Chapter 6: There was even physical damage…..!

Here guys, have another chapter. No OP healing this time XD
Also, I’d appreciate it if someone could find me a gif of the ‘harsh word impact’ trope, preferably one with the speech-arrows to put in chapter 4. The pic I have now doesn’t quite fit the image. A gif with someone’s soul leaving their body works too.
A/N: 1 En =1. I rewrote some of the content because of something a reviewer pointed out – Instead of asking Asha about the price, I now have him ask his first customer.

There was even physical damage….!

“Wake up, Nest. It’s morning.”

…..Crap, somehow I’m hallucinating enough that I hear a little girl. I must be tired, let’s sleep some more.

“Jeez, I said Wake up, Nest. There!”

Looks like I’m fairly tired. Because when I opened my eyes a little, a little girl came diving at me from above. Alright, let’s slee- “Oomph!”

T-to think there was even physical damage….!

“Hm, it’s Lily?”

She finally understands that I’m awake.

“Nice to meet you! I’m Lily! Also, thank you for curing my illness!”
“Mm, you’re welcome.”

Yesterday I was worried whether my recovery magic was enough, but she’s cured now so it’s all good. If I was told that they “didn’t really ask for it” or something I’d cry.

We make plans for hereafter while eating breakfast in the dining hall.

“Er.. I’m kinda starting a little business in the Guild from today on though. What will you guys do? I suppose you’re free to join me.”
“In that case, can I stay at the inn and rest? I’m still quite tired.”
“Roger that. What about you, Lily?”
“I’ll go with Nest!”
“OK. Then I’ll leave you to house-sit, Aura. I think we’ll be returning around dusk.”

Currently, I have borrowed the guild’s table and will commence the medical treatment. Lily, who thought for sure that she would be with Aura, is sitting on my lap quietly.
And indeed, a middle-aged man who looked like an adventurer came along.

“Oh, laddie. I want a little healing so can I rely on you?”
“Can I see what you’d like me to heal?”

It looks like the man has injured his arm. It was quite a deep wound, but this much probably won’t arouse suspicion.

“If it’s this much then I can heal it.”
“How much will it cost?”

Hmm, what’s the general price for something like this? I should treat this patient first before I go ask Asha-san.

“Um.. You’re my first patient so I won’t charge you. In return, could you tell me how much a Heal usually costs? Er.. Heal.”

The man was surprised as he watched his wound disappear in a flash.

“This is astonishing! Healers are amazing! Wouldn’t something like this be around 1000 En? But I’m not really sure either.” [T/N: ~$10]

The man left with a word of thanks. I hope the man will spread the word.
After that, I made the base price 1000 En like the man recommended.

For the first day of medical treatment, I stayed open from morning to dusk but I was unexpectedly surprised by the large number of people. Thanks to that my wallet was currently full.
In the meanwhile, Lily had been sitting on my lap while smiling. Ooh! So cute!!

I stopped by a clothes store on the way home. Of course, it was to buy Lily some clothing.
It took us an hour to finally decide with a lot of trial-and-error with the shop assistant

“Nest! Thanks for the new clothes!”
“Mn, you’re welcome.”

We were a little delayed in returning home but Aura should be fine.

―――――I might have been naïve with that belief.
Aura leapt at us the moment I opened the door.

“Wai.. I’m sorry for being late. But you shouldn’t.. be angry… at that…….”

Aura looked down at us, her eyes swollen.

“I-It’s not like I thought you weren’t returning! Despite saying you would return in the evening, you hadn’t come back for a while! Just to be clear, I didn’t think that I had been abandoned by you!!”

Aura’s tears fell down her cheeks drop by drop.

I had only been a little late. However, it was probably long enough for Aura to think that.

“Sorry, I wasn’t really thinking……”
“Sniff.. I’m going with you from tomorrow onwards, absolutely. I’ll follow you even if you say no.”
“Is that so…. Then let’s go together.”

I’ll have to consider Aura and Lily more, or so I thought again.

Aura eventually calmed down and we headed to dinner.

“It’s been bothering me for a while now but Lily’s wearing new clothes, right?
“Eh? Yeah.. I was the one who bought it though.”
“Where’s mine?”
“Hm? Ah.. I’m sorry?”

The next day, we bought Aura’s portion. My wallet has gotten lighter.

54 thoughts on “Chapter 6: There was even physical damage…..!

    1. Ziru! i love your other work… but to answer your question in correct English grammer who no one really cares…

      It’s been bothering -> more correct form is “it has been bothering”
      its presented in a past tense, hence it’s => it is… which is a present tense…
      so it would need to be “Has been”, following the rules or verb on “be”

      Or it could be “it’s bothering” as to keep it the “present” tense.

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    1. If he did buy her one the possibility of not fitting her is high. If it fit she would accuse him of knowing her 3 sizes. Both instances she would blame him.


  1. I got a feeling he didn’t realise the price he offered for his service is too low, and some competitors (temple maybe…?) in the same business will pick some bone with him.

    Thanks again Kookie. 40 chapters left to reach the current raw. You can do it at this rate.


        1. Yeah well Japanese LNs & WNs don’t tend to depict slavery realistically. I understand that it might be a convenient device but some of the tropes don’t make any sense. Of course that might be the problem: I like things that make sense.


  2. It is poor writing when someone starts converting gold/silver/copper
    to yen/dollars unless it is part of plot like “gate thus the jsdf fought there”, where constantly open portal exists and trade is possible.

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    1. Yeah, it would make more sense to show the value of the currency by telling us some basic prices. Like the price of the food, inn and the reward for doing quests and working.


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