Chapter 377: Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend

Inlitify OA

Epilogue: Rock Valley’s Heroic Legend

Iwatani Naofumi
As the Hero of the Shield, he was the leader of the Heroes who saved the world.
For his achievements in saving the world, he was praised as a savior.
After that, he got drawn into numerous incidents in the world, and solved them. He continued to make sure the people relied on him, but never depended on him.
He was much yearned for by the opposite sex, and it’s said that he had many descendants.
He was famed for both his business and cooking ability. The merchants who personally dealt with him created enterprises great enough that even now, their names are all around us.
Because of that, he became worshiped as the God of the Shield, presiding over business and culinary arts.
Rock Valley was the country he restored, and it’s said that it was named in the tongue of his…

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