Chapter 33: I want to let him experience them

Taking suggestions for King’s name [エスイック Esuikku] if anyone can think of a more chuuni name.

I miss my hyperactive brain from exam block period. Editing (and thinking) takes so much effort now >w<

I want to let him experience them.

“Your Majesty, this is the shopping district. The people living in town come here to shop.”

Indeed, this would be the highlight of the town. Although it’s not to the extent of the capital, there’s a lot of pedestrian traffic, and yet the public order is excellent.


………Nevertheless, the king’s reaction is really weak.
Could I possibly have said something bad without realising it?

“……Umm, Your Majesty. Is something the matter?”
“Desist with the ‘Your Majesty’ business. I’m travelling incognito so it’s fine to just treat me normally.”
“B-but I can’t……”
“It’s Ethique.”
“My name. From now on, just call me Ethique without honorifics. And the formality is unnecessary as well.”

……No, no, if a slave like me calls the king without honorifics then there would have been no meaning in me being the guide!!
But if I refuse, I would definitely be offending him.
Hmm. What’s to be done……


“――To tell you the truth, I wanted to be born not as royalty, but as an ordinary person with no authority whatsoever. It seems natural for a person with authority to be working ‘for the kingdom’ and ‘for the nation’.
Not only that, even one’s own actions are greatly restricted. As the king, I am a good example of that……. Well, this time I came here a little high-handedly though. I’ve heard about your past at the guild, but you should understand as former royalty, right?”

…..Indeed, there were some things I understood as a former member of royalty.
In the past, even leaving the castle was only permitted during special occasions. Furthermore, I was escorted by so many guards on those occasions.
I ended up as a slave. However, I gained a little sister like Lily. I was even able to befriend everyone in town. And above all, I met a master like Nest.
――These were surely things that couldn’t be obtained had I stayed royalty.
If I consider the king to be the same now, then at least for [today], and if today is no good then at least for [now], I want to let him experience them.

“I get it. It’s Ethique, right? But you can’t accuse me of lèse-majesté afterwards, okay?”
“Yeah, I know that much.”
“……Anyway, if you were born as an ordinary person with no authority whatsoever, what would you have wanted to be?”
“………[The Jet-Black Saviour], I guess. Well, I know that that’s impossible though. That’s why I’ll settle for an adventurer. Every man dreams of being an adventurer at least once.”
“Yeah, my master is also on a quest right now. I-if I remember correctly, it was for.. a goblin king, I think……”

Wai.. Ethique said [the Black Saviour] just now but that’s not referring to Nest, right……?

“Oh, a goblin king, huh. It seems like your master also longs to be like [the Black Saviour]-sama.”
“Th-that might be so.”

That’s definitely NESSTTTT!!! M-moreover, the ‘sama’ honorific was also mixed in among the confusion!?
When Nest gets back from his quest, I’ll have to repeatedly caution him about exposing his true identity in front of the king…….

――――――[Arnest POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――

“Come to think of it, Nestcchi’s pretty close with that person from the guild, huh?”

Weiss said, after we left the town in a wagon.

“Indeed, they were chatting on quite good terms.”
“Yeah. Even chatting was rare at our guild, let alone being sent off.”

The Cyan siblings who were steering the wagon also turned to the rear and joined the conversation.

“Uhh.. Rather than being close, I guess it’s more like she helped me out with various things in the guild, and our relationship improved because of that?”

At any rate, Asha-san is a beauty in a guild full of beautiful receptionists.
Furthermore, her interaction with the adventurers is also very courteous and thus I see many guys appealing to her.
Even so, I have yet to hear anything about her dating someone. And because of that, there is much speculation floating around such as whether she already has a man in her heart, or whether she actually prefers girls.

“Oh, so it’s like that. I assumed you had that sort of relationship for sure, but that’s too bad.”
“Well it’s true she’s a beauty, and I’d also envy whoever she dated. I also received a lunchbox she made once, it was super delicious.”

That was really delicious……
It would be good if I had another opportunity, but it’s rather impudent for me to ask of my own accord.

“……No, any way you think of it, that sort of thing is that, right……”

Why are you all silent? I want you guys to tell me what that means……

“W-which reminds me, I want to rely on Nest and Weiss for the night watch so you guys should get some rest now.”

In the end, I was ignored just like that, although Cyan also had a point.
Following his advice, Weiss and I lay down inside the shaking wagon.


…Yeah. Sleeping in the wagon is hard. I knew that though.


Although I call it a journey, we arrived near the location where the goblin king was sighted while Weiss and I were sleeping.
According to Gale, the monsters had been too scarce but I suppose it’s best that there aren’t any monsters.


With the sky turning dark, we started setting up camp and I searched for kindling for the fire together with Weiss.

“We’ve gotten this much so let’s head back.”

Just when I caught sight of one final stick and picked it up..






――――――I could faintly hear the growls of that.



Something that could never be produced by goblins or goblin kings, a deep and powerful voice.

The hazy figure that could be seen before my lowered gaze.

A huge foot with a claw the size of my torso.

When I timidly raised my eyes, before me was――――――――




――――――――A [Dragon].

62 thoughts on “Chapter 33: I want to let him experience them

  1. Oh come on, all I just wanted was to relax but then a dragon shows up, stop screaming ppl you’re hurting my ears… – nest slays dragon almost instantly- would be hoping that the Dragon is the non-flight type otherwise how is he to deal with it when it flies >_> thanks for the chapter, shipping Ashe with Nest along with the rest of his girls though I wonder who the main Waifu will be in the end. Guess the party will now behold Nest’s OP healing now as they almost die to dragon breath and such while having super recovers and what not. Wonder if it still works on a person who has just died of injuries? Like maybe within 30~minutes? Too much speculations. Again thanks kookie for the chappie. What do you think will happen?


    1. Yeah, he’ll just keep cutting him into pieces and then healing him. Ultimate torture. Now that i mention it, i wonder what would happen to Nest if he got tortured? Nah, he’d probably be like “Hey, that tingles. [Heal]” and thank them for helping him learn how to heal better. lol

      Liked by 4 people

      1. Based on other novels, there are several possibilities.

        1. They fight outright, Nest wins, because unless he’s killed instantly he can heal everything instantly many times. He just kills the dragon like that.

        2. They fight. After a bit of thrashing-healing-repeat, the dragon surrenders / decides to stop the fight. Might become friends, might escape.

        3. They fight. Nest is having such an easy time, and he doesn’t want to kill such a majestic animal, so he heals it whenever he damages it, just to show he can kill it whenever he wants to. The dragon eventually submits to his will.

        3½. The dragon also becomes a masochist due to the repeated pain-healing treatment, relating pain to feeling good with healing afterwards. High probability of female dragon in this case, since Nest probably wouldn’t want to take care of a male M dragon along with his other slaves.

        4. The dragon is in need of some assistance which might have some connection to healing, either it being something in it’s paw, giving birth , some battle-related wound or something else. Nest heals it, and the ‘coldest’ reception logically should be tsundere.

        5. They just find a dragon who shouted out for some reason, maybe it’s angry of invaders, thieves etc. No fight, no healing, but atleast talking.

        Other possibilities are plausible, but these are something I thought of.

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      2. Although this is pretty out of character, I can imagine Nest being like TFS Vegeta and sarcastically say “please sir, may I have another?” if he were to be tortured. Especially since he doesn’t feel pain.

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      3. @leafy who ever is incharge of torturing Nest I think they will quit their job afterwards. Hell if Nest was sent to the gallows I bet even the executioner would lose his mind/heart and quit his job

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        1. OOooo good point. Maybe he’ll figure out that he doesn’t need to. Maybe he gets into a situation where there are monsters nearby and is injured, so he can’t speak. Guess we’ll find out. 😀


  2. Hahaha it feels like that escalated quickly but oh well, maybe he will tame it and it transforms into another cute loli for his harem. I wouldn’t be that surprised even it if actually happened 🙂


  3. @kookiedreamer for the King’s name [エスイック Esuikku], maybe Essick as sort of a Westernized form of the name. Obviously just a suggestion, but it gives a similar feeling to the English county Essex.


  4. Not all that chuuni, but the king’s name is probably based on “ethic.” Fitting for a king who is the pillar of morality, notsomuch for a chuuni due to wanting more “freedom.”


  5. jet black dragon savior.. no, Jet black Dragon Rider.. i like the sound of that~
    hmm.. on the other hand.. dragons meat sounds tasty.. uguu.. go! jet black dragon Slayer~!


  6. ….great, just great.
    Nest is about to slay a dragon, meets that chuuni king and
    the bloody fool of a royalty is gonna scream like a groupy meeting a rockstar when he finds out
    that his “jet black savour-sama” jumped over the expectations of everyone AGAIN!!!
    poor little lad
    *turns head away while secretly snickering by just thinking about it*
    Thanks for the new chapter kookie-dono.


  7. base on the flow so far
    the dragon is likely to be converted into M
    the dragon well most likely submit to mc and became his mount lol
    by repetitive cutting and healing
    after all no living beings that MC can’t cut

    lets see if my prediction is right lol
    Thanks for the chapter!


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