NF: Chapter 56-59

A/N: A FAQ format.
The discussion focuses on things that have been asked in the comments section or what people might want to ask, primarily on the novel’s premise.
It continues for 4 chapters.
Some people might have no interest in this matter, so I will finish this in one go with posts over four consecutive days (Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs).

[T/N: But kookie just tls and posts them in one go xD]

Chapter 56 & 57 edited by LikyLiky
Chapter 58 edited by Kidyeon
Chapter 59 edited by Kidyeon & LikyLiky


23 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 56-59

    1. Honestly, I completely agree with you.
      I was expecting more from this. I won’t say those QA were completely useless but it really would have been better to post them after some ‘normal’ chapters were posted or at least posting one or two normal chapters after that.
      Well, I understand that they are still chapters so it takes the same amount of time to translate.

      Anyway, thanks.

      PS: someone posted a comment about a hidden chapter, what was that about?


      1. Yeah part of my point about Not complaining is because it takes hard work to translate, and I wish the translators the best and i’m very glad they are working, so i’m not complaining about the amazing job of the translators, I’m complaining about the incredibly dull chapters, and sadly that the chapters are Dull is not the translators fault.


      2. Read the forewarning please, it’s FAQ as an answer response for Japanese readers’ questions. It’s skippable, it doesn’t matter if you skip it as the author himself stated maybe some of the readers not interested with this. It’s an omake for Japanese readers who asks questions on the impression collumn in syosetsu. It’s an extra service to answer Japanese readers’ questions.

        Don’t go blaming people around if you don’t read and understand the term of usage after the fact.

        And also please understand that this chapters are posted with different circumsctances between the author and the translator. Don’t make unreasonable demand to both the author and translator to suit your convenience.

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        1. @Carlos d’Empaire: I was thinking the same thing.

          @Kookie: Oh yeah, I’m grateful that you released them at the same time. It would have been hard to read if they were released one by one (considering the break between each chapter. I mean before you released all these chapters now.).

          Okay, just want to know: is this the end of the mass release? Are we going to wait months like before?


  1. I’m speechless, thank you guys for the hard work you’ve done for the translation and editing of these chapters!
    and questions or complains? i’ve got nothing to ask or complain, seeing the faqs that you guys are doing this in your free time
    and for that you all have my gratitude
    once again, thank you for the hard work and have a nice evening!


  2. thank you and these releases do answer quite a few details plus we get the evil villain’s back story and I thought he was a douche before but boy was I just seeing the tip of the iceberg


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