54. Goddess-sama, once again.

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“――Hi~, it’s been a while.”

Before my eyes was the goddess.
And beneath my feet was Marquekt, as seen from outer space.
It was the regular place, the goddess’ room.

After the duel against Gazaine, I cooperated with both the children and Nebil’s companions to restrain the emissaries that we feared could be hostile, like the upper echelon of <Yatagarasu> and the Special Forces.

We had been prepared to take them on whilst outnumbered at worst, but it seemed that Gazaine being devoured by the Evil God (more accurately, him starting to be devoured) had given them all a great shock, and a majority of the emissaries were stuck in a daze.

Just in case, we decided to disarm and confine them in the section of the underground space normally used as the residential area.
They didn’t resist at all as we did so.
I felt it was unnecessary, but Nebil’s gang kept a watch on rotation just in case.
The residential space only had one railroad to the other areas, so they could easily stand guard with such a small number of people.
Of course, Gazaine and the others who’d built the Nest had probably designed the layout with this in mind.

There were a few things that had been outside of calculations.

Firstly, the fact that we failed to catch the “Pastor”.
I had stationed Miguel and a few of Nebil’s comrades to monitor the pastor, but she somehow managed to slip past the surveillance and disappeared unawares.

Another thing was that there were a few people who had fallen into a panic rather than a daze, and several of those people ended up rushing out from the Nest.
Since we don’t have any spare personnel to send out in pursuit, there was no choice but to let them escape for now.
Based on the circumstances, they are sure to have lost faith in the Evil God, so they won’t be any harm… I hope.
However, considering the strange things people do when they become desperate, it is also possible that some might kill themselves in despair.
I want to put them under protection if possible, but I’m obliged to prioritise seizing the Nest first.

Via the Fairy Hamlet, I quickly messaged Alfred-tousan about the emissaries who escaped, as well as the details of the confrontation with Gazaine.
As soon as the message arrives, my father’s side should be able to think of countermeasures as well.

By the time I finished this series of arrangements, the day had already started dawning.

Immediately after I defeated Gazaine, I vaguely felt a sense of drowsiness.
Of course, it’s not that I became sleepy after working all night long, but rather it was the sleep growth that came from defeating Gazaine.

Unlike at Ranzrack Fortress, it seemed like I wouldn’t fall asleep all of a sudden as long as I braced myself.

That said, I couldn’t help feeling heavy the whole time.
Once the aftermath had been dealt with, I entrusted Nebil and Elemia with further matters and decided to get some sleep.

I then commenced sleeping for the first time in four whole months and awoke in a dream where I had a reunion with the goddess, as previously mentioned.

“Yeah, it has been a while, Goddess-sama.
Er… It’s been about four months, huh.”

After returning the greeting, I heard a voice from behind me that I shouldn’t have been able to hear here.

“Eh… Ehh!?
Just where is this!?”

When I turned around in surprise, Melby was floating behind me looking confused.

“W-why is Melby here?”

“Why… I don’t know!”

I turned back around again, directing a questioning gaze at the goddess.

“Oh my.
Melby-san ended up coming with you.
I only summoned you alone, but it seems your connection with Melby was stronger than I thought.”

“A-and that’s why she came with me…?”

“Because Melby-san is a fairy that was formed from a Gift, you see.
Other people… Something like Julia-san being summoned together with you, for example, won’t happen.”

“S-so, just what is this situation!?
That pretty person over there is… eh, it can’t be…”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Melby-san.
I am the goddess who governs the transmigration of souls, Atrazenec.”


Melby froze with her mouth open.

The goddess smiled sweetly at Melby, then turned to face me and returned to our conversation.

“I’d like to take the time to apologise for neglecting you for so long, but the growth sleep this time is brief, so I’ll get straight to the point.
First is the customary transfer of skills.
――This time your choice is between this, and this.”

The goddess extends both hands out at shoulder-height.
Floating in the palm of her right hand was some kind of grey haze, while a red warning light-like thing was calmly rotating in the palm of her left hand.
When I cast [Appraisal], it showed 《Gift of [Illusion Magic]》 and 《Gift of [Sense Danger]》 respectively.

“This time, I can only give you one of these two.
The leader of <Yatagarasu>, Gazaine Muntzer, had nothing but his deal with the Evil God so he didn’t obtain a curse, and his body was swallowed up by the Evil God.
I’m sorry but the enhancement of your 《Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing》 will have to be postponed.”

“That can’t be helped.
It’s my mistake.”

I compared the two Gifts and after a little bit of thought, extended my hand towards the Gift of [Sense Danger].
The Gift disintegrated into red particles and was absorbed into my body.

《Edgar Chrebl (Viscount Chrebl’s fourth son | Noble of Santamana Kingdom | 《Baby Scarlet》|  《Boundless Orochi》 | 《Negotiator》 | 《Dragon Buster》 | 《Friend of Fairies》 |《Spirit Sorceror》 | 《Amitabha’s Envoy》 | 《Guru》・《Jack-in-the-Box Bastard》)

Level 32/40 (Awaiting Level up)
HP 94/94 (↑27)
MP 5641/5641 (↑2473)

Mythical class
[No Fatigue] –
[Instant Interpretation] –

Legendary class
[Psychokinesis] 5 (↑4)
[Spirit Magic] 5 (↑3)
>> [Sense Danger] 1 (NEW!)
[Appraisal] 9 (MAX)
[Database] –
[Telepathic Communication] 5 (↑3)

Master class
[Throwing Techniques] 7 (↑5)
[Shuriken Skills] 6 (↑4)
[Flying Swordsmanship] 5 (NEW!)
[Steel Thread Skills] 5 (NEW!)
[Assassination Skills] 5 (NEW!)
[Discern] 5 (NEW!)
[Physics Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Fire Spirit Magic] 5 (↑4)
[Earth Spirit Magic] 8 (↑4)
[Wind Spirit Magic]  3 (NEW!)
[Light Spirit Magic] 1 (NEW!)
[Thunderbolt Magic] 5 (NEW!)
[Enchant Magic] 6 (↑3)
[Mana Control] 8
[Letterless Invocation] 8
[Mana Detection] 5 (↑4)
[Magic Language] 5 (↑2)
[Sense Presence] 7 (↑3)
[Darkvision] 7 (↑5)
[Echolocation] 3 (NEW!)
[Espionage Techniques] 5 (NEW!)
[Triangle Kick] 2 (NEW!)
[Carving] 7 (↑4)
[Compounding] 4 (NEW!)

[Throwing Spear Techniques] 5
[Dagger Techniques] 5 (NEW!)
[Unarmed Combat] 5 (NEW!)
[Flying Sword Techniques] 9 (↑4, MAX)
[Shuriken Techniques] 9 (MAX)
[Throwing Axe Techniques] 2
[Knife Throwing] 9 (↑4, MAX)
[Steel Thread Techniques] 9 (↑5, MAX)
[Assassination Techniques] 9 (↑4, MAX)
[Grappling Hook Techniques] 4 (NEW!)
[Dragon Claw Techniques] 2 (NEW!)
[Dragon Scale Defence] 5 (NEW!)
[Leap] 9 (↑5, MAX)
[Fire Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Water Magic] 6 (↑2)
[Wind Magic] 9 (↑2, MAX)
[Earth Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Light Magic] 9 (↑1, MAX)
[Lightning Magic] 9 (↑2, MAX)
[Telekinesis Magic] 9 (MAX)
[Mana Manipulation] 9 (MAX)
[Simultaneous Invocation] 9 (MAX)
[Mana Perception] 9 (MAX)
[Cryptanalysis] 2
[Eavesdropping] 9 (MAX)
[Farsight] 5 (↑1)
[Nightvision] 9 (MAX)
[Stealth Steps] 9 (MAX)
[Woodcraft] 9 (MAX)
[Cooking] 5 (↑3)
[Pharmacy] 9 (MAX)
[Command] 2 (NEW!)

《Goddess of Virtue’s Blessing +1 (Atrazenec)》
《God of Virtue’s Blessing (Kannumarne)》(The blessing of the god who governs religion, Kannumarne. Small correction for acquisition | growth of skills in the [Holy] System. Raises the Charisma of the divine blessing target. Increases the persuasiveness of the divine blessing target’s words. Titles become easy to acquire. Also, the influence for title conferment to others becomes larger.   ) 》

I see a variety of things I want to comment about, but let’s first check the acquisition of [Sense Danger] (the >> part).

At any rate, the status is long!
If I don’t think of a sorting method soon, it’ll become convoluted…

“May I ask you the reason for choosing that one?”

“Although [Illusion Magic] was also attractive, it’s because I was thoroughly tormented by [Sense Danger].
Even though it looks simple at first glance, it’s an extremely troubling skill when an enemy uses it.
Besides, with the incident this time, I understood through experience how dangerous it is to be targeted by a skilful assassin no matter how many skills I have.
Well, I don’t think there will that many skilful assassins at that level though.”

“It’s good that you were able to deal with them before <Yatagarasu> caused a great disturbance.
If they didn’t get involved with you then Santamana would have become the overt kingdom of the Evil God around this time.”

“A lucky break, huh.”

I don’t feel that it’s good that I was targeted by assassins though.

“So, Goddess-sama’s only business is the Gift?
I’ve prepared a tonne of questions though…”

“I will naturally answer them, but there’s something I’d like you to look at before that.
――Um, it’s this.”

The goddess snapped her fingers, and something I recognise appeared before us.

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