NF: Chapter 45

Uh… don’t really have any proper reasons for why it took so long, just excuses…  assignments and stuff, being under the assumption that Firebird was scheduled for this chapter (then finally taking it on a month later).

Chapter was suuuuper long and a mess to edit, resulting in Kookie having a breakdown and acting drunk (to the amusement of some people on Discord, no actual alcohol involved though). Many apologies for the wait.

Chapter 45! Enjoy~~

Translator: Kookie
TLC: Osura
Editors: Bigredcomrade, Hiraruda, Yume

Also, birthday wishes to LittleShanks and Hira~~
(You guys should go read their series, they’re great XD)


8 thoughts on “NF: Chapter 45

  1. Don’t worry about the small stuff.
    we are thankfull and greatfull that you are still stranslating and back in action.
    so it doesn’t matter if we have to wait a month (or even two months)
    so thank you for the hard work and the new chapter.
    and keep up the good work you guys made up till now
    greetings from a leech from the netherlands


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