アバドン魔法全書 Abaddon Magic Compilation: An encyclopedia of magic.

アトラゼネク Atrazenec: Goddess of reincarnation; Reincarnated the MC

キュレベル Chrebl: MC’s new surname

コーベット Corbette: The village in which the Viscount Chrebl Estate resides. Also known as ‘First Village’

フォノ市 Fauno City: A town located on the edge of Viscount Chrebl’s territory.

ゴレス Goleth: An apostle of the evil god. Currently deceased.

グェッグ・アバドン Gweg Abaddon: A magic scholar from the 10th century; Author of Abaddon Magic Compilation

加木智紀 Kagi Tomonori: The Main Character.

杵崎亨 Kizaki Tooru: The random slasher whom the MC killed

クーレット Kuuret: The fourth village in Viscount Chrebl’s territory

ルラヌス Luranius: The moon orbiting the planet Marquekt

マルクェクト Marquekt: The world in which MC was reincarnated

モヌゴェヌェス Monguenues: An evil god

不易不労 No Fatigue: The skill granted by the goddess. Prevents tiring of any form.

リベレット Riverette: The village closest to Corbette Village. Located within Viscount Chrebl’s territory. Also known as ‘Second Village’

サンタマナSantamana: The kingdom in which the MC resides.

トレナデット Trenadette: A village in Viscount Chrebl’s territory. Also known as ‘Third Village’


Magic Symbols

π (aqua): the magic symbol for water

Ω (gaia): the magic symbol for earth

λ (wind): the magic symbol for wind

・卜(flame): the magic symbol for fire

(erase): the magic symbol for erasure/negating magic

(physik): the magic symbol for telekinesis

(spread): the magic symbol for diffusion

・ル( (conset): the magic symbol for convergence. Has no use on its own


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