Chapter 38: I’ll be a little unreasonable.

Today is daddy’s birthday. Thus, there will be more chapters (~4+) especially translated. I plan to get through another episode of crazy plot twists today so look forward to it ~^^~

It seems Japan really loves their double negatives, and triple negatives…… and quadruple negatives >w<

I’ll be a little unreasonable.

“Huh, you’re alone?”

By the time I arrived at the rendezvous point, Weiss was already there.

“Yeah, due to a number of reasons. She might come later perhaps, but she probably won’t make it in time.”

As far as it goes, I left a memo with the location before I left the house, but she might not notice it.

“Weiss, do you know anything about ogres?”
“Well, only the general information.”
“Then it would help if you tell me about them.”

Since it was this kind of situation, anyone was fine as long as they were more informed than me.
It was originally planned for Weiss to come too, so it should be fine.

“Then let’s hurry up and head there.

We quickly left the town, and headed to where the ogre was. I was already wearing the black cloak just in case.

“What’s that for?”

Weiss asks, as if seeing something strange. Come to think of it, I still haven’t explained about [this].

“I told you before about not wanting everyone to know about my recovery magic, right? And so, I fought a monster troop while wearing this to prevent my face from being exposed. And before I knew it, I ended up being called the [Jet-black Saviour], you see……”
“……Ain’t that cool?”
“As if it isn’t lame!?

Even I know that. I thought it was a pathetic name when I coincidently overheard it, and when I learnt that it actually referred to me, sheesh……!!
However, it’s not like I can do anything about that now.
Moreover, somehow the townspeople don’t think the [Jet-black Saviour] moniker was out of place at all, and even consider it stylish which is terrible.
Even though they should know what a cruel name it was if they thought about it normally…..


While hearing about the ogres in advance, we arrived at the intended location.
The astonishing thing I learnt was that [Ogres] were apparently humanoid monsters. Of course, they couldn’t fly either.
I learnt that they had no relation to large moths at all, but why then would they call them [Ogres], I wonder……
Another piece of intelligence I should keep in mind, would be the ogres’ overwhelming physical strength.
It seems they would even surpass dragons, if it’s just regarding the ogres’ physical strength. If I take them on directly, I would be helpless.


“Sigh, I’m starting to get nervous now.”

Nothing ogre-like has entered my field of vision yet, but I dare say it’ll approach that point soon.
Thinking back, the goblins weren’t much of an opponent, and the dragon was scary but I was able to flee from it.
But this time is different.
I already know that it’s [strong]. I also know that I might die if I’m careless.
And also the fact that this a battle where I absolutely can’t [run away]――

“I’ll be counting on you if someone comes, Weiss.”

Right now the townspeople are oblivious to the fact that ogres are coming.
If anyone leaves town and comes here where we are fighting, I won’t be able to concentrate on the battle.
If a townsperson comes, Weiss will inform them of the dangerous monsters, and also ask them to keep it a secret.
I also told him to ask for instructions if a girl named ‘Aura’ comes.


Within my vision, an indistinct figure could be seen.
When I strain my eyes, I see [that].
The figure was unmistakably gradually growing larger, and I could see that it was gigantic even from a distance.

“……Ah, come to think of it, I didn’t end up releasing Aura and the others from their slave contracts.”
“……? You had slaves, Nestcchi?”
“Yeah, the one who I planned to come with is one of them, but when I said that I wanted to release them from slavery in case something happened to me, she ran somewhere……”

I was still pondering it a little but I still don’t know why she cried.

“Err.. So that was the girl called Aura, right. Did that Aura girl really want to be released from slavery? I dunno what her relationship with you is like but if she ran away after you said that then that’s what I think it means.”

……Was such a thing really a possibility, I wonder.
Does a slave who doesn’t want to be released from slavery really exist?
I expect I would want to be freed immediately.
It would certainly be hard to tell if the master was very good natured, but Aura’s master is me.
I did say not to hold back to a certain extent, but that’s all I did in reality.
Every day, I make them stroll around town with me, and cook with me.
I wonder if it’s possible to not want to be released despite having such a master……
This kind of thing, I won’t know unless I ask Aura directly.
However, I do want to release them from slavery. I came to think this way since the incident at the checking station when we went to the capital.
…………Well, in order to have a proper chat with Aura, I have to defeat this ogre in front of me first.

By the time I noticed, the figure I could only discern as ‘ogre-ish’ could now clearly be seen as an [Ogre].

“Then you should move away soon, Weiss.”
“Understood. Please be careful.”
“Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

This time what I was entrusted to stop was a separate ogre, but I don’t think it will be done in so quickly.
In that case, I might have to stab it until it stops.
It’s not good to worry Asha-san that much either, but today I’ll be a little unreasonable.
To protect the town――
To protect everyone in town――
And in order to have a proper chat with Aura――
I began to run towards the approaching ogre in front of me.

41 thoughts on “Chapter 38: I’ll be a little unreasonable.

  1. Still not understanding the connection between moth and ogre. Anyways, “Waaaaaah! Jet-black Saviour-sama is so coooool!”


    1. not to sound rude but I kinda thought the same as nest for a moment.. I mean I’m not really that accepting about slavery, and I would probably think of releasing the girls too.. I think we just read too many LN/WN that we became too desensitized about it,, well its just my opinion no need to argue..

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      1. i didnt even think this rude, well how to say maybe what you mean are “Numbness in feeling guilt because mote exposure” hmm i don’t know about that butone think for sure i forget to see it from Nest perspective since i only see it at Aura and co. it’s true for normal people they will rejoice to be freed from slavery but in Aura case she not really mind it since it’s Nest who is her master.. hmm if make comparison like some maid who like her master but unable because different strata, but as long she able to serve him she will satisfied. well we do not talk about logic in love right 😀
        ah this isnt counter argument it just how i see it from my perspective there nothing wrong about expressed one opinion right 😀


  2. …my expectations for next chapter… nest deals critical damage against humanoid enemy(passive skill of right arm), ogre=humanoid, time to defeat not even 10 seconds, nest: (°.°) that’s it? maybe I should have used a branch?


  3. This kind of romanticized slavery really bugs me. Slavery is a terrible and cruel thing, which can and does change human beings from free agents into, essentially, livestock. To see a girl run away from being freed from slavery is, well, ridiculous. Especially since Earnest has given no indication that he’ll kick her out of his harem.
    *sigh* But then again, this isn’t that deep a novel. It’s light, airy fun. I should stop looking deeper.

    My thanks to you, Kookiedreamer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. your opinion match this WN
      well i will not denied it its’ true slavery in reality is cruel thing, indeed normal slavery treat them inhumanly (in case back to BC and and where slavery still essential) nah i just to lazy to epress it thought :v
      anyway many in LN or WN because MC is from our now world (tensei or transfer) they have sense of value of our’s to not treated them harshly to level thinking they are family/lover like certain Tourist who self proclaimed merchant treated his own slave, at this rate i kinda doubt they want to be released since to them this are bond they share with him
      ah sorry for my rambling


  4. Will the chuuni-king show up? maybe together with Aura since she’s the king’s guide.

    What if the king lure those ogres to see jet black savior in action? though that’s a failure as a king.


    1. what’s weird is, quadruple negatives are actually a proper part of English and can be used for emphasis like in Japanese. It is only not allowed in prescriptive grammar, what your taught in English class, which is inherently wrong. Prescriptive grammar is defined by arbitrary rules and not the actual form or practice of the language. In the case of English, prescriptive grammar was defined by scholars who believed Latin to be the perfect language and wanted English to sound more like it, despite not belonging to the same family of languages. So they added rules like, “don’t split infinitives”, to English, even though the only reason that was a rule in Latin is that it had only one word infinitives and splitting them was impossible.

      Anyway, in reality, double/triple/quadruple negatives are allowed in English because a language is defined by how it is and can be use, and these negatives were actually commonly used by English speakers. It was only the Latin-fetishists that said, “no”.

      There, you now have a completely pointless linguistics lesson.


        1. lets just leave it as, “everything your teacher taught you was a lie.” After all, you speak English good, right?

          a simpler and more accurate explanation:

          Language is defined by what the native speaker says and understands. If we understand it, it’s part of our language. If some stuffy guy in a school says it’s still wrong, they are wrong.


  5. This isn’t dense anymore it’s just god dam stupid, I guess that’s what happens when you cut yourself everyday from a young age.

    Thanks for the chapter.


  6. Well, Weiss knows what’s up, but the mc, being a generic japanese mc with no-balls and an unconfident little bitch on top of that, is naturally dense AF and can’t see through such obvious hints. Unless it’s someone else, if it concerns someone else and their love, the generic japanese mc can easily catch on and accurately say/know exactly what they feel with no errors at all, suddenly becoming some kind of a knowledgeable romance guru.


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