Chapter 171: Portal Shield

At long last, I present Chapter 171!!~~
Portal Shield
“I get that Witch grew up spoiled, but what about Melty?” (Naofumi)
“That child was brought up with an exclusive teacher. So as much as possible, she was not too influenced by that person.” (Queen)
And that’s why Melty is respectable, compared to her sister.
Just compared to her sister though.
Because if I had to say, Melty’s emotionalness stands out.
She was angry even when we first met, and was also in hysterics recently.
“Ah, right, Iwatani-sama has somehow changed how he calls her, so I made the name change official.” (Queen)
“You did well to distiguish it, despite the two names being mostly the same.” (Naofumi)
“I also heard of it through Shadow’s report.” (Queen)
“Did you hear about the source of the name?” (Naofumi)
“Iwatani-sama’s world plays a factor. I dare say…. it’s probably a play on the words succubus or satan…sorceress or something, right?” (Queen) [T/N: In japanese, the three words share the character 魔 (魔性 devilishness, 悪魔 demon, 魔女 witch)]
“Mn, correct.” (Naofumi)
However, what is with you coming up with those words to be associated with your own daughter?
Well, that’s the impression you get when talking about Witch though.
“Also, I am entrusting this to Melty but what what will you do about the tax rate in your land?” (Queen)
Tax rate, huh.
When I think about it, the nobles originally only had to deal with the land management and doing nothing was a virtue, right?
Well, I don’t know if that’s even the case in this alternate world.
“Having high tax rates while we’re still reconstructing is a bit…..” (Naofumi)
It’s because it’s this kind of occasion that the populace’s power is swayed.
I feel that demanding taxes while they’re still unable to live as they please will cause everything to fail.
I understand that the Japan I lived in also had such a sore point.
Even though we’re in hard times, it’ll accelerate if taxes are raised. The recession, that is.
If you look at history and stuff, taxes must be lowered during a recession.
Having said that, as long as we are spirited, we can still expect revenue somehow.
…Well, I don’t know much about it.
“For now, we should lower those things that will affect the reconstruction and livelihood and raise the prices of luxury goods and such….” (Naofumi)
“I’ll have Iwatani-sama’s show us your abilities.”
“I hope you don’t expect too much.” (Naofumi)
How should I say it, I’m not that exceptional.
One way or another, it’s just using the power of the Shield.
Come to think of it, it’s almost time for the Bioplants to produce medical herbs so I’ll be able to manufacture medicine soon.
My purchasing has also been enhanced, and my property investments are somehow quite substantial.
One way or another, I’ll be able to sell medicine.
“I heard from the reports that you made a rather interesting building. Something about a plant that simply becomes a building?” (Queen)
….So you’re indirectly asking about Rato.
Just like I’m being cautious, even the country wants to be careful.
“Right, I created it with that Alchemist who was causing all that trouble in Forburei.” (Naofumi)
I hand a Camping Plant Seed to the Queen.
“This is a prototype for now.” (Naofumi)
“Will you be using this for business as well?” (Queen)
“There’s the issue of it going rampant so I think it’s dangerous for it to be distributed too much.” (Naofumi)
For now, there aren’t any problems but I don’t know when something will happen.
The problem is that that danger is capable of reviving, especially with strange crossbreeding.
When I was doing management tasks, a lot of places were lost because of the waves so at most I was going to use them as a demonstration.” (Naofumi) [T/N: Talking about the village being destroyed and camping plant was a trial modification.]
My place is the result of displaying this technique, and originally I had the intention of emphasising the selling of medicine.
“Then how about selling to nobles? Hypothetically speaking, if you cast magic to prevent crossbreeding then it might be good value to sell them as disposable products.” (Queen)
“That’s also an option but…” (Naofumi)
It’s not like I can’t do it by fiddling with the plant modification. It’ll work if I change the fertillity value to the lowest setting.
It might be good if it’s those nobles.
“I haven’t recieved any complaints but is it alright?” (Naofumi)
“The ones who’ll have complaints about the Hero of the Shield-sama’s work are the current authorities.”
“That’s what I’m worried about though….” (Naofumi)
Either way, land management is difficult. I’m under the pretense of teaching Melty but it seems like I’m being taught instead.
It’s agony to yield to that short-tempered Melty.
“Come to think of it, how are the country’s nobles? Giving me, the Hero of the Shield, such hospitality is essentially just due to the Queen’s own judgement, right?” (Naofumi)
“For the time being, there’s no problems. Instead it’s so calm that it’s ominous.” (Queen)
“It seems like something will happen?” (Naofumi)
“…Yes. Regrettably it’s at a state that I can’t reach with my power.” (Queen)
I don’t have any conclusive evidence but I have a hunch. My hunches are usually right when it comes to things like this though.
Originally I’m like that too, managing a Demi-human village in a human dominated country, but the Queen, who embraces the Hero of the Shield worshipped by the Demihumans, is the Queen.
“This concerns that trouble-making Alchemist but, it seems she’s adapting to Iwatani-sama’s place from what I can see from the reports.” (Queen)
“Yeah, it’s surprising how fast it was. What really happened in Forburei?” (Naofumi)
“It’s as she said. Somehow it seems that Forburei’s Seven Star Heroes exiled her due to a conflict over her research and techniques. I suspect it’s that, rather than a religious issue.” (Queen)
One way or another, that guy has her own techniques. So she was exiled because of them.
I don’t know what she was researching in Forburei though….
Somehow, the atmosphere reeks of ‘Japan and a certain country competing with their car import businesses’. It resembles being chased out by political power.
Well, Forburei will probably reveal new weapons eventually.
If it makes the waves and living easier then it’s good though. I won’t be depending on it either. I still need Rato’s support.
“So this is how the reports are, huh.” (Naofumi)
“That is the case, we’ll be awaiting your next visit.” (Queen)
With her head lowered, the Queen started to take her leave.
“That’s right, there’s ore excavated from the spirit turtle in the castle warehouse so go ahead and take some whenever you like.” (Queen)
“Ah, please turn those materials over to my regular weapon shop.” (Naofumi)
“Alright.” (Queen)
Because I want to become Oyaji’s power somehow. I want to give him priority.
With that feeling, the conversation ended and we went to the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era for Fohl and Sadina’s Level Reset.
At the same time, I recieved some of the sand from the Hourglass of the Dragon’s Era. I let the shield absorb it.
The Dragon’s Era Sand Shield was unlocked.
Dragon’s Era Sand Shield    0/60 C
Ability Sealed…Equipment Bonus, Skill [Portal Shield]
Proficiency 0
I had a look at the sudden pop-up….there were no special skills attached. Its ability wasn’t very high either.
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
With a *Pop*, an icon appeared in my field of vision.
Transfer <-
Transfer Memory
Where was the initial transfer location?
I identify the transfer.
Melromarc Summon Space.
Ah, it’s that room I first appeared in. It’s unlikely to be anywhere else.
I should try jumping as a test.
When I do, I become aware of the range.
I can also designate comrades that can be transfered. It seems that i can also jump unintentionally.
Moreover it’s pretty vast. So there’s no need to be touching or anything.
They also have it as an emergency escape skill.
“Then I’m going to use the transfer skill to experiment.” (Naofumi)
“Okay!” (Firo)
“Oh, it looks quite fun.” (Sadina)
“You’re going to do it?” (Fohl)
Fohl startled and grasped onto Sadina. Sadina also embraced Fohl.
Firo was….
“That’s right Firo. Distance yourself a little more please.” (Naofumi)
“Hm? Understood~” (Firo)
The human-shaped Firo trotted away from me.
It should be something like this.
I become aware of the transfer.
When I do, the scenery changes, and I jumped to the damp and humid, earth-smelling altar.
Speaking of which, this is that kind of place.
There’s no one around and there’s no ceremony being held so it’s natural.
“You really jumped. How interesting~” (Sadina)
Sadina cackled with laughter. Say, you’re always laughing.
Fohl blinked with surprise.
Firo… separated from me and yet she was standing close by.
It’s sure is a convenient skill…
What was the cooldown time like?
“Portal Shield!” (Naofumi)
Reuse time, a countdown time of 1 hour appeared.
It’s longer than I expected.
Well, if it was short then it could be utilised in battle.
“Now then, let’s return.” (Naofumi)
Just like this, we finished experimenting and returned to the village.
By the way, it seems like the possible transfer point memory of the Portal Shield is fundamentally impossible inside caves and buildings. The summoning space was the initial point and that’s why there’s that sort of treatment.
And so, if I can’t transfer to places that cant be registered, then it’s practical to jump to somewhere different.
Moreover, there’s actually no need to shout, just moving my mouth lets me jump.
I covered my mouth with my own hand and just by saying ‘Portal Shield’, an icon appeared.
Futhermore, starting with my party members, I have the option of select allies in my surroundings to transfer with.
That is to say, it can still be used even if an ally is caught by the enemy.
Furthermore, a hostile opponent can’t be transported.
In short, monsters, the heroes and Witch aren’t allies so I can’t forcably take them with me.
That’s a nuisance…
Ah, that’s right. Speaking of limits, it seems like the carriage is too big and is impossible to transport.
That’s why the other heroes didn’t use carriages.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 171: Portal Shield

  1. So is it safe to assume that there won’t come an edited/newly translated version for 171 and 172?
    Still stuck at 170 because they are so bad…


    1. Here’s an attempt at an edit. I’m basing it off the translation Flazeo25 did and what Google Translate spits out. I probably made a lot of mistakes. Places with a * I was really confused at


      “I knew that Witch grew up spoiled, but what about Melty?” (Naofumi)
      “That child was brought up with a dedicated teacher. But I don’t want her to be associated with that person if possible.” (Queen)

      I guess she doesn’t want Melty compared to her older sister.*
      Even if the older sister is obviously worse.*
      Still, whenever Melty speaks she gets very emotional.
      She was also angry the first time we met, and the trouble it caused last time…

      “Oh, and it seems Iwatani-dono changed it’s name, so I made it official.” (Queen)
      “Even though it’s almost the same, I understand.” (Naofumi)
      “I have heard the report from Shadow.” (Queen)
      “Do you want to know where that name came from?” (Naofumi)
      “Most likely it is from Iwatani-dono’s world. Perhaps an evil spirit or demon inspired the name?” (Queen)
      “Close enough.” (Naofumi)

      Though, whenever I think about her, the only word that comes to mind is Witch.

      “What should be done about the tax rate for your territory? Shall I entrust it to Melty?” (Queen)

      Tax rates…
      Normally, nobles did nothing by managing their territory without tax.*
      But I don’t know if it’s the same in this world.

      “I’d like them not to be too high, since my territory is still under reconstruction.” (Naofumi)

      People are easily influenced during times like this.*
      There are bad feelings when tax is required and life doesn’t go the way we want.
      Where I lived it was always painful.

      High taxes only tend to make matters worse in a recession.
      In bad times, taxes should be lowered, as history shows.
      But it’s an effort if income is expected.
      That’s the only thing I happen to know.

      “Currently, for reconstruction and daily goods, they are still quite high.” (Naofumi)

      “Iwatani-dono, why don’t you show me your abilities?” (Queen)*
      “I wanted to earlier, but I couldn’t.” (Naofumi)*

      I’m not that great is what I wanted to say, but it was a reason to use the power of my shield.
      If I think clearly, I could eventually produce medicine from the plants I was growing soon.
      Income would be strengthened and my property management would likely come out right.
      Assuming the medicine sells steadily.

      “Wasn’t there an interesting building in the report, about how a plant easily becomes a building?” (Queen)

      I haven’t heard of problems from Rat yet, but*
      I wanted to be cautious since I’m protecting this country.*

      “It was made by me and that alchemist. It’s what caused the problem in Fauvist.” (Naofumi)

      I gave a camping plant seed to the Queen.

      “This one’s a prototype.” (Naofumi)
      “Will this also be used for trade?” (Queen)
      “It’s too dangerous. If distributed too much, it could change again and become a problem.” (Naofumi)

      There’s no problem for now, but who knows what might happen in the future.
      It could become dangerous again if mixed with the wrong thing.

      “I was going to use it for demonstrations.” (Naofumi)*

      I was going to show what was available back at the village, with medicine still being my main product.*

      “How about selling it to nobles then? If it were made disposable and magic was used to prevent it from going out of control, it could be sold for a high price.” (Queen)*
      “Well, that is an option…” (Naofumi)

      It is possible if I use plant remodeling and modified the fertility to the lowest value.
      Nobles could use them for a lot of things.

      “I haven’t heard complaints, but how is the territory?” (Naofumi)
      “There are currently no problems for the Hero of the Shield yet.” (Queen)
      “It’s not that I don’t trust your word, but I wonder…” (Naofumi)

      The territory management won’t be too difficult since Melty will be there, but she is a pain being so quick-tempered.

      “Now that I think about it, how are internal nobel affairs? The Queen is giving special treatment to the Hero of the Shield.” (Naofumi)
      “It’s strange, but there have been no problems. It has been rather quiet actually.” (Queen)
      “Does there seem to be anything wrong?” (Naofumi)
      “Maybe. It is unfortunate my power cannot reach them.” (Queen)*

      I can’t be sure, but I also can’t help but feel that there is somthing…*
      Even though I manage a demi-human village in a country where the principle is humans being superior, it’s only thanks to the Queen that I can do so.*

      “The Fauvist alchemist from the report, their work seems to match what is happening at Iwatani-dono’s place.” (Queen)*
      “That’s surprising. What happened at Fauvist?” (Naofumi)*
      “According to testimony, one of the seven star heroes had been researching there, but it seems they were exiled. I suspect it happened due to the research colliding with religion.” (Queen)*

      There was that guy with the technology, so why did you expel him?*
      Though, I don’t know what was studied at Fauvist.*
      I thought of a certain trade war back in Japan where it competed against a certain country for car exports, which is similar to how I was kicked out by Trash.*
      Well whatever Fauvist is doing, for now it’s good to take it easy when not dealing with life and the waves.*

      “Is the report right about such a place?” (Queen)*
      “It looks like it. I’ll know when I visit.” (Naofumi)*

      The Queen lowers her head and turns to leave.

      “Oh, and please feel free to take any of the ore excavated from the spirit turtle carapace in the castle warehouse.” (Queen)*
      “Don’t forget to pass the material onto my favorite weapon shop.” (Naofumi)
      “Understood.” (Queen)

      I would like to be the boss of such forces.*
      As I finished talking with the Queen, I had Sadina and Fohl get their level reset using the hourglass of dragon.*
      At that time I had the shield absorb the sand of the Dragon hourglass.

      Carved Dragon Sand Shield released.

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
      Carved Dragon Sand Shield 0/60 C
      Ability Unsealed
      Equipment Bonus: Portal Shield.
      Proficiency 0
      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      I checked, but there were no aditional skills, plus it’s stats weren’t too high.

      “Portal shield!” (Naofumi)

      An icon appeared in my view, Transfer ←.
      I used the initial destination, but where was that?*
      It’d probably be Melromarc, at the place where I was first summoned to this world.
      I wonder what its range and limits are.*
      It seems to be quite wide, and if there are no requirements it would make a good emergency escape skill.

      “I’ll need to expirement with this.” (Naofumi)

      All right. Lets try it out.

      “This’ll be interesting.” (Naofumi)
      “Did you just do that?” (Fohl)

      Fohl fell back and was caught by Sadina.
      Firo was…

      “Firo, let me try it a little more.” (Naofumi)
      “O-Ok…” (Firo)

      Firo moved slowly away from me, but I had already started the transfer.
      The scenery changed and I saw the familiar humid alter which smelled of soil.
      I had almost forgotten such a place was here. No one was around since no ceremonies were being held.

      “Haha… It really worked.” (Naofumi)

      It figures Sadina was laughing, but does she have to do that all the time?
      Fohl’s eyes were left bulging.
      Firo was standing near me, but was also keeping her distance.
      It’s such a convenient skill, but what’s its cooldown?

      “Portal shield!” (Naofumi)

      A cooldown counter appeared showing a time of one hour.
      It was unexpectedly long, but if I was fighting a short battle I could probably use it.

      “All right, shall we go back?” (Naofumi)

      After a few more experiments, we returned to the village.
      It seems the portal shield can’t be used in a cave or indoors.
      It is impossible to teleport to places you have no distinct memory of, but I can transfer by just saying a word.
      An icon would come out by pressing down on it and calling it portal shield.
      It’s also possible to transfer any party member or ally in the area.

      Even if an ally is held captive by an enemy, they can’t stop it.
      Although, if it was the other way around, the enemy would not be transferred.
      Whether it’s a hero, monster or Witch, they can’t be taken by force.

      Well, that’s annoying…
      Oh, and it also seems to have a size limit.
      Apparently, the carriage is too big for it.
      I guess that explains why the other heroes never used them.


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