Chapter 372: The End

Inlitify OA

Kookie’s doing the next one.

Really starting to look like a final battle here.

Chapter 372: The End


I heard the Bitch Goddess raise an annoyed voice.
Well, she’s pretty much done for, but I don’t know what sort of thing she plans on doing.
I don’t have a reason to hold back, so let’s fight for real now.

“Well? Unfair power, was it? Why couldn’t you take it away, I wonder.”

The dumbfound reincarnators and their followers glare at me.
It seems there isn’t anyone with a special power effective enough to turn around this situation.
If they could their abilities would have to be ranked god class.

“This is…”

The various reincarnators exchange glances with their comrades, and each other, before nodding.
And they idiotically show their backs, and begin to run away.


Seeing the pitiful backs of those retreating, many of the others give up.

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10 thoughts on “Chapter 372: The End

      1. ehhh… why kookie? we are hoping that at least either you or yoraikun will take the job. pleaseee…. at least consider it


          1. Yea I agree don’t bother with it it doesn’t really sound that interested just a wasted repeat with an insane mc who see all women as 🐷


          2. Wish your new project Gona so big that it’s gone replace the temporary void left after shield hero end good luck either way


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