Chapter 176: Wimp

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Chapter 176: Wimp

“And so Rafatalia’s proposed Atlas countermeasure is you?” (Naofumi)
“Yes, I am also quite troubled.” (Sadina)

Sadina answers while pouring herseld a glass of sake in my room.
Why was she even chosen?

“Well, just leave it to this Onee-san.” (Sadina)
“That’s just making me more anxious.” (Naofumi)

Sadina had a fast growth rate, and she is already level 35.
She hunts alone.
I wonder how strong the sea monsters she fights are.
Should I send the other slaves ocean monster hunting? I could build boats, and…

“And, what exactly should I do? Should I act like I’m having a good time with Naofumi-chan in front of Atlas-chan?” (Sadina)
“That sounds idiotic. What do you mean by, ‘a good time’.” (Naofumi)

She’s avoiding directly saying anything indecent, but Sadina is slowly taking off her loincloth.
Who wants to have a good time with you!? Please limit your…

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