Chapter 5: The sensation of her butt was nosebleed-inducing!

Kookie should make a habit of putting random gifs in her chapters. It’s fun.
There’s a bit of a time-skip in the middle – Aura’s POV of the previous chapter.

The sensation of her butt was nosebleed-inducing!

“Then let’s first introduce ourselves.”

Currently we were in the inn’s dining hall. The girl was deeply asleep on my lap even now.
To be honest, I’m only just repenting the fact that I brought them along without even knowing their names.

“Firstly, my name is Arnest. My close friends call me Nest. I’ll be your master from today on, so let’s get along.”
“I-I’m Aura. Um.. Although I said I would also be your night time companion as well, th-that was.. how should I put it, just so you would take us with you, or rather….. Mmph!?”

I cover Aura’s mouth, who was trying to say some unthinkable words in the middle of the dining hall.

“Y-you idiot! Where do you think you are? Anyway, I never had that kind of intention so it’s fine.”

In truth, I had been thinking about it but it was probably better to keep that a secret.
Nevertheless, the surrounding gazes were painful….. It might be possible that they heard that statement just now.

“Let’s not talk about such things in public, okay? Because it’s dangerous (to my life).”

Aura nodded frantically at my compelling smile.

“So, this girl is?”
“Yeah.. Her name’s Lily. You can’t touch her, okay? Because she’s still a child.”
“I-I know that. Besides, I’m not a lolicon.”

Well, it’s certainly true that Lily, the girl sleeping on my lap is cute and I want to touch her cheeks. B-but that’s different, right?

“In that case, it’s fine…..”

And yet Aura continues looking at me in sceptically. Heh, it’s not like I have a particularly guilty conscience, okay!?


After our respective introductions, we returned to my room. I considered getting another room for them, but Aura said it was fine so we ended up staying in the same room.
There wasn’t anything I needed to do in particular so we quickly washed up and went to sleep.
Here, an incident occurred.

“No, I am a man after all, I can’t let a girl sleep on the floor.”
“That’s not good! I’m a slave, so it’s unacceptable to let my master sleep on the floor while I sleep on the bed by myself.”

This situation continued for a while. While I was worried about what to do, I happened to catch sight of Lily.

“………..If I sleep on the bed, I might assault Lily.”

Of course, I had no intention of doing that but if I don’t say something like this, Aura probably wouldn’t sleep on the bed.

“T-to think you would have that kind of hobby……”

Hm? Aren’t you taking it a little too seriously? B-but now that it’s come to this, I’ll have to persevere until I get her to sleep on the bed!

“That’s right, I’m a genuine lolicon. And the sensation of Lily’s butt on my lap was nosebleed-inducing!
“Uwah…. Th-then I’ll sleep on the bed. So the lolicon will sleep on the floor.”

Aura’s gaze was at absolute zero.
It may look like this but as far as it goes, I’m still her master…… Well I did get her to sleep on the bed, so I can just rationalise it tomorrow…..

――――――[Aura POV]――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

I am Aura, a former princess and currently a slave.
Even I know that I’m a slightly unusual slave. I was told to chase them away when a person who wanted to buy me appeared.
Truthfully, I didn’t want to listen to them but right now my little sister, Lily is sick.
That guy came while I was nursing Lily.

“Um… Miss former princess? I wanted to chat with you for a bit…….”

I originally had no intention of being his companion but he was different from the usual customer.
Usually they apply pressure on me when talking because I’m a slave, but he seemed fairly modest.
That was part of it but even though I usually won’t talk, before I realised, I even went so far as to tell him about Lily.
That’s not good, Aura, hasn’t everyone been the same until now? Besides, even if he’s a good person, I can’t leave this cage while I have Lily.


What did he mutter? The moment I thought that, Lily’s body was covered in light. When the light dissipated, Lily had a certain change.
Her pained sleeping face from before now looked healthy.
What he said was that he used recovery magic to cure her illness. I thought that now I could freely go with him but-

“I don’t really want a slave.”

Eh!? What did that mean!? I thought for sure that he performed the treatment because he wanted me but it seems I was wrong.
But if I don’t get him to take us along now, I really will end up being sold to a stranger somewhere. I definitely don’t want that. He was still leaving the room while I was wondering if there was any way to detain him somehow.

“B-but I can be your night time companion as well…..?”

Truthfully, I’ve never done such a thing before, and I don’t want to do it if possible. Even so, I didn’t miss this perfect opportunity. Sure enough, he took custody of us in the end.

I only realised that I didn’t ask him for his name after we arrived at a cafeteria-like place.
It seems that his name is Arnest. But what should I call him….. I’m a slave so should probably call him Master or something. Or should I call him Nest like a close friend, or so I wonder.


Nest said he would rent a room for us but I couldn’t inconvenience him any further, so we stayed in the same room.
Even so, another incident occurred.
Nest was surrendering the bed to us to slept on the floor. Even if he’s my master, I have no excuse for letting him do so.
I don’t know what he was thinking but Nest seemed to grin while we were still in a stalemate.

“………..If I sleep on the bed, I might assault Lily.”

The astonishing thing was, when I got into bed and thought about it clearly, I realised that it was probably his means of making me sleep in the bed.
He looked so pitiful sleeping on the floor so I covered him with a futon and returned to the bed to sleep.
Good night, Nest. My first master.


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  1. errm I’m sorry to be that late since I just started to read this project, but Asher turned into Asha, I just thought that it might be actually Ashel instead which is a more girlish.. well either way it’s just something a bit real real late anyway thanks for the chapters~

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    1. Oh, your TL-ing a series too? Could you put up the link or just tell me the name so i can look it up? Im looking for some novel to read right now coz most of the series im reading atm is not that fast at releasing so looking for something to past the time


  2. Hm? Aren’t you taking it a little too seriously? B-but now that it’s come to this, I’ll have to persevere until I get her to sleep on the bed!
    “That’s right, I’m a genuine lolicon. And the sensation of Lily’s butt on my lap was nosebleed-inducing!
    “Uwah…. Th-then I’ll sleep on the bed. So the lolicon will sleep on the floor.”

    Somehow I am asking myself “is this mc retarded?”… I guess he actually is in some ways… at least he’s got many screws loose or lost. However, it’s funny so I guess it’s okay 😀 What’s up with that excuse? I’m a lolicon, so you have to sleep on the bed? Really? At least this girl isn’t dense as a fcking stone and actually realized that he was lying. Though it does seem he actually is a lolicon since a lot of little girls is introduced the author clearly wants it to go that way, just a matter of time. He would probably not forcefully assault anyone though 😀


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