Chapter 276: Bird Competition

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Bird Competition
“Instead, I think Japanese clothing like Hakama and such would suit Raphtalia more.” (Naofumi) [T/N: Think typical shrine maiden costume]
“Hakama? What do you mean by Japanese clothing?” (Imia)
Imia asked, tilting her head.
Because she usually specialises in Western dressmaking, she has an interest in this unknown genre.
 “Er.. Japanese clothing also encompasses the Loincloth that Sadina recommended to Kiel.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, so you mean Eastern clothing. In that case, should I investigate and make some?” (Imia)
“That’s right….. since it will probably look good, let’s request it.” (Naofumi)
 Raphtalia in Japanese clothing, huh.
“I understand. I’ll make it later. Do you have any preference for the materials?” (Imia)
“It’s not being used for battle so it’s fin… no, I’d like you to use quality materials to make it if you can. I’ll be waiting.” (Naofumi)
“Oka~y.” (Imia)
Imia finished talking with me and started serving another customer.
Raphtalia in Japanese clothing, huh…..
“Abstain from having a wooden umbrella, unrefined sake and leaves as clothing.” (Naofumi)
That could be passed off as a joke if she was still around 5 years old, but letting Raphtalia wear that kind of outfit now would be a crime.
“Why is it that sort of concept, Naofumi-sama!” (Raphtalia)
Well Raphtalia is a Tanuki….
So Shigaraki Ware only exists in my country. [T/N: Pottery & stoneware made in Shigaraki, Japan. Tanuki figures are a popular product.]
I don’t really know if Shigaraki Ware has Female Tanuki though.
Now, how should I pacify Raphtalia.
“Ah, Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)
“Why are you here!?” (Fohl)
 I was wondering who Imia was serving, but it turned out to be Atla and Fohl.
“Is it bad that I’m here? More than that, what are you guys doing?” (Naofumi)
“I have been searching for Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)
“Atla! Don’t approach him!” (Fohl)
“So, Fohl. What are you doing?” (Naofumi)
“He has been choosing clothes for Atla-san.” (Imia)
Imia replied.
In her hand was a cute dress and accessories.
So he’s already bought them.
“In addition to that, he has commissioned some custom-made items. He’s requested cute clothes and stuffed toys.” (Imia)
“I see, I see.” (Naofumi)
As usual, he’s been trying to turn his sister into a dress-up doll.
“Clothes that are easy to move in are better though…..” (Atla)
Atla announced ostentatiously.
Well, Gothic Lolita and other cute styles are indeed unsuited for battle.
Besides, a resolute-type like Atla probably doesn’t like them.
“Atla, you won’t be fighting, so it’s fine for you to be at ease. Because you’re still too young to be mobilised!” (Fohl)
“Even if you say that….” (Atla)
Atla facepalmed and then turned to Imia, looking troubled.
“Have you finished the underwear I wanted?” (Atla)
“Ah, yes. It’s an attractive pair of underwear.”
….She took out a thin pair of underwear, adorned with pretty ornaments, that was more risqué than the pair she showed Raphtalia.
It was black.
However, the problem was that Atla had a child’s body and appeared to be around 10 years old, so there was a disparity, or whatever it’s called.
Or rather, Atla can’t see so why would she even want such a thing.
“Wh―” (Fohl)
Fohl became speechless.
I also feel the same way.
What does Atla intend on by wearing that!
“Stop it, Atla! Nii-chan will never approve of that kind of underwear!” (Fohl)
“Onii-sama.” (Atla)
Atla grasped Fohl’s hand gently.
“The sister of your dreams doesn’t exist. Please look at the real me. I’m someone who would wear this kind of underwear and attack Naofumi-sama.” (Atla)
“What are you saying!” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia shouts with all her strength.
“Wah….” (Fohl)
Fohl looked away from Atla in disbelief and glared at me for some reason.
Why does it feel like I’ve stolen his lover?
I don’t need that kind of development.
“Right. Since you know my feelings of it being wrong, stop your sister’s rampage.” (Naofumi)
“Gu… I get it. Nii-chan will make Atla return to normal.” (Fohl)
“Do your best.” (Naofumi)
“Don’t you say that! Now, Atla! We’re going to the next store, there’s still a lot of things we need to buy!” (Fohl)
“Ah, Naofumi-samaaaaaaa!” (Atla)
Don’t reach your arm out to me whilst still holding the underwear.
That just looks like you’re trying to give me the underwear.
“Atla-san is amazing.” (Imia)
“Yeah.” (Raphtalia)
Raphtalia and Imia gazed at the scene with a faraway look and nodded to each other.
Was it just in my imagination that they were looking as if it was dusk?
“….Maybe I should also buy some.” (Raphtalia)
“What are you saying? I think normal underwear is fine for Raphtalia.” (Naofumi)
“…..I understand Atla-san’s feelings now.” (Imia)
Atla’s feelings?
While they were talking, I heard a somewhat noisy voice from outside the town.
If I’m not mistaken, that is where the hurriedly established grass racetracks that Taniko had sponsored were.
For the time being, Rato should be there, looking after the health of the monsters that we’re in the Filorial category.
I could hear cheers and angry bellows.
That was the mix of voices rejoicing their victory and the cries of defeat.
It was a little noisy but it might be good for improving Raphtalia’s mood.
“Let’s go look at the racetracks.” (Naofumi)
“Ah, wait a minute.” (Raphtalia)
When I look at the Filorial Racetracks, unknown Filorials and trainers hung their heads in defeat, and the Filorials from my place raised a victory cry.
As far as it goes, they were all guys who had changed into Filorial Queens and Kings.
Ah, Ren and Itsuki were keeping a lookout as guards.
“Kue.” (Filorial)
The Filorials located me and ran over.
“””Kueee?” (Filorials)
You won? The Filorials faced me and held their heads high, seeming to say ‘Praise me, Praise me’.
“Yes yes, alright.” (Naofumi)
It looks like this is the race under the command of Firo’s number one subordinate, the cutesy kid.
I don’t really want to address them but I stroke them anyway.
And the angry bellows from before were?
Or so I wondered but when I looked around, I saw visitors crying from losing their bets in the audience stands.
“That’s ridiculous! Our First Honor lost!?”
What’s with that horse-like name. [T/N: Racehorses have weird names.]
“Even our legendary Shield Lion! What’s with that!”
…..It seemed there were similarly named racehorse-like competitors everywhere.
“Are you these Filorials’ trainer!?” (Filorial Trainer)
The losing Filorials’ trainer approached me, who the Filorials had gathered around.
“If I’m not mistaken, you’re the lord of this land, the Hero of the Shield-sama.” (Filorial Trainer)
“Yeah, that’s right?” (Naofumi)
“The Filorials from the Hero of the Shield-sama’s place are all excellent. By all means, would it be acceptable to let our Filorials breed with yours?” (Filorial Trainer)
“””Kue!?””” (Filorials)
The Filorials from my place raised their voices in surprise.
And then… I looked at the Filorials of the fellow who brought up the conversation.
When I do, it seems like the losing Filorials were looking this way with somewhat heated gazes.
“””KueKue!!””” (Filorials)
Everyone shook their heads and tried to hide behind my back.
Because there were so many of them, they weren’t hidden at all.
Or rather, imitating normal Filorials despite being able to talk is unnecessary. [T/N: Kueee!]
“Of course, we’ll provide a mating fee, so won’t you consider it?” (Filorial Trainer)
And then the trainer showed me how much he was willing to pay on an abacus-like tool.
….It’s a considerable amount of money.
From the audience stands came cries of ‘Ooh! Mating with those legendary Filorials!? That’ll be the start of a new legend!’, the audience holding their breath and watching attentively.
I want to nod along with the mood but… know.
I glance behind me.
When I do, all the Filorials had their wings together, praying for my refusal with eyes like a calf being sold off.
I see Rato and Taniko coming for a health check-up.
Rato shrugged casually and replied ‘And if the Marquis decides on his own?’
Taniko also said ‘Isn’t it fine if it turns out well?’ and nodded.
They knew just from experience.
“Ah…. I’m the person in charge for now but the one who raised them is someone different, and I also want them have their own freedom. For that kind of thing…..naturally….that….” (Naofumi)
Why are my words not coming out properly.
It’s because it’s not alright for me to arbitrarily decide on their engagement.
Also, they’re Filorials raised by Motoyasu, I never had the right.
However, it might be good to accept the breeding charge.
If thoroughbred Filorials are added to my subordinates then I’m sure our combat power will increase.
“””Kueeeee…..””” (Filorials)
Don’t cling to me, guys……
I heard from Melty that the opponent is quite a big organisation.
Are they financed by Zeltbur? Betting is nearly everywhere there, like in the Colosseum.
Refusing is also a pain, and the prospects sound good.
If possible, I want the Filorial bonding to have been unsuccessful already and be done with it.
“Somehow it seems like these guys aren’t interested. We can try to match my Filorials and your Filorials for a short time but if it doesn’t go well even then, will you give up?” (Naofumi)
And so we’re compromising.
“I understand.” (Filorial Trainer)
Applause fills the racetracks.
It seems if it goes well, the Filorial Races get heated up.
“””Kueee…””” (Filorials)
The Filorials shake their heads in refusal.
I entered the ring and muttered so the other side couldn’t hear.
“Rest assured. It’s fine if you guys dislike it. It’s alright to send them flying if they approach against your will, as long as there are no injuries.” (Naofumi)
“Kuee…” (Filorial)
“Also, I don’t think Motoyasu, who deeply cares for you guys, will swallow the story.” (Naofumi)
Incidentally, well, this can also be said to the Filorials.
“There are those among you who aren’t that dissatisfied so please consider their feelings.” (Naofumi)
There’s the main group who want to refuse and the group who doesn’t really care.
“It’s not like the whole group thinks the same. You guys have the initiative until the end. Understand?” (Naofumi)
“””Kue!””” (Filorials)
I don’t know if they understand, but the Filorials nod vigorously.
By the way, the Filorials’ breeding season lasts for a month.
The neutral group mate with the Filorials in custody, the birds that become renown later are a different story, and Motoyasu heroically fighting those Filorials is yet another story.
Well, the trouble with that later care was when some of the Filorials in custody lost their minds and decided to target Firo of all things.
Firo’s kicks were quite capable of paying barely-outrageous retributions.
They tried to chase the future queen and so they were just getting what they deserved though.

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