NF: Chapter 47

Chapter 47 is brought to you by Kookie, edited by Elemintabni, Shirayuki & LikyLiky.

Much procrastination. Kookie is going to visit Singapore in 2.5 weeks and has been wasting precious translating time looking up places to visit. Will also be going to Hong Kong and the land of the dreaded Great Firewall.

Now for some trivia:
Traditional Japanese homes have a hearth built into the ground, called irori. It’s essentially a square, stone-lined pit in the floor, used for heating the home and cooking. The predecessor to the modern kotatsu.

NF: Chapter 46

Chapter 46 is brought to you by Firebird. It’s another massive long chapter, the longest we’ve had so far at about 2.5x the normal chapter length. Hope you guys enjoy!~

Kookie is going into swotvac next week (or at least the part of swotvac where there are no more pesky assignments to do) so she will start her tling spree then. Look forward to an increase of chapters soon XD

P.S. Kookie made an error in the last chapter. The word used in the raws can mean both ‘come’ and ‘go’, and I mistook it as the dragon telling them to leave. It’s fixed now.