Teaser: I opened a café in another world | Isecafé

~*Happy New Year*~

Temporarily revived from limbo. Relegated to Teaser because kookie doesn’t have raws and currently can’t afford them. I might pick this up if I obtain raws… but there’s 12 volumes OTL. Expect another 3 chaps of free samples to be translated and posted before going back into hibernation. Also has a manga adaptation. Enjoy~

I opened a café in another world | Isekai de Café wo Kaiten shimashita

Author: 甘沢林檎 [Amasawa Ringo]
Raws: https://www.alphapolis.co.jp/novel/960114762/858135166

One day, Risa unexpectedly tripped into another world with terrible food.

‘I can’t take it anymore! I’m going to open a café to develop the food culture’

Gossip spread immediately, and the café became very popular. While fully enjoying her otherworld life surrounded by wonderful companions including the fairy, Basil, an envoy from the royal palace asked her, “Will you please teach the chefs in the royal palace?” All of a sudden, Risa’s cooking because well-known throughout the kingdom!? And for some reason, she ends up competing with an imperial chef—This is a somewhat ridiculous Cooking Fantasy that takes place in another world!!

Happy New Year!!~

Goodbye 2017 and with it, goodbye hiatus.

It’s a new year, a new start, and a new series to pick up!

That said, I don’t really have a series in mind so it’s up to you lovely, loyal readers to share your thoughts on what you’d like to see me translate. Whichever series I adopt will be translated from Chapter 1 (or Prologue), so if you suggest a dropped series, do note that there will be some catching up to do.

2018 New Years Resolution: Finish a series without dropping it.

Wish me luck~

Translator Thursdays: Little Kookie Bird

Just thought I should share Volare’s Translator Thursday post for this week since I’m the one in the spotlight this time.
They said to write a few sentences about myself… so they got a page and a kuute little story. :3

For those who are interested, you can read it: HERE!

Shoutouts to my awesome semi-ghostwriter Dusk who helped me flesh out the story and beta reader Hiraruda who gave me constructive criticism to help improve the story. Love you guys~ ❤

NF: Chaper 71-72

Here are the links to Chapter 71 and Chapter 72.

I have had many comments asking me to pick up No Fatigue again, telling me to collaborate with Mayonaize Shrimp, and complaints that the new translations are of poor quality.

I am still on hiatus for the next few months and won’t be releasing any chapters. That’s not going to change. I will go back and partially retranslate/tlc all existing chapters and upload them on Ohanashimi though, so they will hopefully all be fixed up by the time my hiatus is over.



NF: Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69 can be found on Shinku Translation’s site: HERE, and Chapter 70 can be found on Mayonaize Shrimp’s site: HERE.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about what I should do after my hiatus with both novels being picked up.
I’ll be going through all the previous NF chapters and fixing up all the terms so they’re consistent in these next few months, but should I start a new series, or go back to translating No Fatigue?