Chapter 374: Trust

Inlitify OA

It should be noted, that for the Weapons of Glass’s world, the extensions are written out in Japanese, I.E. Max, and Ten, while the others have them in English.

Chapter 374: Trust


Hmm? Ren and the others are strangely quiet.
Ah, I forgot.
We’re fighting the Bitch Goddess seriously, so those guys can’t keep up with the speed at all.
It’s like the world is moving at an unbelievably slow rate.

There’s no helping it.
I use my power again, and chant magic on them.

『Oh Spirits. Oh World. The Proxy of this world orders, and requests for power. Grant unto them the power to fight』!
「All Revelation Aura Zenith」!

I raised it to its utmost limits. The strongest ability raising power is channeled through magic, and manifests.

“Eh… ah.”

As if they had been released from petrification, Ren and the others begin to move.

“This is…”
“To put…

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