Chapter 46: A stick being so sharp

What’s with all the cliffies >w<

Translated with minimal editing. It shouldn’t be that bad… I hope?

A stick being so sharp

“Haa……haa…… I’ve never heard of.. a stick being so sharp……”

Weiss, who had collapsed onto the ground after having both arms cut off by me, said while gasping.

“……Haha. That’s why I said I’m going to cut you up instead, you see?”

……Well, to be honest, it was a high-stake gamble for me as well, but luckily I succeeded.

“……Really, you exceeded my expectations.”

It seems Weiss had already lost his fighting spirit, and wasn’t even trying to stand up.

“And so, isn’t it okay to tell me what your intentions for doing this kind of thing are soon?”

He even assembled ogres to do such a thing, so there should be a reason for that in itself.

“……Haa, haven’t I said it a number of times already? It was an order from above……”

However, the reply was something I had already heard before.

“Even so, you should still know a little, right? Anything is fine, just tell me. Then I’ll even heal you too.”

If Weiss’s injuries are neglected at this state, there’s a high chance of them leading to his death.

I’m sure that’s the one key for negotiations that I possess right now.


It seemed as though Weiss also understood the seriousness of his own injury, as sure enough, he unabashedly looked away from me.

“Look, you also understand it, right? It’s fine even if it’s not everything you know, so just tell me what you can now.”

Weiss probably has his own circumstances. I’m sure there are also things that he really can’t say.
There might be slight problems with me healing him if he just tells me what he can say, but to my knowledge, Weiss hasn’t killed a single person yet.
In that case, I don’t want to go so far as to kill him.
Well, I’m not sure about the safety of the adventurers who are fighting the ogres, but Dude-sensei and his party should be there, so I probably don’t have to worry.
But for some reason, Weiss seemed to hesitate indefinitely and didn’t speak.

“Hey, tell me a little. After all, I beat you.”

Well it was mostly due to luck though……

“…………No, somehow it’s not quite decided yet, you know?”

He finally spoke after a long time, but he said such a thing all of a sudden. Not really understanding Weiss’s intentions, I unintentionally let out a questioning sound in response.


“――I never thought Weiss-kun would ever lose.”

Before I knew it, [that guy] was standing behind me.
In complete contrast to me, he was wearing a white cloak with his face concealed and gave me a somewhat nostalgic impression.
I immediately distance myself from that spot and take a stance with the stick in my hand, but [that guy] ignores me and heads to Weiss.


[That guy] cast recovery magic on Weiss.
I wonder if he was thinking to at least stop the bleeding……?



In the next moment, Weiss’ arm which was supposed to have been cut off by the stick, newly regrew.

“Sigh, it really hurt. Didn’t you come too late?”
“Not at all. Even like this, I rushed quite a bit. I didn’t think Weiss-kun would lose so I certainly might have taken my time for part of it though……”
“I-if I’m told that, then there’s nothing I can say.”

……They were chatting on good terms for some reason, but I didn’t care about that.
More than that, what was that recovery magic just now?
It seems familiar. It was.. exactly the same as my recovery magic.

“Y-you.. Could I possibly have met you before……?”

To be honest, I’ve practically forgotten about what happened in the past, but I remember being attracted by the recovery magic I saw for the first time, and so far I have been practicing my recovery magic by using that as a reference.
……That being the case, in regards to people who can use the same recovery magic as me, it’s inevitable that there is at least one person who can.
I also know there’s certainly the possibility of me having seen ordinary recovery magic in the past and altering it inside my mind without realising.
However, if it was really the recovery magic I first saw then it makes sense somehow.
I also can understand the nostalgia from the white cloak, and the abnormality of my recovery magic above all as well.


[That guy] silently looked this way. The conversing with Weiss also stopped, and I’m sure he was looking at me.
……I wonder how long he continued to do so.
Suddenly, [that guy] took his eyes off me.

“Weiss-kun, it seems like the ogres were defeated by the adventurers. We ought to be going soon too.”

Saying that, [that guy] retrieved some sort of spherical object from under his cloak and threw it at the ground.
Thereupon, the smoke emerging from that object starts enveloping us.


Leaving those words behind, [that guy]’s figure completely disappeared within the smoke.
The smoke was fanned by wind, and when my vision gradually improved, the two figures were no longer there and only I stood in that place.
In the end, I didn’t learn anything about their target, and only discovered one thing.
That was because, I’m sure [that guy] left these words for me.

“Well then.. you’re still not worthy. Arnest-kun.”
I have encountered [that guy] in the past――

45 thoughts on “Chapter 46: A stick being so sharp

      1. And and and… what if they are brothers? Or the white cloak is the right leg, the black cloak the left leg, and soon we will see other colors appearing??!!


  1. I think this line should read:

    “And so, isn’t it okay to tell me soon what your intentions are for doing this kind of thing”

    instead of:

    “And so, isn’t it okay to tell me what your intentions for doing this kind of thing are soon?”


  2. so.. the forgotten(& jealous) male(trap?) harem member makes an appearance? lol
    Nest: “Y-you.. Could I possibly have met you before……?”
    white-kun : (Mouu.. you forgot..) *pout* “……”
    *smoke attack*
    White-kun : (this is payback for forgetting me!) “Well then.. you’re still not worthy. Arnest-kun.”

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂
    and for being our first customer for the Mighty stick purchase, you have been awarded a free hug-able meatbun *hugs* XD
    *fine print* ..cookies and milk not included. 😛

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  3. *sigh* cliffhangers. the bane of my existence. And thus, the story begins. Now i need to know more about White Cloak-san! AAAAAARRRGGG!


  4. ehh~ i was kinda hoping for white-kun to beat some sense to this dense-as-f**k protag. Also naive. He has too much composure to be chummy with the enemy, and every other time.

    Im aware this to be comedy but, lately all he does is annoy me now… lol


  5. Weiss, who had collapsed onto the ground after I had slashed with both hands, said while gasping.

    Shouldn’t this say something like “…after having both arms cut off by me…”
    The other way is a bit confusing.


  6. Not worthy yet huh? it makes wonder if Nest will become worthy after being able to heal himself after losing his head or he might just die n resurrect due to MC curse. Btw, white cloak to me is Orsted.


  7. “Even so, you should still know a little, right? Anything is fine, just tell me. Then I’ll even heal you too.”
    If Weiss’s injuries are neglected at this state, there’s a high chance of them leading to his death.

    Yeah, fck. This guy never ceases to surprise me. How retarded can he be? You’re planning to heal an enemy you barely took down?

    Oh, and now there’s some mysterious bullshit going on in the background. Seems he’s got some mysterious past, fcking useless, feels so damn forced in a gag comedy novel like this. Just stick to the light-hearted stuff, don’t go around writing all this mystery crap. It really bothers me when I’m trying to read something with extremely subpar writing yet surprisingly interesting comedy only to all of a sudden find out that the author is trying to make some kind of a background plot that no one cares about and doesn’t fit in the story at all. Well, it will probably turn out to be something lame and minor in the end, this author can’t seem to write anything serious or complicated and there’s plot holes all over the place.


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