Chapter 378: The Rise of the Shield Hero

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Chapter 378: The Rise of the Shield Hero

“What the hell is this?”

I unintentionally raised a laugh.
What I got my hands on and read was a book titled Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend.
Right now, the store I’m in is the Rock Valley Book Store.
It appears to be a magic shop, but they sell normal books too.

“What’s wrong?”

When I stood there reading, a child who looked like Elena came up and talked to me.
I silently pointed to the page and furrowed my brow.

“It’s quite a terrible story.”
“There are a few things that diverge from reality here.”

The person Glass’s waiting for is a woman.
Most of the monsters were attributed as concepts of the whole race. I feel sorry for the actual ones.

“What’s wrong?”

Firo and Raph-chan look at me in wonder as I give a bitter smile.

“Hmm? You guys’…

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14 thoughts on “Chapter 378: The Rise of the Shield Hero

    1. I was going to, but now I’m wondering whether it would be better to leave Valentines to Yoraikun and skip ahead to White Day or continue randomly doing chapters….


      1. Probably You should skip ahead and do the white-Day first
        And if Yoraikun wouldn’t do it in the End
        You can do the Valentine after the WD


  1. Kookie THANK YOU for your hard york, I can not express gratitude to you and other translators. Thanky you for giving me this wonderful story.


  2. Kookie I’m here want to say otsukare sama deshta, thanks for translating shieldbro until end, I also want say thanks to bakahou but I think it’s futile in his blog, who has been deserted.


  3. I want to thank you as for your hard work on completing this series and wish you a great time with any future projects or continuation of side series to come.


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