Chapter 40: I tried imitating the ogre.

Weiss pulled a Quirrel D:

I tried imitating the ogre

“Kukuku, you having no sense of pain was true.”
“……Hey Weiss, stop with the jokes.”

It doesn’t really hurt, but having a sword stick out from my chest isn’t a good feeling.
Much less he was mimicking the expression of the ogre from before, just what was he thinking?

“That’s right. I should certainly stop playing around soon.”

Saying such a thing, he suddenly brings out something he had hidden behind him.


With both arms and legs bound, and a cloth stuffed in her mouth so she couldn’t talk, it was [Aura].


She frantically struggled to get away from Weiss. However, there was a clear difference in power between the two.
One side was active as an adventurer. The other, someone who simply built up her knowledge of monsters every day.
Furthermore, Aura had all her limbs bound and couldn’t move her body sufficiently.

“If you remove that sword, I will kill this girl so please be warned.”
“Ah, I also laced that sword in poison used for torture to amplify the sense of pain. It should come into effect soon.”

……Just what in the world is happening?

“Ahaha, you’re making a ‘what is happening’ face. Do you still not understand? I was a traitor, that’s what it is. I was also the one who summoned the ogres.”
“……So what is your objective…..?”

I don’t even know how he manipulated the ogres to start with. He could be considered to possess such mighty strength, but I feel his goal was not clear at all.

“Hmm.. objective, is it. If anything, it’s because of an [order from above].”“About making ogres attack the town like this……?”
“That’s right. I need to completely destroy the town in the end, you know? Or rather, I sent a goblin army before the ogres this time, but they were done in by [you-know-who].”

No doubt, that’s referring to me.

“Oh, it should be time for the pain to kick in now, I think? It seems even the strong guys scream from the tremendous pain when I use it, so hang in there, okay?”

……Indeed, I feel a tiny bit of pain.
Until now, it was only a little itchy but now it felt as sore as I did when I fell over before I learnt recovery magic.
However, it means the poison doesn’t end with just this.
When I glance over, Aura was looking this way with an ashen face.
……If it was going to turn out like this, I should have talked with Aura more. At this rate, it will end without me being able to release Aura from slavery.
I definitely want to prevent that at least, but I don’t think I’ll be allowed to.
……Do I really have no choice but to die like this――

―――Huh, it doesn’t hurt any more than this though……?
Could it be that this amazing effect was delayed?

“It should soon be too painful for you to talk, I think? Well, that can’t be helped though.”

……What to do. I’m definitely the strange one here……
It looks like he misunderstood my silence on his own, but the pain continued to remain at this level since some time ago.

“That recovery magic is a bother, you see. I expect you won’t be able to concentrate on healing because of the pain.”

……I see, it seems his aim was that. In the meantime, he probably intends to attack the town.
Some time passed, and indeed the pain still didn’t increase any further.
I thought that perhaps the effect might just be delayed and put myself on guard, but there was no sign of the pain increasing.
……But even if I stand around like this, it doesn’t mean something will happen.
I could also gamble on the subjugation squad to come this way but honestly, I couldn’t really expect it.
Besides, the longer they took, the more likely that the ineffectiveness of the poison would be exposed.
……Then what should I do?
The sword was still stuck in my chest with my blood flowing out.
Even if it’s just this, I want to quickly heal it.
Isn’t there.. Isn’t there any way to break this state of affairs……?

――There is.
……But honestly, I don’t really want to do it.
However, it’s also no good to missing this moment falling into an unrecoverable situation……
I must prepare myself――


……It’s too embarrassing.
Right now, I was screaming with all my strength while crouching.
When I tried imitating the ogre’s cry from before, I feel like I managed to make it sound like that.
If asked why I was doing such a thing, it was because I hit upon Weiss’s brief comment.

“It seems even the strong guys scream from the tremendous pain when I use it, so hang in there, okay?”

……even strong guys would scream from the pain.

“Ahaha, as I expected, even someone with no sense of pain will become like this.”

I couldn’t see his face because I was squatting down but I dare say he’s making a terrible face.
Aura may have turned as pale as a sheet, but I can only have her endure it.


Finally, I raise a magnificent scream, and then collapse on the ground as I was.
I might have overdone it a little but I hope doing this much makes it more intense.

“……Huh, did he die perhaps? Well, he did have a sword stabbed in him for this long so if it’s inevitable then it can’t be helped.”

For the moment, my playing dead strategy is a success!!

“Then, I won’t need this person any longer, huh. Let’s kill her.”

……Wh-what did he say!?
Crap, I didn’t think of that.
I desperately think of even more plans to break out of this situation but nothing decent comes to mind.

“Ah, but it’s not good to head into town all bloody so I should just leave her as she is. She didn’t even respond to Nestcchi’s death anyway.”

Even by chance, it was fortunate that he ended up overlooking Aura.
……Weiss’s footsteps drift away. It seems he headed towards the town.
I can’t get up immediately so I maintain this collapsed state for a while.
Thereupon, I felt the sensation of something nestling close to me.

“…… …..! …..uU, Nesttt…………wake uppp…..!!”

――It’s Aura.
It seems she came over here with her arms and legs bound.
………N-now then, what to do?

44 thoughts on “Chapter 40: I tried imitating the ogre.

      1. well, maybe this will be a lesson? lol he kinda reminds me of Bell-kun from “Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?”


  1. What incredible bond villainy… Talking of your plans, admitting culpability, and even leaving the protag to die instead of just finishing the guy off. I can’t even laugh at this, it’s just sad.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. In his defense, he’s done this before and nobody’s survived it.
      So he just assumes it worked.
      Aura being bounded also means she can’t stop him.

      Although you’re right that talking about his plan was rather stupid, but hey, he’s high from knowing he ‘won’ + the witness will soon die anyway.

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  2. Guessing gale and cyan are also traitors huh? Well its time for Nest to rise like a phoenix…. or a ghost…. or well you get it, and slaughter the lot of em!

    I would seriously be surprised but also very excited if this suddenly took a very dark turn and nest’s personality warped to the point where he becomes worse than V from V for Vendetta…..

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  3. Thx for the chapter!

    finally some test subjects to use freely…. remember he want to know if he can heal and recover a body if a head is severe, also he can use it to tor… test new heights of his healing power, like see if he can detoxify venon, worms on the body, insects that are eating the body on someone and… you know stuff 😀


  4. Saying such a thing, he suddenly brings out something he had hidden behind him.

    Where did he pull her out of? His ass? Did she arrive after they already got to the ogre? how? The fight should also have been short. He shouldn’t have met her at town… Whatever, might as well not question this.

    Seems he’s really retarded though. Let’s leave the witness alive, surely she can’t cut the ropes with the sword or anything. Nah. Hm…


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