


  2. Edgar Chrebl (キュレベル): Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son. Level: 1, HP: 4/4, MP: 6/6

    My reaction: aw, that is the cutest stat I have ever seen ❤


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