Chapter 3: You’ll accept? (with implications)

Arnest is very tsundere, all these double negatives.
Name change: Asher -> Asha (because Asher sounds like a male’s name)
For those who think that the story is poorly written, take note that it’s pretty much at the 「First draft」stage and I’m sure Author-san will go back and edit all the chapters later.

You’ll accept?

I had been severely scolded by the innkeeper, but now I was full of anticipation.
Why? That’s obvious. It’s because I can meet ‘Saint-sama’. It seems her medical treatment is available to the public so it’s easy to see her.
What’s important is the extent of recovery magic that ‘Saint-sama’ can use.
And what’s even more important is how beautiful ‘Saint-sama’ is. How beautiful the Saint is!!

The town was full of energy. There were many people opening stands on the street. It’s like a mini-festival already.

“Hey, did you hear? Apparently Saint-sama is coming to town!”
“Oh, you’re quick! When will the medical treatment start?”
“It seems Saint-sama will start right after having a short rest.”

I kept my ears open and gathered information. Heh, it’s not like I don’t have any friends because I only recently came to this town!

I head there early to take a position as far forward as possible so I would be able to see. Luckily there were only a few people so I could take up a position easily.
It appears there’s still some time before it starts. I made a mistake, I could have bought something suitable to eat. I haven’t even eaten breakfast so I’m hungry…..

“Er.. Nest-kun? G-good morning.”
“Ah!? Wh-who are hyu?”

I couldn’t not bite my tongue! Because in front of my eyes was a woman with an hourglass figure!?

“It’s me, Asha.”

I-I never thought it’d be Asha-san…..

“Ah, good morning. I didn’t recognise you without your uniform.”

Because I’ve never seen Asha-san in plain clothes before….. Or rather, she really is a beauty!

“Er.. so what are you doing here, Asha-san? Did you come to see Saint-sama too?”
“Y-yeah. There’s that too but I thought I might run into you so……”
“Eh, what was that?”

Her voice lowered half way through the sentence so I couldn’t hear it.

“Come to think of it, have you eaten? It’s fine if you haven’t but to be honest, I made a lunchbox… How about it?”

B-by ‘how about it’, is she talking about eating together?
I thank Asha-san and feast on the lunchbox.


What the heck, it’s super tasty!! So Asha-san was good at cooking….. And she’s a beauty! A major beauty!! If she was my wife……


Nevertheless, I can only dream. No matter how hard I try, I won’t be a good match for Asha-san. It’s too bad I wasn’t born handsome but I can continue living with just this lunchbox!

“This really is delicious, it’s already at a level you can’t buy. I envy the one who will become your husband!”

If I was handsome, I would probably be able to eat this cooking for breakfast, lunch and dinner but it’s too bad……


Asha-san’s face suddenly turns red. She’s become flustered for some reason.

“Th-then Nest-kun will accept (me)?”
“Eh, of course I’ll accept (the lunchbox)!”

What’s the matter, Asha-san? I wonder if I did something bad.

“So.. I can’t have the lunchbox?”
“Eh, lunchbox?

Asha-san questions, suddenly freezing. She has already become ghastly.

“Y-you weren’t talking about the lunchbox…..? To accept or not…..”

When I said that, Asha-san turned bright red with an inaudible *poof* and ran away. Wh-what should I do with this lunchbox….. Would it be alright to eat it….?

People have gradually assembled by the time I finished the lunchbox. Obviously, there were a great number of injured people.
From what I hear around me, it seems it’ll start soon.

People in the vicinity cheer loudly. It looks like the Saint-sama I’ve been eagerly waiting for has appeared. Come, beauty!!
Saint-sama appeared before us. She’s covered by a thick hood.
A commotion gradually spread through the area, like the others also thought it was strange.

“Good morning everyone.”

A single statement, spoken in a clear voice. It wasn’t said very loudly but it resounded in the vicinity. Even the commotion settled down because of it.

“Now then, I will start the medical treatment.”

As expected of the Saint, she heals injuries in a twinkle. However, they were all just grazes and such, so the amazing magic I was looking forward to was not seen.
I could only strengthen my resolve and then approached the Saint as a patient. As one would expect, I covered myself with a hood so I wouldn’t stand out in the future.

“Hello, what would you like me to heal?”

Hearing it from up close, she has an even prettier voice. And then I took a fleeting peek into Saint-sama’s hood to see her face. I could tell she was a beauty even with the small glimpse.

“Um.. I want to have you heal my arm but….”
“? Your arm doesn’t look like it’s injured though….”
“Ah, I’ll do it now, so please.”

And then I cut off an arm.

“!? What are you doing!? I’ll heal you now so please stand still.”

S-Saint-sama got mad at me….. Certainly, I might have overdone it. A large quantity of blood flowed out from the base of my arm even now.

“High Heal!!”

Oh, so this is Saint-sama’s magic.. Ah…..?

“Um.. Are you…finished?”

The blood has stopped. But that’s all, the arm hasn’t healed.

“You! Why did you do such a stupid thing!! To cut off an arm!! Honestly, you won’t be able to use it again, you know!?”
“Huh? Wasn’t Saint-sama able to heal an arm…..?”

The people in the vicinity watched with bated breath.

“Are you an idiot!? There’s no way I can recover it!? I don’t mean to boast but I know more than anyone else in terms of recovery magic. Even so, I’ve never heard of a spell that can regrown a severed arm.”

I stood there in shock. Eh, then what about my Heal? Who am I going to learn recovery magic from…..?

“That kind of… I’m sorry.”

I made a brief statement to the surrounding people, picked up my arm and returned to the inn in a daze.

In that case, what the hell is my recovery magic….? I can easily do something that even Saint-sama can’t manage.

“Sigh…. This can’t be anything but monstrous then…..”

I mutter to myself mockingly while healing my arm. I finally understood how strange it was for me to regrow my arm by simply casting Heal.
From here on, I shouldn’t use such excessive recovery magic as much as possible.
I etched that into my mind.


53 thoughts on “Chapter 3: You’ll accept? (with implications)

    1. Years of practice, I suppose. He did more or less cut off his arm repeatedly for days, so I suppose it’s a breeze by now.

      Not the best of theories, but hey, this is a pretty light story.


      1. ah, but the problem is how difficult it actually is to cut an arm off in one swing with a knife, or even a sword. Add the awkwardness of having to angle it at yourself, and suddenly you have to be a swordmaster or something…


  1. “Eh, of course I’ll accept (the lunchbox)!” nomnomnom.. 😀
    kawai asha is kawai~
    i wonder how saint-sama is going to react to the escaping self-mutilating stalker she found.. lol

    Thank you for the double choco-chapter cookie


  2. I feel sorry for that poor saint. If she’s anything more than a one-off character, then she’s bound to experience many more headaches as a result of the MC…

    Incidentally, it feels like the MC might be literally a little soft-headed. Like a developmental delay sort of thing. Or maybe I’m just reading too much into his ignorance?

    My thanks to you, Kookiedreamer.


  3. i hope in the preceeding chapters, he wont act like he does not know how op his healing power is. i hate characters who continually act dense about common sense(like the magis grandson mc). anyway, thanks for the chapter.


  4. For some reason, I keep hoping that the MC will sell his cut off body parts in the future, or otherwise use them for something. It’s kind of a waste to just leave them lying around. He could even use it as a surprise attack, like, he cuts off his own arm and throws it to distract people.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Thanks for the chapter.

    This guy is a nut job who the hell just cuts a limb off like if its nothing even if you can fully heal yourself just how fked up in the head do you have to be…


  6. *goes to a hospital*
    Hello, I would like you to heal my arm.
    *cuts off own arm in front of the doctor*

    I think there’s a clear difference between being dense, and just being plain stupid.


  7. lol I love this guy: “hey wanna c a trick,”
    “? Sure, what are u gonna show me,”
    “Have u gone MAD,” I hope he keeps freaking people out with that its hillarious.


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