QA: Prologue

Edited by: infinite


To an ordinary student, this is a painful time. There are many painful moments, but the returning of tests might just be the worst.
But for me, Sugita Kazuma――

“Eh, the average this time is around 65. It has dropped a little from last time. And… this time as well, there is only one person who received full marks…… Yes, as expected, it’s Sugita-kun.”

Tests and such were inconsequential.
When the teacher revealed my name, my classmates had assorted reactions.

“So it’s Sugita again.”
“He’s really good at science and maths, isn’t he~”
“Even though in others he is average in various ways.”

It was generally like that.
No surprise, no praising. To the class, me achieving full marks in science and mathematics subjects has already become a natural outcome.
That was also the same for my friend, Tanaka, who sat in the seat before me.

“You got full marks this time too, huh. I’ve been in the same class as you since the first year of middle school, but you’ve never gotten anything less than full marks. For the other subjects…… You get high scores in English too, but apart from that, you haven’t gotten above the 50’s.”
“Well, that’s true. Because I don’t care about anything else apart from science, mathematics and English.”
“……Is that about the story you mentioned before, seriously?”
“I’m serious. Or rather, you didn’t believe me?”
“Well of course. Something like entering MIT through your parents connections after graduating is a great wild delusion.”

Well, Tanaka made a good point.

Be as it may be, it’s the truth so I can’t do anything about it.

“I didn’t tell a single lie. I’m flying there immediately after graduation. There, I’ll devote myself to research and studying for a few years…… I’m going to become an inventor.”

Right, this is my dream. It has been my goal since childhood.

However, it seems Tanaka doesn’t quite get it.

“Inventor, you say. You always say this but……what kind of career is an inventor? You see, I understand that in the past, it was something like fiddling around and making something new, and then earning a profit with a patent, but…… Nowadays, nuances have changed, right?”
“Right. In terms of a modern inventor, a corporate researcher would be the most accurate…… Well, in my case, I want to be a weapons engineer rather than a researcher.”
“……Oi, your chuuni sense grew.”
“Ah…… Indeed, it it’s a bit embarrassing to say, even for me. But, I’m serious so it can’t be helped.”
“Sigh, a weapons engineer, you say. You better not confuse yourself with a middle schooler who says things like ‘I wanna be an arms dealer.'”
“No, isn’t it more realistic than an arms dealer? In fact, there are quite a few people who make a living as a weapons engineer in Japan. Well, there’s a limit to what I can do so I’ll be heading overseas though.”

Tanaka made a “Hmm” sound and didn’t reply. This guy definitely doesn’t believe me……Well, it is a crazy plan so it was inevitable.

As for me, I had not been joking in the slightest. I’m very serious. I honestly want to be an inventor, or otherwise have a position relating to weapons development. After all, it seems interesting. And also a little cool.

……Yeah, wanting to become an arms dealer was the very image of a middle-schooler. Hence, well, even if I’m made fun of and thought to be a joke, I can only be resigned and accept it.

I breathe a sigh. And, from a few seats away, I heard the following exchange.

“Uwah. I almost failed.”
“The maths this time was especially difficult, right~”
“Isn’t it Sugita’s fault the difficulty went up?”
“Or rather, why do we even have to study maths and stuff. We won’t even use it in the future.”

……They spoke what every student thinks in general.

We won’t use the knowledge of stuff like science or chemistry in the future.
Mathematics is useless.

Those were surely the complaints that every student would utter once, similar to “There’s no meaning in studying English because I won’t even go overseas.”

And each time I hear these words, I think:

No no, mathematics is super useful, you know? You guys just don’t realise.
To be exact, one part of mathematics – the theories arising from the foundations of mathematics  – is useful, should I say.
Let me declare this. If the concept of mathematics didn’t exist, the development of human civilisation, or even early construction, couldn’t be done.

Now, and in the past, science and mathematics theories paid a role in the world, and the technology that will bring about a transformation in the world hereafter is produced along with the development of science and mathematics theories.

……I believe that it is the teacher’s responsibility to prompt such questions as “Why is it useful?” or ” What use is it?”
Adults would respond to an inquiry of “Sensei~ What use does maths have~ Pfft.” by not giving a serious reply. The majority would just say “If you want to think that it has no use, then do so. In your mind only.” Even if they said something more specific, it would just be that “people who say stuff like that are only suited to occupations that don’t use mathematics.”

Children’s dislike for mathematics is the adults’ responsibility, isn’t it?
Be more direct when teaching, geez.

Now then. The returning of tests is pretty much over. I got full marks so I’ll be bored for a while……

Hm? Something’s glowing?

What? This light? Just where……

“H-hey! Sugita! What’s that?”
“Huh? What’s what?”
“That thing at your feet!”
“My feet?”

Notified by Tanaka, I shift my gaze.
……Eh. What’s this?
A-a magic circle? This was the source of the light I caught sight off just then――

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