Chapter 375: Banquet

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Chapter 375: Banquet

That day, we returned to the castle town with the mood for a party.
No matter where we look, people celebrate our victory as they offer thanks to the Heroes.
According to them, after the Bitch Goddess’s Descent, the sand in the Dragon Hourglasses floated in place within them, but now they’ve fallen, and grown quiet.
It no longer moves to signal the next wave, and it’s silent, or should I say that at a glance, you can tell that it no longer has a purpose besides being used for Class Ups.

And the shape of the Sky, or something changed, as the people sensed that peace had fallen onto the world.
Oh right, on the way back, monsters approached us, and lowered their heads.
According to Gaelion, now that the world’s calmed down, they no longer have to live in fear… so they came to offer…

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