Chapter 371: Proxy

Inlitify OA

Chapter 371: Proxy

We were locked in a stare-down with the enemy for five minutes.
Military formations kept shuffling round on both sides.
I have no idea how many times the Queen and Trash are going to try and read each other’s plans.

I bring up my Status Magic.
The area’s terrain and personnel make me slightly confused as I follow the changes again and again.
I’ve never personally experienced Trash’s resourcefulness in war.
No, I did participate in that war, but I was sent to eliminate the enemy leader, so I worked separately. So in truth, I’ve never come to know it.

“Fortify the left flank! The Right as well… Center disperse!”

After these changes repeated countless times, Trash proclaimed something, and I stepped forward.

“Iwatani-dono, and the others, begin your assault!”

I follow the orders, and took the front.
And at the same time, I became speechless.

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