NF: Chapter 69-70

Chapter 69 can be found on Shinku Translation’s site: HERE, and Chapter 70 can be found on Mayonaize Shrimp’s site: HERE.

In other news, I’ve been thinking about what I should do after my hiatus with both novels being picked up.
I’ll be going through all the previous NF chapters and fixing up all the terms so they’re consistent in these next few months, but should I start a new series, or go back to translating No Fatigue?

23 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 69-70

  1. start a new series I suggest Riot Grasper, Elf Tensei Kara no Cheat Kenkoku-ki, or Cheat Majutsu de Unmei wo Nejifuseru. All 3 are really good and well loved series that haven’t had a release in a LONG while.

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  2. Collaborate ! So you three can divide your stress translating this novel. At least you translate 1 they both do five so we can get 11 ch a week :p


  3. Well there’s one title that got dropped this morning…or yesterday? But I don’t know if you like a story about reincarnated girl mc into villain mob of shoujo manga.


  4. Shinku’s TL is pretty bad…Time spent in TLC and editing seems like it would take longer than just TLing from scratch after a brief look over it. Site design doesn’t do much for me either. If you work on it with Mayo (editing) it should be pretty good, but Shinku seems like the sort who hinders more than they help despite not intending to.


  5. Well. Collaborations will lighten the burden of translating if you are feeling stressed out by it. Though a new series might be cool if stress from translating is not an issue.


  6. I absolutely refuse to go onto Shinku’s website, or any other domain under, due to their absolutely retarded attempts at forcing ads on people. I’m even the type of person that disables adblock on most sites, but I’ll simply refuse to do so for sites that clearly don’t give a shit if you can read their content or not, what with their anti-adblock shit.

    As such, I’ll probably just drop this for now, or extract the chapter later.


    1. I tend to use those sponsored links for sites I don’t know well enough to turn Adblock off for. Imagine my surprise when I used the sponsored link, got asked to turn off Adblock and discovered the horrendous translation and layout his site had to offer. If the situation hasn’t changed by the start of August I might re-translate the chapters Shinku has butchered. I won’t translate permanently, my health is too unstable to promise that.


  7. Shinku’s TL is not very good and the host,, is utter trash. There are a ton of errors here and there, mostly concerning capitalization and grammar.
    Mayonaize Shrimp’s TL is pretty good. I think I saw a few errors but I couldn’t find them again after doing a quick look-over.
    Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if you and Mayonaize Shrimp jointly picked up No Fatigue.
    As for suggestions, here are a few in no particular order:
    Ore Dake Kaereru Kurasu Teni is a “summoned to another world with game elements”-type WN/LN. It’s the most similar to NF in this list as far as I can see, i.e. 3 chapters. A teaser was done by Paichun Translations.
    Tales of Leo Attiel ~Depiction of the Headless Prince~ is a fantasy light novel by the author of Rakuin no Monshou, so you’ll know the quality will be pretty good. If Rakuin serves as any indication, Leo Attiel is a proper LN without the stream of consciousness writing style typical of WNs.
    An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku deserves to be picked up. It was originally TLed by Estelion of Oniichanyamete but was neglected. There was a brief attempt to pick it up back in August 2016. You may need to contact Este to confirm.
    Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei is a reincarnated OP MC kind of deal. I personally haven’t read it but it has a good rating.
    Goblin Slayer is a dark fantasy seinen LN revolving around the titular character + allies slaying atrocious goblins. Death, gore, rape ahoy. I only read the first few chaps though. It was dropped because the previous TL was infuriated with novel aggregators. Very high rating and there is an existing audience due to a manga adaption.
    Breaking Off the Engagement… Bring it on! is a misunderstanding-fueled shoujo comedy. It’s on my future reading list but I haven’t gotten around to it.


  8. Cont.
    Here’s some stuff from Estelion’s recs:
    Farewell, Yellow doesn’t have a Novel Updates page yet so all the dependable information I could get is from Estelion.
    Estelion found some enjoyment from this but apparently the last TL wasn’t great. You might fight an uphill battle since there is already a fair amount of poor reviews.


  9. I see Shinku is still going with NF. I really encourage you or Mayo to ask him to stop, to retake ownership of this series. I’ve greatly enjoyed the series so far, but reading Shinku’s translation is about as useful as trying to read stains on the ground.


  10. The hoops that Shinku forces readers to jump through is annoying as hell and to make things worse, the translation is horrible. Please work with Mayo on this story, I don’t want to drop this story because a terrible translator is taking over.


  11. Please carry on with translating this. I know the translations are free so it’s not great to complain but the new TLers that picked this up are terrible. After reading your’s, their’s is basically unreadable. It sucks having to drop this after getting this far 😦


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