62. Begin! Autonomous Separation Barrier Extrication Machine: Prototype

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The groans of both Melby and me were unexpectedly harmonised.
We were in Melby’s hometown―Tetelutia Fairy Hamlet—inside the cave with the separation barrier that imprisoned Melby’s “Master”.

Before our eyes was a revolving machine that made strange *clunk clunk* sounds as it spun.

This machine, if given a name, should be called something like the “Autonomous Separation Barrier Extrication Machine”.
It was comprised of the various machinery parts recovered in the historic remains of the Crow’s Nest.

Its structure was rather simple.
The kinetic energy of the motor is harnessed by the gears, which slowly turns the cam (a rotating component that was bent into an egg shape), and that cam engages the Dimension Chisel that is set into a cylinder.
As a result, the Dimension Chisel’s tip is thrust out from the machine and stabs into the Separation Barrier.
The Dimension Chisel then returns to its original position via the power of springs that are built into the cylinder.
Afterwards, this repeats.

However, with just this, there is no mana supplied to the Dimension Chisel, and thus the Separation Barrier cannot be whittled down.
‘Then what to do?’ I thought, and thereupon came the question I asked of the goddess.
――Even if there isn’t anything like magic gems, it would be good if there was something that could store energy produced by magic.
The goddess’ answer was a huge hint.

I thought about using [Lightning Magic] to charge the battery recovered from the historic remains, and supplying mana through that.

However, what I first tested, the method of extending a copper wire from the battery and coiling it around the Dimension Chisel, was no good.
Certainly, through this method, what is transmitted to the Dimension Chisel is not mana, but electricity.
No, just coiling a cord around would not even let electricity be transmitted.
The Dimension Chisel doesn’t conduct electricity, so directly connecting it to the battery is impossible.

Next, I thought of dismantling a certain something and using that.
――The slave collar.
Since the collar draws out 20 MP if one tries to forcibly unfasten it, I thought it might be of some use. After the confrontation with Gazaine, I collected them from the children.
I entrusted those collars to Melby and had her disassemble them to create a lorate magic tool that would produce the necessary amount of MP for the Dimension Chisel.
For Melby, the producer of the Dimension Chisel, this wasn’t a very difficult task.

Between Melby and I, we called it the “mana-suction cord”. I wrapped this cord around the battery and installed it into the lower section of the cylinder so that it was in contact with the chisel.
When I struck the chisel with my hand, mana was drawn out from the battery as intended. The chisel then absorbed that mana and struck the Separation Barrier.
When the Separation Barrier peeled off properly, I did a boisterous dance with Melby.

Then, combining that mana-suction cord, battery, Dimension Chisel, motor, gear, and cam, with the motor connecting to another battery, we finally produced the prototype “Totally Automatic Separation Barrier Removal Machine” today, but――

“…When that section of the Separation Barrier becomes thinner, the distance between the chisel and barrier changes, and it looks like that disturbs the balance.”

“The peeled off fragment sticks into the ground around the barrier’s base, and the machine slants a little.”

“Which means, it’s necessary to have a mechanism to adjust the distance to the Separation Barrier…”

“A mechanism to automatically remove the peeled fragments might be needed too…”

Things were only looking good at the beginning; as soon as the Dimension Chisel had been thrust out a few times, the machine toppled over from the recoil.


Because our expectations had been so great, the disappointment was all the greater.

“…Can’t we entrust the fairies with the justification of the machine and clearing of fragments?”

“That’s impossible.
If those children are made to do such simple tasks, they’d immediately tire of it and go out to play.”

The goddess said that to avoid harming the spirits of the long-lived fairies, their attentiveness became dispersed.

“It’s fine for me to be persistent and adjust it though…”

“No, we tried to automate it because it’s not good for you to station yourself by the barrier all day and night, so…”

That’s true.
Melby’s master――Pioneer Elf survivor Alfecia-san’s rescue was important, but the raising of my own skills was just as essential.

“Hmm… I don’t think it’s impossible, but I don’t think we can make this prototype any more complex.”

“…What do you mean?”

“This prototype has a need for the Dimension Chisel to remain in contact with the mana-suction cord and battery, so the heavy battery part is on top, right?
Because of that, the centre of gravity is elevated, making it more prone to falling.
Of course, we can make the machine itself heavier, but then the justification of the Separation Barrier becomes difficult.”

The only thing I could think of in regards to the justification was attaching wheels driven by a motor. However, if the machine becomes heavy, it would be hard to move it with just that.
Also, with my technological ability, making a machine with such an elaborated process as advancing forward with the chisel 1mm at a time does not seem possible at all.

Incidentally, in this Fairy Hamlet that balances out the body and spirit, my “body” has become larger than usual.
Similar to when I came to this Fairy Hamlet last time, my appearance has changed to about 6 years of age, so there’s no impediment for just assembling the machine at least.
There’s not impediment, but…

“As expected, the machine has poor workmanship overall…”

All of the parts excavated from the historic remains were made by the neurotic Mr Heydrich and thus were extremely precise.
However, the frame to assemble them was a product I made by cutting up timber—something at a DIY level—so it would bend with just the slightest movement.
…Ah, the clunking motor part came off.

I do have the [Carving] skill, but this [Carving] didn’t seem very suited for the manufacturing of a machine like this.
Fundamentally speaking, there seems to be a strong emphasis on reproducing the feelings of the skill user, so doing something like cutting material in accordance with a blueprint is difficult.
Even if delicate craftsmanship is possible, precise manufacturing is impossible… It’s that kind of feeling.

In this case, I’d like a skill more suited to manufacturing.

“I wonder if there’s a skill system related to machine production…?
Mr Heydrich actually made quite precise components and machinery.”

There was also a machine for metalwork in the historic remains, one that I’ve previously seen in the enterprise induction courses in my former world.
Because it was properly collected into Melby’s dimensional storage, it’s possible to use that.

However, the manufacturing machines I saw in my previous life were advanced to the point of being automated by computers.
As for the machines made by Mr Heydrich himself, they were extremely analogue and of the standard produced during wartime. Furthermore, they had been restructured quite a bit, given that they would be utilising mana.
Personality aside, Mr Heydrich was, without a doubt, an excellent engineer; he proved successful with something I can’t lay my hands on at all.

No, before that, not being an engineer myself, drawing up a plan and cutting and assembling the materials itself had quite a high degree of difficulty for me.
Or perhaps, I’ll become able to do such work smoothly by tempering a production-class skill as well.

“…Do I have no choice but to begin from there?”

If I’m to start from improving a skill for the production of machinery, I feel like using that time to whittle down the Separation Barrier by myself would be faster.
Either way, I can focus and make an effort on it once I start since I have [No Fatigue], but it’s difficult to try to use my time efficiently.

While I was worrying about this,

“――But there’s been considerable advancement.”

Melby said in a cheerful voice.

“Until now, we were always in an environment where it was natural to have no progress.
Taking one step or two steps is progressing forward, so I must first acknowledge that.
Thank you very much, Ed.”

“Ah, no…”

“There’s still time.
If it slowly accumulates, I’m sure Master will be saved in due time.”

Melby spent an overwhelming amount of time to develop the Dimension Chisel.
In comparison to that time where she was practically groping around in the dark, it was much better now as she has hope.

“…That’s true.
Let’s not be impatient.”

For the time being, I had Melby stow away the prototype, had some tea in the Fairy Hamlet, then Melby and I returned to Fauno City.


It seemed that the sun had yet to set in Fauno City.
The flow of time in the Fairy Hamlet is slower, so my senses were in disarray.

For some reason, the fairies led by Cecil and Cecila didn’t really come to bother us today, so I ended up returning home having only done the performance test of the prototype.
If they came to bother us then they would bother us, which is irritating, but not coming to bother us meant that they didn’t bother us; me feeling a little lonely was just my troublesome personality, I suppose.

“I finished earlier than I expected…
I was told that a guest was coming, but I wonder if they’ve already gone home?
I want to quickly go home and rest.”

Perhaps it was because the savage lifestyle in <Yatagarasu> had lasted a long time, but recently I’ve come to like resting at home better than going out.

However, Melby spoke in a flustered manner when she heard my words.

“Y-you can’t!”


“T-that is… Ah, hey, let’s go take a look around the marketplace!”

“Eh? I think we saw most of it before though.”

“Uuh…. that is… that’s right!
You haven’t met up with Miguel’s group for a while now, right?
Let’s go to the Adventurer’s Guild!”

“No, about that ‘that’s right’ you said just now…”

“N-never mind that! Let’s go!?”

“I-I get it…”

I don’t really understand, but it’s true I want to see Miguel.

Elemia and Beck don’t have any relatives, and Donna was Grandpa Ganash’s ward, but because Grandpa Ganash was rather advanced in age, they were all being looked after in the Viscount Chrebl estate.

In contrast to that, Miguel was in the custody of his own mother, former companion of Julia-kaasan and A-Rank adventurer, Moria-san.

At present, Miguel was being taught the basics of being an adventurer from Moria-san so, as Melby said, I haven’t seen him much lately.

In regards to Miguel, I consider him a friend of the same age.
I’m older in terms of mental age, and Miguel is older in terms of physical age, but for better or worse, that guy is someone I don’t need to be reserved with.

I don’t know whether Miguel’s group is at the guild or not, but since I have the time, it should be fine to go have a look.

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    1. — If they came to bother us then they would bother us, which is irritating, but not coming to bother us meant that they didn’t bother us; me feeling a little lonely was just my troublesome personality, I suppose. —
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  1. What about an earth golem that just sl.oooo.w.lyyy pushes it? Though I have no idea if earth golems are possible… XD Or like a rubber band and a melting block of ice!!!

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