Chapter 116: Blue Sand Sound

Blue Sand Sound
I summoned Raphtalia, Firo and Rishia to conduct an experiment.
I have plans to train and study magic after this, but for now we have free time so there’s no problem.
“What’s wrong? Naofumi-sama”
“Ah, I have a favour to ask you Raphtalia”
I opened Raphtalia’s slave menu and unchecked the restriction preventing her from attacking me.
If I didn’t remove it, the seal crest would activate before I could experiment and cause Raphtalia pain.
“I want to test the defence of the strengthened shield. I give you permission so please strike at me”
“Please start with your bare hands. Don’t hold back”
“I, I understand”
Hesitantly but with power, Raphtalia hit me with her fist, aiming for my chest.
It made a good sound.
However, it didn’t even have the pain of a mosquito bite.
Is this the extent of Raphtalia’s fist…..
What would happen if I was stabbed with a sword?
It seemed foolish even to me, but even though I think it’s unpleasant to get hurt, I wanted to see how many attacks I could handle.
“Next is the sword”
“U-um. Is that alright?”
Rishia inquires timidly.
I understand her feelings. From an ordinary person’s point of view, I can only be seen as a weirdo.
“I’m testing to see how much I can endure”
I want to think that if I can withstand attacks of Raphtalia’s class then I will be fine for the time being.
There’s no such thing as having too much defensive power.
“Th-then here I come”
Raphtalia faced me holding, not her usual weapon but, an iron sword. I understood it as going somewhat easy on me.
With a loud clang, Raphtalia’s attack hit me on the shoulder and stopped.
“I-It’s tough……”
Raphtalia responded tearfully, whilst silently letting the iron sword drop and shaking out her hand.
Oh, I didn’t receive any damage at all.
This is amazing. It feels as if I have a body made of steel.
Although it still feels fleshy when you touch it, just like before.
Looking at it closely, don’t I have more muscles when compared to before I came to this world?
I think that including the level compensation, it’s become a suitably fit body to fight with.
Well, we haven’t had much of a break in fighting for the past four months.
In the past, you wouldn’t think that so much physical strength would be expended between walking and riding the carriage. It can’t be compare to when I was an otaku.
“Let Firo do it too~”
“Ah, sure”
I released Firo’s monster crest as well.
In terms of power, if I can defend against Firo’s attack, I can say that I have considerable defence. I’d like the self-assurance.
“Okay, I’m coming”
Turning into her monster form, Filo stood before me and lifted her foot back in order to kick me.
*creak*….*creak creak*…*tense*…
The sound of muscles contracting could be heard from Firo’s leg.
My past experiences told me. That was dangerous.
*tense*…. *tense tense tense*
“Wai-, sto—-”
I prepared my shield at once.
After a loud roar, together with strong vibration, my body lifted. I flew with the impact from the whole body.
“A-are you trying to kill me!”
If I didn’t prepare, wouldn’t that have gone right through me. What is this.
When I was about to complain, I glanced back at Firo who started to giggle.
For a moment, I felt like frowning.
“Wah… Master’s very sturdy~”
“What the hell was the kick just now!”
“Well, er…. In a real fight I always save some strength when I kick so I won’t be exposed”
Firo’s serious kick, huh…. She’s totally not going easy on me.
“The strength I put in would be enough to split that spear guy into two”
I pity Motoyasu, if he was kicked with this much power, his life would be over.
I kind of want to see that.
“If it was Master from before, you might have flown all the way to the horizon?”
“You should think more about your actions before you do them!”
Really, it’s enough to kill.
A kick that sends you flying all the way to the horizon, I mean what the hell.
This isn’t an anime…… although if you think about it, it is another world.
However, this result really proves my high defence.
I was able to defend against Firo’s full strength, which is comparable to the heroes’, according to Glass, so it’s remarkable.
I don’t know how far it would go but, I’m anticipating the effectiveness beyond what it is now.
“Hm… it’s all right”
“The one who decides that isn’t you. It’s me”
“But I thought it was fine”
Is this kid just instinctive?
Having it happen a second time is scary so I’ll reset the limitation for now.
“Jeez……. I’m alright so it’s good…… If I had gotten injured, you’d have become tonight’s dinner.”
Now then, I slowly look towards Rishia.
“It’s fine if you don’t do it”
I didn’t receive any damage from Raphtalia or Firo. It’s probably impossible for Rishia no matter how much she tries.
It’d be troubling if she got hurt trying to do the impossible.
It feels like handling someone with a weak constitution, but I’ll lose if I worry too much.
“For the time being, the wave is drawing near so let’s work on our magic acquisition today as well. That’s all.”
It is better to go on an expedition if we want to earnestly level up.
Though it seems Raphtalia does spars with the knights.
“I understand”
“Then Firo’s gonna join Mel-chan with her studies~”
“Ah, off you go”
It’s obvious as the princess of the country but Melty basically spends most of her time studying in the castle.
Now that Bitch has been stripped of her right of inheritance, it’s a necessary thing to do as the next queen.
It’s called the royal studies or something. There was a similar thing in my world.
One can only say that she’s doing her utmost studying everyday to make this a decent country.
Speaking of Melty, she is taught pharmaceutics and magic in the castle and when she has free time she heads to my place.
Even in her studies she says she enjoys it when it’s with Firo.
Filo’s not smart, so surely Melty’s also dumb. Yeah.
I assured myself of that and after that is to……. lets also strengthen my Wrath Shield just in case.
Wrath Shield (Awakened) +7 50/50 SR
Ability Locked…… Equipment bonus, Skills [Change Shield (Atk)] [Iron Maiden] [Blutopfer]
Special effect: Dark Curse Burning S Strength Up Indignation of Enraged Dragon Roar Family’s Rampage Magic Sharing Garment of Rage (Mid)
Proficiency 0
It appears that I can’t do Item, Spirit or Status Enchantments on unreleased shields.
Nevertheless, the abilities have improved tremendously.
The problem is when I change into this, it tries to take over my mind which is frightening.
Well, the preparation for the wave is almost complete.
The next day.
3 days until the wave.
“Come to think of it, Queen”
“What may that be?”
At the end of lunch, I called for a meeting with the queen.
Most of the preparation is complete, I just have to wait for the wave.
As expected, it’s harsh to just fight that Glass by ourselves.
That’s why I thought to ask what the heroes are currently doing.
“What happened to the other Heroes? Also, is it all right that I’m not participating in the waves of the other countries?”
“The heroes, apart from Iwatani-sama, have been fighting the other countries’ waves for the past few days and seem to be suppressing them safely. Iwatani-sama has basically become exclusive for our country……. so its fine as long as there are no big problems.”
“Those big problems you speak of are worrying though-!?”
Suddenly, the sound of glass shattering reached my ears.
When I shook my head, a big shock entered my field of vision.
The sound was similar to the sound made when a wave is coming but…… it’s different in a complicated way.
“Just now…. What just happened!”
I surveyed our surroundings.
I thought I’d been transported to the wave but I hadn’t moved anywhere and was still in the corridor of the castle.
“What in the world is going on?”
“I don’t know……but, I’m certain that something has occurred”
I summoned the red hourglass icon notifying me of the wave that was located in the corner of my vision.
– The time counter has stopped at 3 days remaining until the next wave.
And then, right next to it another……blue hourglass materialised with the number [7] engraved on it.
“Another hourglass appeared. It has the number 7 written on it but I don’t know what this means”
I opened the Help menu to confirm that there are no new entries.
However…… I could not find any information that resembles that.
Just what in the world happened?
7…… I recently heard a story concerning people with a similar title, the Seven Star Heroes or so they’re called.
Maybe it has something to do with that?
“Come to think of it, aren’t there heroes defeating a wave somewhere?”
“No, apart from the wave that the other heroes are participating in, there’s only incident from just now, I think but….I’ll solicit information from each nation just to be sure”
On that note, the Queen and I gave instructions to a messenger requesting information.
This was the start of the incident……

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