Table of Contents

Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite
No matter how I see the Saint’s Recovery Magic, it’s a Deteriorated Version of Mine

Chapter 1: I Can Only Use Heal
Chapter 2: Is This a Punishment Game?
Chapter 3: You’ll Accept? (with Implications)
Chapter 4: Try to get Acknowledged!
Chapter 5: The sensation of her butt was nosebleed-inducing!
Chapter 6: There was even physical damage…!
Chapter 7: A.. a Tomboy!?
Chapter 8: Wash the front as well….?
Chapter 9: Today I’m Buying a House.
Chapter 10: It’s Checkmate!!
Chapter 11: Well then, let’s go.
Chapter 12: It looks like…. I did it.
Chapter 13: If that was a lie….
Chapter 14: You’re really saying that!?
Chapter 15: This person is the King!
Chapter 16: M-my hand is reacting!?
Chapter 17: How about cross-dressing?
Chapter 18: Might you be a little tired?
Chapter 19: Please don’t come any closer….
Chapter 20: I’ll start the treatment now.
Chapter 21: You gave it away….?
Chapter 22: Thank you very much!!
Chapter 23: As much as possible in the [Present]
Chapter 24: I AM.. LOLICON

Chapter 25: Nice to mee~t you!!
Chapter 26: Then, they were hit.
Chapter 27: …So, let’s do it.
Chapter 28: You’re our enemy!!
Chapter 29: Black Cloak, you say!? Identity Unknown, you say!?
Chapter 30: I can just jump off.
Chapter 31: ……Truly sorry.
Chapter 32: I had him take it off.
Chapter 33: I want to let him experience them.
Chapter 34: I’m gonna go fly a bit.
Chapter 35: It was easy.
Chapter 36: I will cry, okay?
Chapter 37: I’m sorry, that’s a lie.
Chapter 38: I’ll be a little unreasonable.
Chapter 39: It’s incomparable.
Chapter 40: I tried imitating the ogre.
Chapter 41: It was a joke, teehee.
Chapter 42: What might you be doing?
Chapter 43: I Admire the [Jet-Black Saviour]-sama
Chapter 44: Finish in one shot
Chapter 45: With this, it’s the end!!
Chapter 46: A stick being so sharp
Chapter 47: The Jet-Black Saviour has Arrived!!
Chapter 48: Yeah, sorry. That’s impossible.
Chapter 49: The Saint’s Recovery Magic is a Degraded Version of Mine

Chapter 50: My Beloved Little Sister
Chapter 51: Actually, it’s my first time.
Chapter 52: Scruffy~!!
Chapter 53: It’s payback for before
Chapter 54: It’s really big so it feels good
Chapter 55: A ‘Lolicon Pervert’
Chapter 56: Can we enter the bath?Chapter 57: Doooon!
Chapter 58: I would like to see
Chapter 59: Touching that Fair Skin
Chapter 60: A Man’s Dream, so I think
Chapter 61: After all, my face is like this
Chapter 62: Wearing the clothes is embarrassing
Chapter 63: To like men
Chapter 64: I’d like you to undress
Chapter 65: This is how it is
Chapter 66: Nest, so cool!!
Chapter 67: Rapidly Multiplying
Chapter 68:
Chapter 69:
Chapter 70:

22 thoughts on “Table of Contents

  1. I have to say I actually really like this one. An extremely humble MC as opposed to the arrogant jerks most of the other stories have really appeals to me.


  2. A few things….
    1. On this Table of Contents page chapter 32 is listed right after Chapter 31 rather than under it..
    2. Oh gosh you’re so adorable and amusing. Thank you for translating this because you enhance the reading experience so so much.
    3. *Bows and worships*
    That is all. >.>;


  3. New reader here and first time commenting. Really like the translation! Thanks for spending the time to have a quality translation.

    A side note; I think you’ve posted 57 and 58 put they’re not in the table of contents. Might want to add them there.


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