Chapter 39: It’s incomparable

The most time-consuming part of translation (for Kookie) is diction + procrastination. Currently, procrastination equals reading other translated novels and sleeping. Not very productive at all.

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It’s incomparable.

I closed the distance to the ogre.
Contrary to my running, the ogre walks towards me slow and steadily.
I don’t know whether that was an indication of composure or something, but I once again affirmed its big frame at this close distance.
Its size could probably rival the dragon from before.
If I continue at this rate, I should be able to start my battle with the ogre in a remote location away from the town.
In that case, the chance of exposing the townspeople to danger will be lowered, and I’ll also be able to focus on the battle.


The distance to the ogres grew even shorter.
I was already at a range that the ogre could reach if it extended its arms, or rather, the ogre actually tried to capture me with its arm.
But it’s slow. Dude-sense is much faster.
Well, normally, it would be limited to this speed at a size like this, which means I can dodge as much as I like.


And yet, I saw it.
The ogre was grinning―
In the next instant, it did an about-face from its previous speed, with an obvious increase in speed.
Completely unprepared, I was unable to deal with that speed and was sent flying like that.
I was grateful for the fact that I really felt no pain, and immediately cast Heal despite tumbling on the ground.
The arms and legs bent in a strange direction returned to normal in an instant, and I recovered to a flawless state.
Thereupon, the ogre’s expression changed from a smile to a look of bewilderment.
The opponents it faced until now were probably sent beyond recovery with this one blow, or otherwise died instantly from it.
Even I think I could have an instantaneous death from this one blow if the location was bad, but luck was on my side this time.

“……Ha. As expected, it’s incomparable to the others before now.”

But it was the same for the ogre; I was not one of the opponents it could just kill off like before either.
I psych myself up, and face the ogre once more. The ogre also seemed to realise I was different from its previous enemies, and looked at me as if to examine my state.

“The real performance starts now……!!”

I won’t be negligent any more. I’ll deal with it completely, with all my strength―
I switched my knife to an underhanded grip, and the real fight between the ogre and I started.

While watching the ogre’s fist approaching, I recall what we learnt in practice and handle it with composure.
The ogre was also a humanoid type, and I soundly slip under the ogre’s boson, freely capitalising on the fruits of my training.
I was able to come to within reaching distance for my arm.
My arm starts to move―
Usually I would cut off the opponent’s arm or leg just like that, but unlike the goblins’ slender arms, ogre’s arm was as thick as my torso.
I was able to make a gash as deep as my knife but it was unable to reach the point of severing it.
In that case, it should be more efficient to use the beginners sword I purchased beforehand despite not being accustomed to it.
I thought to bring it just in case, and now it was worthwhile. I retrieve the sword hidden under my cloak and start amputating the arm.
But the ogre obviously wouldn’t let me do so easily, and it swung its fist around.
I crouched down and succeeded in avoiding the danger, and my arm even used the opportunity to stab at the ogre’s fist that was passing overhead and managed to lop off the arm just like that.


The Ogre’s scream resounds.
To this date, most of my opponents lost their fighting spirit when I cut off their arm, but as expected of an ogre, it instantly regains its footing and rushes at me.


While casting recovery magic on myself, I elude the ogre’s charge.
I fear my arm wouldn’t be able to endure if I tried to ward it off without recovery magic.
I smoothly evade its charge and my arm perceives the ogre turning its back on me.
I trace a line from its back to its neck with my knife.


A scream arises, even louder than before. Looking at the ogre desperately trying to get away from me, it seems like it’s already lost its fighting spirit.
Nevertheless, I have no intention of stopping here. I can’t let it escape and harm the town again.
I seriously put my strength into my finishing blow and trace the gap between the ogre’s head and torso―
Thunk. The ogre’s head fell to the ground with a dull sound.
………I-is it over……?


For now, I cast recovery magic on myself to cure the fatigue from the battle.


I look at the headless ogre collapsing before my eyes.
That was when it finally was aware that it had been killed.
I wonder how long it continued to stare.
I hear footsteps behind me. Weiss probably came to find me on his own because I was too slow.

“Ah, sorry Weiss. I was delayed in telling you to leave when I saw the ogre……huh?

However, when I turn my head, no one was there, only a lukewarm breeze was blowing.


I’m sure I heard footsteps. And yet no one was there.
I thought it strange but I reconsider – it might be me mishearing – and then lower my gaze unintentionally.


A sword sprung forth from my chest, dripping with blood.
I spin around at once, and there―



Grinning like the ogre from before had been, was Weiss――

41 thoughts on “Chapter 39: It’s incomparable

    1. also, kinda dumb. another thing, i dont know if he’d do this, but nest could also use his healing for interogation, cutting of the victims limbs repeatedly, only to heal them and do it again. i doubt that will ever happen tho.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. nest is a bit too soft for stuff like that if anything there is a higher chance of his arm going into automatic self defense mode and just decapitating the guy


      2. I have read in a couple novels where they cut off a limb and force the person to eat it. Then regrow with healing magic and repeat. If Nest wants to become evil.


  1. hmm… i am guessing here
    now, weiss can proclaim he is the strongest since he defeated the black jet saviour.. and say that nest is a demon due to the surreal healing?


    1. Nah. More likely that the bastard wants credit for killing the ogre…and jealous cos so many girls like Nest. Can’t wait for the next chapter!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 1 or 2 more possibility besides the obvious
        1) I want the girls
        2) I want the creds…

        3) They found out who healed the queen, which they went at great length to infect with some believed-incurable disease (more believable/logical, but this might make the manga too serious???)
        4) Remove potential rival adventurer now because of possible interference with plans or Just Because (c)

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    1. The ogre was also displaying much more intelligence as habitual in an ogre:
      normally they don’t attack in groups, and that trick with the change in velocity…

      Maybe it was the ogre who was first mind controlled.

      Still, I’m not sure of Weiss’ innocence.

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  2. Dunno what kind of a retarded motive he’s got, but is he really that stupid? This guy can regrow limbs in a matter of seconds, you think he can’t regrow his heart or other organs before dying? Should know to lop off his head if you plan to betray him.


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