Chapter 370: Barbarian Armor EX

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Chapter 370: Barbarian Armor EX

The next morning.
We finished preparations for our strategy, and were waiting for their attack to come.

Trash was able to take a nap, and because of that, he was able to get a better look at his tactics.
Well, that Bitch Goddess’s actions aren’t something that easy to predict.
I gave Trash all the info I put together by talking with Ren and the others, and he ended up finalizing his strategy, which was good news.

Starting with the goddess, the reincarnators and all their forces were going to attack Melromark and the area surrounding it.
The strategy was apparently something Trash made while taking the controlled Queen into consideration.
Apparently, he could tell what formation their forces would take excluding the reincarnators.
This will be a difficult battle.

And, in order to surprise the enemy, Gaelion, Fitoria and Sadina were going to infiltrate…

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One thought on “Chapter 370: Barbarian Armor EX

  1. To think that this series is going to be completed in 3 or 4 days with the power of Yorai-sama and Kookie-sama makes me happy


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