Chapter 27: …So, let’s do it.

Since my apparent motivated period is over, I might start complaining about translations again. Kookie just like complaining and it really doesn’t mean anything so you don’t have to worry.

So, let’s do it.

“Alright!! We’re doing the same trainin’ today!!”

Since we started, we’ve just been getting hit every day. After knowing that I can use recovery magic, Dude-sensei has been hitting us even more.
It was actually supposed to be training for dodging practice but until now, there have only been 2 or 3 people who managed to dodge by fluke.
Line up, get hit, line up again. Only repeating this.


“Alright, we’ll end the trainin’ here!!”
“Eh, it’s only noon though……”

Usually we continue until evening but today we ended at noon.

“Everyone thought this trainin’ was just about bein’ hit by me, right!”

……It’s not what we thought, we were actually just being hit.

“Okay! Now everyone form a pair an’ try exchanging blows!! Then ya should understan’ the results of yer training!”

We pair up as per Dude-sensei’s instructions, still harbouring some doubt. My partner clearly looks like an adventurer.

“……So, let’s do it?”
“Alright, you’re always healing me so I’ll hit lightly.”
“Ah, kind regards.”

Well, it won’t hurt even if he hits hard though…..

“Right, it looks like everyone has paired up. Then, let’s start!!!”

Our sparring started at Sensei’s signal.
Speaking of which, this guy said he’d go easy but his shout just now was full of determination.
My opponent stepped forward with his left foot, so――

What’s coming is his [right fist].

I calmly see through my opponent’s movements and respond with a counter. My opponent seemed to have expected it, dodging it and retreating to a distance.



“…..Huh? What happened just now?”
“Well, it seemed I could clearly see your movements….”
“Me too. After my attack missed, I somehow knew a counterattack was coming.”

Looking around use, it seemed that everyone experienced the same thing; they had all stopped moving.
Dude-sensei alone had a satisfied expression.

“This.. is tha results of yer training!”
“Eh, but we never managed to avoid? We were always being hit……”
“Didn’t y’all start thinking of ways ta reduce the force of my attacks? My attacks are quite somethin’, if I do say so myself, an’ can’t be compared ta those adventurers. You’ve been accustomed ta the speed of my attacks an’ so, ta you, those ordinary attacks of yours are easy ta avoid.”

To think there was such a deep meaning behind those practices where we just get hit……!!
This must be Dude-sensei’s resourcefulness as an adventurer.



My sparring partner suddenly makes an attack. However, it seems the results of our training is really showing and I still manage to avoid the danger perfectly.

“This is amazing.”

……Yeah, it really is amazing. I never thought we would manage to do this much in this short period of time.

“Also! You’ve still only become accustomed ta my movements temporarily, so tomorrow we’re gonna continue practicin’ ta avoid my attacks for a li’l while!!!

Everyone had been complaining about ‘only being hit again’ a short time ago but now we had complete faith in Dude-sensei.


“”””Thank you for the instruction!!!””””

…………I think that was probably the loudest of all our greetings until now.
I also continue to cry out like an idiot along with everyone around me.

44 thoughts on “Chapter 27: …So, let’s do it.

  1. is dude-sensei training Masochist ?! lol
    why would they say “”””Thank you for the instruction!!!”””” when they know they’re going to be hit ?!
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  2. it’s a training center creating S&M, the Trainer as the S and the trainees as the M, THEY’RE MASS PRODUCING M HUMANS!!!! IT’S A WORLD DOMINATION THROUGH S&M!!!!!!!!!


  3. i dont know why other thing this as S&M Training center (lo) it’s like something like you costumed with high speed type, so when you back to normal type you fell them as slow as per theory this kind of thing are possible except not that short of time. as for why they grateful to him because as student that matter of course to fell grateful to teacher who teach you useful thing


    1. i believe in kage-chan’s philosophy (the one from inuxboku ss) that there are two kinds of people, an “S” and an “M”, the trainer is an “S” and the trainees are the M, then soon they’ll graduate from being “M” to sadistic “M” and turn monsters into “M”. The final result is they created Sadistic “M” minions that will continue to spread their teachings through the same method, the end. :3


  4. ***Since my apparent motivated period is over, I might start complaining about translations again.***

    Kookie needs to eat a cheesecake to refresh her batteries.


  5. I guess I’m a bit disappointed. I expected that he was somehow god-class in terms of physical abilities as well, but it seems that it was only because of his ridiculous weapon skills that he could kill all those beasts. I really think he should be able to dodge and attack faster though, but I guess it doesn’t really matter since he’s a god at healing magic and knife skills and stuff with straight blades.


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