Happy New Year!!~

Goodbye 2017 and with it, goodbye hiatus.

It’s a new year, a new start, and a new series to pick up!

That said, I don’t really have a series in mind so it’s up to you lovely, loyal readers to share your thoughts on what you’d like to see me translate. Whichever series I adopt will be translated from Chapter 1 (or Prologue), so if you suggest a dropped series, do note that there will be some catching up to do.

2018 New Years Resolution: Finish a series without dropping it.

Wish me luck~


30 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!~

  1. Dragon Dragon Dragon would be nice, but you would need to catch up with it, since it was dropped from another translator (I think).

    One story I would like translated if you get the OK is “The Girl Traverses the Other World’s Seas” by: Aisaka Momoka and illustrated by: Akatsuki Tomato.

    Summary from Mojotranslations:

    Crossdressing as a man and aiming for the pirates’ treasure!?

    All of a sudden, Natsuki was summoned to another world onto a pirate ship. Learning at once that she couldn’t return to her former world, she decided to stay on board for the time being. But, to her difficulty, there were only men on the pirate ship! To protect her body, Natsuki decided to disguise herself as a man. She tried to conduct herself like a juvenile pirate some way or another, and her senpai pirate Leon said 「you’re weak like a girl」and kept an eye on her. As Natsuki tried to triumph over Leon’s “oresama” attitude, she struggled and did this and that, but――!? Curtains rise on an ocean adventure in another world!


  2. Me alegra que vuelvas y te deseo un muy feliz año nuevo!!!
    pd:sobre la novela que me gustaria que tomaras seria magi craft maister que la acaba de dejar de traducir subpartl de https://subpartl.wordpress.com/ pero se que no es muy atractiva para traducir y por eso muchos la han dejado asi que si eliges otra novela no hay problema mientras que a ti te guste y disfrutes al traducirla saludos.


    I’m glad you’re back and I wish you a very happy new year !!!
    PS: about the novel that I would like you to take would be magi craft maister that has just stopped translating subpartl of https://subpartl.wordpress.com/ but I know it is not very attractive to translate and that is why many have left it like this that if you choose another novel there is no problem as long as you like it and enjoy translating it greetings.


  3. The corner is fine please don’t mind me by mako from mojo translation

    Summary: When I noticed, I was surrounded by a bunch of people wearing kimonos. When I looked into the river water, what was there was a young child… Eh, it’s me!?

    The place where I washed ashore was a gaudy neighborhood, Yoshiwara. Huh? But it looks like the ones behind the lattice are men.

    The ones who picked up the still young me from that strange place was an old man from a brothel called the『Amazuki Brothel』.

    The place I was brought to was a men filled red light district. It seems that over here, men who had no choice but to become prostitutes were called Yuudan (male courtesan). Then I was given the name Nogiku and made to hide from the female customers and provide assistance.

    For some reason I was also given courtesan training, but I’m not male!! I don’t want to learn how to seduce women!!

    However, when I became 16 I looked at the handsome men who’d grown up with me as comrades and realized. This was the world of『Seeing a Dream Male Courtesan District ~A night spent together~』. I couldn’t even recall about myself but for some reason I remembered that I had played that game.

    Nogiku was that otome game’s villain character. She got in the way of the protagonist’s love who sought to get closer to the men, and in the end she would even kill, she was a woman who wasn’t choosey of her methods. Because she was that type of woman she was given hellish punishment by the protagonist and co, but…

    I don’t want thaaaaAAAt! I won’t interfere. I can only consider my fellows as older brothers, as something like comrades in arms!! I intend to help stealthily from the shadows.

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  4. Happy new year~

    There’s this awesome group that wants your help, you should totally join!

    Okay fine. *cough* As for the recs… fumu fumu…. How about Shingan no Yuusha. Has a manga so you can check. WN was dropped after LN came out but have LNs.

    Other than that, Tensei Kyuuketsuki san wa Ohirune ga Shitai.
    Its WN is being MTL’d at horriburu quality. save it from the clutches of crappy MTLs! Again, have the LN as well.


  5. !!!
    *jump hugs*
    Welcome back to the land of the living~!

    As far as picking up things goes, pick up what you dropped? Not nice to leave food (chapters) on the floor.

    *hugs more*


  6. Great!!!!! You came back!! if you think to take a novel that no one translates you could translate the novel called Yomigaeri no maou


  7. Hi, welcome back.

    If you’re still looking for a project I’d like to suggest Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei. Binhjamin hasn’t updated in months


  8. Hi! Site newbie here. I love the old vampire anime _Black Blood Brothers_ and hate its dorky manga and novel illustrations. One of the things that is so great about the anime is how it gives you little slices of the backstory along the way.

    I truly have hungered to read the novel, and on my older computer I have the PDFs. But nothing has been translated even though an anime was made out of it, possibly because the anime is an older one or the PDFs are images and not text. If you are interested, please let me know. Thanks!


  9. I’m copy-pasting the postb of Diego Flores here since i agree with him that this is a good novel to be picked up (and since we are already at the end of september of 2018 without your amazing translations, i hope you’ll find the time for coming out of this new hatius (-_-|||)) :

    Diego Flores:

    I would like to recommend



    The first has been dropped, the second the translator is MIA.

    Please return to us ma’m
    (T-T 7)


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