Chapter 7: A.. A Tomboy!?

These chapters are so short and should really be combined to make longer ones, but Kookie doesn’t like translating long chapters so short is good. Short is good~

A.. A Tomboy!?

A few days passed since I started doing medical treatment at the guild.
As should be expected of the guild, it had the most patients.
I was pressed to deal with patients today as well. The injuries themselves were healed in an instant but unfortunately there were so many patients that I was shorthanded.
Aura and Lily were helping out as well but it still wasn’t enough.

“Ah! I’m so tired! Isn’t this a little too many!?”
“What are you saying? If you have the time to say that then quickly get back to work!”
“But still, there’s a little under 1000 people a day!? It’s tough all the same.”

This is most likely happened because there were too many injured patients.

“That’s all for today!”

We were finally released from this hell at dusk.
Today’s earnings were approximately 1 million En. It’s a fact that I made a lot of profit. Actually, I have earned several million in just these past few days…..

“It would be much easier if we had another Nest!”

I wonder how much easier it would be if Lily’s words turned into reality. If there was another me.
…… If there was another me……?

“What! It’s simple!”

The people around us looked over at my sudden exclamation but I didn’t care. Let’s implement my idea immediately.

“If they’re not here then all we have to do is get them from somewhere else.”

And so I’ve come to the slave market. I had Aura and Lily return ahead of me so I could search freely.

“Well, well, it’s been a while, Nest-sama. What kind of slaves would you like today?”
“It doesn’t matter as long as they can use recovery magic.”

When I tell my request to the slave merchant, someone’s bitter face comes to mind for some reason.

“To be honest, there aren’t many who can heal, and currently this store only has a single one. Would you like to know the price?”
“I brought all I have just in case, but I wonder if it’s enough.”

If it’s too expensive then I just have to earn some more but…..

“It comes up to 5 million but how about it?”

Hmm, it’s a little expensive. But I can afford it.
I was debating on whether I should buy them or not, but apparently that slave was smart and could do office work so I decided to buy them.
It seemed the slave in question was a boy around Lily’s age and could cast an ordinary Heal without difficulty. He had brown hair but it was quite ruffled.
The boy didn’t say a word until we finalised our slave contract and even then he only said, “I’ll be in your care, Master.”

Right now I was kneeling in the inn. Aura snapped when I brought back a new slave.

“What’s the meaning of this, Nest!? You looked very serious so we came back first, so why did you return with a new slave!!”
“I-I’m sorry…..”

While I was being scolded, the boy watched on submissively without interjecting.

“Furthermore, you used 5 million of the money we finally saved up!”

You are quite right. However, I really believe it is a necessary expense when thinking about the future.

“I certainly used a lot but I don’t regret it!!”
“Why are you being so defiant!!”

The scolding continued endlessly after that and I ended up sleeping outside the room that night.
I’m supposed to be the Master though……
Ah, I didn’t get any dinner either.

――――――[Tré POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

My name is Tré. My family was more affluent than most.
My parents made a large donation to the church and let me learn recovery magic.
However, things happened after that and our family fell to ruin. I don’t know where my parents went. I was sold as a slave in the midst of it.
I was originally quite an introvert, and I came to talk less after becoming a slave.
One day, I was bought by a man. That man was someone who ended up being told off by his own slave and chased out of his room.
I was introduced to everyone the next day.

“I-I’m called Tré…..”

I haven’t spoken in a while so I don’t know if I managed to say it properly but everyone smiled and welcomed me.

And today, I was to enter the bath with my master.
I was to wash Master’s body so I undressed. But I didn’t end up washing his body no matter how much time passed. He had turned to stone in shock for some reason.

“H-hey, Tré. W-weren’t you a boy……!?”

I wonder what Master is talking about.

“U-m… I’m a girl though…..?”

I questioned why, but Master became petrified again.
In the end, he remained unmoving so I washed my body and got out of the bath by myself.
A while later I heard Master’s voice coming out from the bathroom.

“A.. a… a tomboy!???”

I’m in your care from now on, my master.

T/N: Tré refers to herself using ‘Boku’ (usually used by boys), so Arnest calls her a Bokukko [Girl who uses ‘Boku’].

42 thoughts on “Chapter 7: A.. A Tomboy!?

  1. Its so short im not satisfied. But the story is good though.

    What kind of master scolded by their own slave, even punished to sleep outside. The MC really is an interesting guy.


  2. Slave traders… YOU LIED lol… They called him a her. Thanks for the chapter. Wonder what the Saint girl would say now if she saw nest healing. I feel it’s just a matter of time before a corrupt noble comes to try and take advantage of him… Hopefully the slaves can be good combatants in the future?


  3. This is really good, if it keep updating frequently (after kookie is a little bit less swamped with in real life) then i think it could be a great story to fill the gap that Tate no Yuusha left when it ended.


  4. So now he has disciples too 🙂
    First i thought that Aura is a nice girl but she is just annoying. Even if she wouldn’t be his slave Nest was the one working for the money so she shouldn’t have a say at what is he spending it.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  5. “I certainly used a lot but I don’t regret it!!”
    “Why are you being so defiant!!”
    The scolding continued endlessly after that and I ended up sleeping outside the room that night.
    I’m supposed to be the Master though……
    Ah, I didn’t get any dinner either.

    It seems I’m not the only one that are really bothered about this attitude. She’s a SLAVE yet she acts like the master, scolding him, acting as if the money was hers too(that he made by himself, even if they, as slaves that should work without payment, helped him manage the customers a bit), making him sleep outside and not getting any dinner. Sorry, but I don’t find that funny. She’s supposed to be below him in status, her life is in his hands and she’s a mere subordinate at best, yet she acts self-important, as if she’s far above him in status and gets to decide everything, as if she’s his mother or something. I don’t like characters like this even if they’re not slaves. This mc should grow a pair and stop getting bossed around to this extent by someone who should not have more of a say than a pet, or anyone else for that matter. It just pisses me off when he acts like a weak little dipshit with no will or courage whatsoever.

    Not saying he should really use her as a slave is supposed to be used, but at least don’t let her act like your master. That shouldn’t happen even if she wasn’t a slave.


    1. I agree fully with you and this really make me want to quit this novel. I will still read a few chapters to see how it go, but this kinda made me lose all hope that the novel will be good in the future. When author are so quick at using trope than it’s almost guarantee lot more are upcoming and in the end this will only be a reskin of other story. Hopefully i am wrong, but from my experience until now, i doubt it.


  6. Hmmm isn’t this a little to fast ? … like I haven’t really see a character development on Lily and Aura… and they suddenly just got close to Nest … like super fast i mean they’re close enough to kick him out of his own room… and now a new harem member … Fast! … Well harem is good .. but plot… *sigh… and short is good too… cuz I look like one ..anyway Thanks for the chapter!


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